Join me in  The ILLUMINATE Experience - an 8 week experience where we align and amplify your message, your mission, your voice, your magnetic charge, and your essence. 


It is not about the WORDS, it is about your VOICE. 

It is about the frequency, the sound, the notes, the tones of your voice that reveal your alignment and magnetic charge in your message. 

Your VOICE is the transmitter of your ESSENCE! 

So while more messaging frameworks and worksheets are never a bad thing... ;)

...what is really needed here is a connection to your message and your mission in a way that makes you magnetic. 

Here there are no messaging frameworks.  

This is about energy, about frequency, about how the alignment of all of these pieces come together to amplify your message in a way that your ideal audience can receive and respond to. 

So if you aren't yet feeling the pull forward of your message or your mission - that's ok.  We will be co-creating that through powerful energetic practices, activating new frequencies, and aligning your INFINITE IMPACT so you can create the change you are here to make. 

And if you are feeling deeply connected to your message and your mission, that's great, that means a new level of activation is available to you!  

I invite you to participate in ILLUMINATE, an 8 week experience where we will activate, amplify, and align your:

  • Message
  • Mission
  • Voice
  • Magnetic Charge
  • Essence

Again, this is not about what you do, or how you fill out a statement about what you do.  This is about WHO YOU ARE BEING in your business. 

When you speak from THAT place, when you write from THAT place, your ideal audience can feel it, they are drawn to you. 

And we will be working with the energetics of Visibility and Invisibility so you can WANT to bring your message and your work forward in a way that feels exciting and compelling - instead of terrifying and another thing on your "to-do" list. 

Connect to your Power (4).jpg

Find Your Voice

Connect to your Power

Be Magnetic

Amplify Your Mission

Be Seen you can create your change in the world!


Here's what's included: 

  • We come together in community over the course of 8 weeks with 8, 1-hour calls and 8, 30-minute Q&A or mini semi-private energy sessions. 
  • You will align, activate and amplify the frequencies in your Message, Mission, Voice, Magnetic Charge, and Essence. 
  • You will receive energetic activations and experiences to shift your relationship with Visibility and Invisibility and BEING SEEN in a way that feels connected and true. 

All of this so you can BE instead of "trying to figure out" what comes next in your business.  So you can stop "trying to figure out" your next message.  So you can do what you do and it can be RECEIVED by your ideal clients so you can grow your business - and create your change in the world (you know, the one that only you can really do)!

And you will also receive...

  • A bonus energy activation to work with the energetics of sharing through SOCIAL MEDIA - so you can learn to work with yourself when you go to share so you don't activate fear into your messages - but instead the magnetic charge
  • A bonus class on the core best practices of social media for Influencers & Change Makers - so you have a baseline of the "how-to's, to ease your mind
  • 2 "Get It Done" sessions where we will align and activate the energy and each write content from a connected space for your blog, social media, or other ways to share your message to create your impact - you will come away with content you can use on a calendar or however you desire!

The total value of this program is over $10,000.  

And I want as many people to share their change in the world as possible.  It's time.  


We NEED this.  We NEED your unique message.  We NEED your creation.


The investment for The ILLUMINATE Experience is $997. 

And there are payment plans available to make it super easy for you to let your message be seen.  

The Illuminate Experience
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If you are choosing a Payment Plan, please select from the following options:

2 Payments of $525

6 Payments of $187

12 Payments of $97


Don't let your message or your levels of visibility be the thing that keeps people from connecting to and receiving your work anymore! 


You can share your work in a bigger way

Be seen and create a bigger impact

Make money with your gifts

Launch your website or new and updated website

Be consistent with your message in social media, your blog, your email list

Make videos or FB Lives to share your message and impact your audience


Activate, Align, and Amplify your VOICE - so you can share your message and your work charged with all the power of your essence!