Dear Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches, & Wellness Practicioners,

Are you terrified of the sales conversation (or strategy session)?

Do you worry that people will think you are being salesy or pushy?

Could you help more people if you knew how to handle the "I have to think about it" and "I can't afford it"?


Of course, you want to feel MORE confident and comfortable during the sales conversation, and enroll more of the right clients with ease. But you don't want to feel salesy or pushy, and you can't imagine being able to sell your products and services AND feel good about it. You started this business because you want to do the work you LOVE, not to sell.

That's Where I come In. 

and I'm an Authentic Sales Strategist for conscious women entrepreneurs

Just 3 years ago I was wanting to grow my coaching business, leave my corporate job, and spend more time with my kiddos. I have a background in sales, but this was the first time I was selling my own product, my own brand - myself. For some reason, this pushed all my buttons, made me self-conscious, and every time I had a sales conversation I felt nervous, uncertain, and like this was a puzzle with missing pieces. I felt like I had to be someone I'm not in order to "close the sale".

I tried everything and I worked hard to develop the skills I needed to be able to enroll a new client AND be able to feel good about my approach.  I took the courses that taught about the steps to take in business – and they included a template or a script for how have this sales conversation or strategy session.  But what I found is that until I had the support of someone working with me each step of the way, it didn’t integrate and I didn’t become completely comfortable and ultimately AUTHE with the script.  It was a great place to start, but in order to master this conversation – which is essential in every business – there needs to be more. 
During my path to mastering this conversation I worked with two top private coaches to receive real-time support on mastering the close, I still work with a sales trainer, I invested a lot of money taking many courses to learn and refine my skills and develop & integrate my own approach that felt authentic and empowered, and I received feedback along the way from top coaches. -  And I did it!

I actually learned to love the sales conversation. So when it was time for me to leave my corporate job and I felt this need for security, the message I received was to do sales calls (or strategy sessions) for other coaches. Now I loved having the sales conversation, and I knew I could enroll new clients. I "got it" and began having predictable results.

After a year of doing sales conversations for other coaches (and myself), I have sold over $375,000 in sales. While practicing and mastering the skills to have an empowered, authentic sales conversation for conscious women entrepreneurs offering different products to different markets.

I refined what I learned into an easy to follow system. I tested it over and over. And I taught this same approach to others, and they too, got results.


"arriya's presentation about selling is the first time I ever believed I could sell, do it well, and made me look forward to it... This approach has completely re-framed the way I view sales..." 
- Gabi Barragan, Founder | Content Alchemy


This same system can work for you too. The big problem is that entrepreneurs have been fed myths.

Here are the three biggest myths about sales that will never get you the results you want:

1. The first one is that sales is evil, and if you do it you are bad and greedy.

2. The second is that in order to sell your product you have to be pushy or salesy

3. The third is that you can just have a regular coaching session and expect to enroll a new client


Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think you'll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again?

That's why you need to try something different.

Whether you are just starting out with your business and haven't had any or many clients, or you have been doing this awhile and know that if you improved your skills you could support more people and make more money, you probably know that without an empowering sales conversation there are no clients.

The truth is that the until you have mastered the sales conversation you won't have a thriving practice. 

And let's be honest, freaking out about the sales conversation doesn't set you up for success to support your potential client - who is also likely freaking out about actually taking the first step to getting what they really want.

Here are some of the things that held me back when I was first starting out

* Waiting until I knew what to say in every situation

* Waiting until I felt like I could do it my "own way"

* Trying to fake my way through, even though I was scared and stressed

There can always be something to keep you from doing things different and better. But here's a little secret, you actually can create some simple shifts, implement some key tools and strategies, and feel so good supporting someone to the next greatest version of themself!

And the more that you wait, the more you keep your tribe waiting!

Without a system you are guessing, hoping, and
'thinking positive thoughts' that new clients will say YES. 

Without a system you waste time trying to figure it out, lose clients that you could have supported further, and waste the time and money you invest in scheduling sales conversations (or strategy sessions).

With a system you can have a quicker learning curve, and experience repeatable, reliable results, with the ability to learn from other's mistakes!


Here's How the Master the Close Jumpstart Can Help You
Enroll More of the Right Clients With Ease


You see, I'm excited to introduce the Master the Close 28 Day Jumpstart that gives you a step-by-step formula for having an authentic sales conversation that leaves you feeling confident and empowered AND converts prospects into paying clients, and goes beyond a template or a script. This is about aligning your strategies, your system, and your mindset so you can enroll more of your ideal clients in your business, no matter what stage you are at in your business.

To have success with AUTHENTIC sales conversations there are 3 key components that are required - you need:

The strategies to be authentic in your sales conversations

The system to know exactly how to have an empowered conversation that supports your potential client to step into their
and handle key objections that might arise

The mindsets to support your long term success.


This is for you if:

  • Sales feels scary, slimy, or manipulative
  • You are avoiding sales, because there isn't a way for you to enroll new clients without feeling like you have to be someone you're not to have success
  • You have been in business for awhile and are ready to take your skills to the next level so you can close more ideal clients in less time
  • You are newer to your business, and don't know what to do or say during the first conversation to invite them to work with you
  • You are ready to start generating income in your business and serving clients with your unique skills and gifts


What others are saying...

Before I started working with Arriya, I dreaded having to do sales. The process of enrolling new clients was so nerve-wracking! Those conversations always felt so awkward, unnatural, frustrating, and like a huge disservice to everyone involved. Clients, at that time, were few and far between.

After I started working with Arriya and implementing her system, my confidence grew as much as my understanding deepened. Arriya has such a clear way of explaining and deconstructing her approach.

The insights I learned behind each step in the process were invaluable! I actually get excited about these calls now, and the number of new clients I have been able to serve has increased greatly as a result. Thank you, Arriya!!
— Andi Ripley - Parent Coach
Arriya has been a blessing, not only in my own business, but to the businesses of peers and clients that I’ve referred her way. Sales is an interesting thing, and quite frankly one of the most difficult aspects of a service business to scale. Arriya combines her qualities as a world class coach with her experience in sales to create systems that actually allow you to achieve leverage with your sales efforts. This is gold to any growing endeavor.
— — Kiva Leatherman - Co-CEO, Kaleidoscope Publishing
Before I started working with Arriya I felt unsure about what to say in the sales conversation that would make a difference for the prospect and how to stay committed to them without being attached to the outcome. After I started working with Arriya and implemented her system and approach I learned that there are specific questions that help the potential clietn discover for themselves what it is they really want.

Through this combination of my listening and asking these questions it allowed them to be empowered in their choie. I now know that I am making a profound difference for the client during this conversation.

Before learning this system I was ineffective most of the time in my conversations and often got off the feeling like not only did I not close the sale, but I didn’t leave the potential client empowered in their next best step. And now, I feel confident and skilled in my sales conversations.
— Melissa Paz - Yoga Studio Owner & Transformational Coach


You can have authentic sales conversations!

If you are ready to finally shift what is keeping you from standing in your greatness and creating the vision you know is possible, join me to Master the Authentic Close!  

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Ideas Inside the Master the Close
28 Day Jumpstart:

  • The 10 mindset shifts that will keep you from ever feeling pushy or salesy again
  • The exact 7 step system, with script, to have authentic sales conversation that convert prospects into paying clients, to use on every sales conversation
  • How to structure the conversation, including key questions, so you can stop hearing “that’s a lot of money” and “I can’t afford it”
  • Learn the top 3 objections people have when considering purchasing your services and products, and exactly what to say
  • Discover the framework for positioning your offer that leaves them wanting more
  • How to position the investment so you feel confident, and your client says YES
  • Plus, a lot more!

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in this 4 Part Training:

  • 4 training calls, taught by Arriya, each about 90 minutes
  • Bonus Q&A Call to receive support and answer your questions
  • 7 Steps to Authentic Sales Conversations Template
  • Experiential Exercises to learn and integrate the mindsets and tools
  • Private Facebook Group to connect and share with your tribe
  • Plus you will receive the templates, scripts, and checklists to make this easy! 

Plus there's more because you also get: 

A Special Bonus When You Enroll:  
*30 minute private Business Breakthrough Session with Arriya


3 More FREE Bonuses For Enrolling:  

  • Checklist to use before every sales conversation to set you up for more YES's
  • Business Meditation designed for you to create more success in your business
  • Special Report:  3 Simple Steps to Create More Sales Conversations


These are all yours absolutely free when you enroll!.  

Generous Coaching With Arriya

This is an amazing community of powerful, inspired entrepreneurs where you will receive generous live Q&A time and laser coaching opportunities with Arriya (soul-inspired approaches, practical business steps, and inspired action). 

Community Support

Exclusive access to the Master the Authentic Close online group, where you'll receive feedback and support, share ideas and actions, and connect with other amazing women with purpose.

If you are ready to finally shift what is keeping you from standing in your greatness and creating the vision you know is possible, join me!

Okay, so what's your investment for this incredible program?

Let's do a quick comparison -

When you use this system to enroll even 1 new client, you will earn $1,000-$5,000 or more. 

To do this work private it costs thousands of dollars, or you could purchase other sales tools that teach you the old school way to sell, or just give you the template or script and leave you hanging.

But that's not what I want in this world, I want conscious women entrepreneurs to create exactly the life they want so they can make their big impact in the world, and in their life.

I am committed to serving women entrepreneurs to create their big vision for their life and for the world. So I am offering this at a very low investment, to make it an easy YES for you to be of service to more people.

I want this program to be an investment that EVERYONE can say YES to, no matter where you are in your business or your financial situation - I am committed to supporting you to create more YES in your business so you can do the work you LOVE!

So the investment for this entire program is $497, or 2 payments of $225.

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Bonus #1 - Soul-Inspired Sales Conversations that Create Clients

So you can continue to improve your confidence in the sales conversation and handling the objections as you UPGRADE your money story, you will receive my 4 part training

This is a 4 module jumpstart program with audio trainings, recorded Q&A call, handouts, conversation script, and objection handling scripts.  VALUE: $997



Bonus #2 - Discover Your Greatness

Receive a comprehensive numerology report to support you in seeing what is different and unique about you, so you can  channel your difference as your power.  VALUE: $250

The week after I started working with Arriya I enrolled my first client. Now 3 months later I have increased my rates and had my first 5-figure month! Learning the authentic sales conversation skills, implementing sales and marketing strategies, and shifting money mindsets and beliefs, has set me up for success that is sustainable.
— Lindy LaRoche, Founder Poppy Soap Co // Inspired Business Coach,

My Guarantee To You...

I'm so absolutely sure that Master the Close 28 Day Jumpstart will help your business that I'm offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked money back guarantee.

If after the second training call you are not satisfied, simply send us an email within 24 hours after the second call and we'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy after the second training call, you can get your money back. Simply contact us and we will refund you.

Give it a try... You have nothing to lose!

Hurry - Training Starts Soon!

I look forward to personally guide you to have authentic sales conversations that convert so you can earn more money and support more people.

Be Inspired!  Take Action.