Trine Jensen - There are no rules...

 There are so many ways in which one becomes an entrepreneur. And yet most of us believe that it begins with one’s passion and eventually leads us to an income and a way to sustain our lifestyle.

 For Trine Jensen, a relationship and sex healer, and this week’s guest on the Inspired Woman Project, her path was actually quite the opposite.

 When Trine started down her path as an entrepreneur she left what many would have said was a perfect life. She was married to a handsome man with a child and a house on the hill overlooking the ocean. On the outside she had everything she had ever wanted. In fact, this exterior container was her dream come true, and yet she remembers feeling mostly unhappy. For awhile she blamed it on her husband, but after her divorce , Trine finally started to uncover and examine her unhappiness and acknowledge it as her own. And like with what so often happens when we shift, her internal growth took off.

 Next, Trine looked at her life and how she could provide an income for herself while still being present and available as a mom to her small child. She  decided that in order to make the amount of money she needed for the amount of time she was willing to allow, she would need to work for herself.

She went through many transitions in this, first by using her skills as a reiki master, and the inclusion of a massage therapy practice. Eventually she trained to be a Pilates instructor and for 10 years built up a business in progressive Pilates and rehab which included 3 studios in Los Angeles.  Next she turned her attention to business coaching, but eventually began to miss the connection and healing aspect she had been a part of for so long.

 When finally, her truth stood before her in a way she could no longer deny she turned her attention to relationship coaching especially as it pertains to the body. The body component had always been present for her and yet it was something she mostly took for granted, never recognizing it as the gift she now understands it to be. Her knowledge of how the body interacts with the mind and her own self work to uncover her desires made this her undeniable path.

 In this interview, Trine Jensen shows us that sometimes the journey as an entrepreneur can begin in the middle and actually lead you to your passion. There are no rules. She also shares with our listeners a stroking practice to wake up our senses and discover the physical pleasure within our own body.

I hope you enjoy!


Trine is a sex and relationship healer, erotica artist and coach. She received her Master’s degree from Pepperdine University’s Business School in Organization Development, which combines Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and Economics. She also holds a BFA in Theatre from New World School of the Arts. Trine worked as a modern dancer, actor and Reiki master for many years before opening three successful Pilates studios in Los Angeles.

Today, Trine teaches women to trust and follow their deepest desires to create fun, fulfilling and lasting relationships. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and member of the International Coach Federation, and utilizes a number of healing modalities in her work, including the Sensual Stroking Practice, Reiki, and Trance Dance. She also teaches the Max Meditation System™ and performs Life-Activations through her certifications with the Modern Mystery School.

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