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It is a different world than the one most of us grew up in. We all seem to suffer from a shorter attention span, and we have been told that in order to be a successful business we must move at the lightning fast pace of the digital world or become obsolete. In fact many businesses have moved into the realm of only communicating and marketing this way.

 But have we really changed that much? Do we honestly value the next best thing or the person of the hour over simple human connection? Is it possible to integrate these concepts so that we can build real relationships and meaning?

For Tracey Warren, owner of and this week’s guest on the Inspired Woman Project, it is important for us to remember that social media is simply one of our many tools, not the end-game. Like the telephone or email, it is a way to communicate and connect. “Ultimately people want to do business with people,” says Tracey.  Social Media is great for keeping the conversation going after the initial connection, but in many ways the old standards of business still apply. Tracey encourages us to pick up the phone, meet for coffee or send a hand written note. These extra touches are important to building a real foundation in a relationship and encourage trust and meaning. They also make you unforgettable.

In this interview, Tracey shares her story of discovering and utilizing her greatest strengths. She encourages us to be different and authentic and reminds us to have the courage to be ourselves. Doing business hasn’t really changed that much; people respond to being seen and heard and valued, social media just gives us the opportunity to make it happen quicker.

inspired woman project: tracey warren

Have you ever wondered “Can all this social media stuff really make a difference to your bottom line?” Tracey Warren’s answer is an absolute YES!  

Tracey is a social media superhero, able to establish reputations online, create communities and build relationships. And she wants to change the way we use social media to market our businesses. She believes that one of the worst things to be on social media is forgettable. She wants to improve the way we as entrepreneurs show up to be seen and heard, so we are not just memorable but unforgettable. Tracey is known for her tell like it is style for this both funny and full of humor. 

There is no mistaking however the innovative and creative ways Tracey creates communities for her clients. Communities that allows them to focus on building relationships offline, so they can make more money. 

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