Tanya Beaubrun - A Different Approach...

As more and more people become disillusioned with a system of healthcare that seems to cater to the pharmaceutical companies, there is a growing interest in a more integrative approach. A form of care that places the patient at the center and addresses not only the physical ailments, but takes into consideration one’s emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental influences.

 This week on the Inspired Woman Project, we are speaking with Tanya Beaubrun, a Family Physician and a Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Empowerment Coach. Tanya combines traditional medicine with alternative modalities enabling and empowering her patients to become an active participant in their healing process.

 Although Tanya began her career as a traditional doctor, she eventually felt the calling for a different way of treating her patients. She began to explore a number of “alternative” modalities and now practices by using emotional components to diagnose physical ailments, allowing her intuition and her scientific background to lead her in her patient’s care. According to Tanya, this type of attention allows her to care for her patients as a whole person, rather than merely to treat them.

   In many ways Tanya feels that she has been transformed by this practice, changing not only the lives of her patients but herself in the process. She displays such a deep knowing and faith in this interview, presenting our listeners a side to medicine that is both heartfelt and beautiful. I hope you gain as much warmth and insight from her as I did.

the inspired woman project: tanya Beaubrun

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun is a Family Physician, Certified Wellness & Lifestyle Empowerment Coach, wife, mother, and a passionate lover of life.  She has dedicated her career to helping people feel their best in their bodies so they can live happy, healthy and free lives.

Her dream is to start a movement geared towards empowering women to lead full, vibrant and authentic lives by teaching them how to care for themselves, respect the choices they make and remain attuned to what they can do to heal their lives. 

She advocates a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating mind, body, spirit practices so people can connect more deeply to themselves and their truth.

A graduate of the University of the West Indies, she has spent the past 23 years in Private Practice, using a holistic approach to health and advocating for the heart and soul to be brought back into the practice of Medicine. She holds an Integrative Health Coaching Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and recently certified under Gabrielle Bernstein’s Level 1 and 2 Spirit Junkie Master Class. She is currently enrolled in the MMI’s Fellowship Program in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.

In addition to her work, she feels her most important role has been as a wife and mother of 3.  

She lives her message of optimum health and wellness by eating clean, and enjoys running, yoga and barre exercises.