Steph Ritz - Let Yourself be Seen...

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are speaking with Steph Ritz, an author and coach who educates and guides her clients to hone their abilities as writers by tapping in to their authentic selves.“It is so scary to really be seen,” says  Steph, but once we do, it’s like you’ve been “handed a key to unlock what’s in your heart.”

So many of us hide ourselves because we are afraid that the truth of who we are will not be acceptable; that if people knew about our imperfections or past mistakes, they wouldn’t approve. Yet, being human is to sometimes be insecure and awkward and to make mistakes. Not only do your mistakes make you human, but they give you a wealth of experiences and perspectives to draw on especially when helping others. By realizing how to love all the parts of ourselves, we can learn to work through our fears, get vulnerable, and eventually tap into the infinite possibilities of our lives and our business.

For most of her life, Steph Ritz remained in hiding, never really acknowledging or even allowing her true self to emerge. She had given everything to everyone else, and there was a level of fear she had to battle before she could step into the person she is now; full of love for herself and her purpose.

In this interview Steph explores her path with a vulnerability that is deep and brave, showing us how amazing life can be when you let yourself be seen and heard and loved.

The inspired Woman Project: Steph Ritz

Steph Ritz is a sought after writing coach and retreat facilitator who knows how to voice your passions in a way that resonates with your audience. She guides you to use your authentic voice in a marketing context so your writing converts readers into buyers.

Over the past 12 years, Steph has represented internationally acclaimed artists, authors, marketers, educators, coaches, and corporations. She has a deep passion for turning what you’re saying into what you meant to say so your words can transform your community. Her strength lies in empowering you to translate the pivotal moments of your journey into tangible solutions for your audience.  

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