Stella Orange - The Surprising truth about finding your edge...

What if you were exactly who you were supposed to be? 

And, what if, instead of trying to hide those parts of you you aren't so proud of, you actually let them shine?

In a market place where everyone is trying to set themselves apart, it might surprise you that the parts you're attempting to keep hidden may actually be your secret sauce.

According to this weeks inspiring woman, Stella Orange, relaxing into your space and owning who you are, are actually the keys to your success.

Stella Orange owns and operates a marketing company that teaches other business owners how to write and convey their messages effectively.  

In this interview, Stella explores her journey, beginning as a self-taught copywriter and infusing her quirkiness into a business model she now reaps the benefits of.

Her turning point came when she finally began to acknowledge  and accept that this was who she was and the realization that this was actually her edge. The clients she attracted were drawn to her off beat and relate-able perspective,. They didn't want the polished school taught copy, they wanted her imaginative and personable touch.

Stella is lovely as she brings so many wonderful insights and perspectives to this interview, as well as some pretty profound tips around leaning into your writing. I promise you will be nodding your head with understanding and recognition as you watch and listen to our interview.

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The inspired woman project : stella orange

Stella Orange is the founder and creative director of, a company that helps people spread the word about their good work. As a copywriting teacher, Stella shows her students how to nail their moneymaking message and find their writing voice so they move their audiences to action with a quirky, human touch. Stella’s clients include self-employed professionals and one-person businesses seeking to develop clarity, confidence and sales through the written and spoken word. She is the creator and leader of the Shut Up And Write Club, a community for lifestyle business founders on a mission to improve their copywriting results. Stella is based in Buffalo, New York.

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