Sheila Davis - Finding Balance as a Mompreneur...

Being a full-time working mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because as women we intrinsically feel the discord of attention between our work and family. But what if you could strike a balance that worked for everyone, including you? There is a growing offshoot of women who call themselves mompreneurs and they are determined to create this balance on their own terms.

Sheila Davis, this week’s guest on the Inspired Woman Project, is a Business Consultant on sales funnels, Marketing Specialist, Speaker  AND she is most certainly “one of those moms.”

 Sheila recalls how compromised she felt by working a “regular” job and never really able to be there for her family. With commuting, she was gone 12 hours a day, missing school and family events, and always worried what she would do if the kids got sick.

Then, a few years ago, when her 2 youngest daughters got very sick, she called into work to say she would not be able to come in. Her boss replied, “That’s simply not an option, when will you be in?” Sheila felt like she had been slapped in the face, realizing in that moment how much of her energy had been put into a job that didn’t value her as a person, and clearly at the expense of her family. That week Sheila stayed home with her children, worked her job from home and started formulating a plan to step into the virtual world. In no time at all, she picked up 8 jobs, quit her other job and started working at home, for herself.

As a mentor and a speaker, Sheila encourages women to remember that they can do what they want. She knows firsthand the loss of self that happens as a stay at home mom, and conversely the guilt and stress associated with working outside the home. Now, as a mompreneur, she is happier, has doubled her income and most importantly, is home with her family.  Sheila is passionate about “helping busy moms create and build their online businesses so they don’t have to choose between work and family AND so they will have the freedom and flexibility they have always wanted.”

The Inspired Woman Project: Sheila Davis

Sheila J Davis is a business and internet marketing business consultant for entrepreneurs looking to surpass their revenue goals. Her passion for branding, web design, sales funnels, marketing and customer support strategies has helped her clients build their dream businesses (without sacrificing time with their families) and attain massive growth in just months. 

Her heart-centered approach has helped many entrepreneurs become everyday superheros for their clients. But, she's not stopping there. Her goal for 2016 is to help 1,000+ entrepreneurs build their dream business.

Sheila would love to hear from YOU!