Pamela Langord - Finding her voice...

What do you do when your entire world is shifting around you? Your identity is unraveling, and the major pieces of what once defined who you are, are no longer true.

Ultimately you have a choice. You can choose to struggle and fear and deny OR you can choose to let go, accept and transform.

For Pamela Langord, of Ridgetop Virtual Solutions and this week’s guest on the Inspired Woman Project, this was the situation and eventually the choice she faced; leaving both her job and her marriage in the same year. Ultimately Pamela was able to dig down deep within and discover a truer version of herself.  

In her work and in her life, Pamela had learned to be really comfortable playing it small. She was there to support her employer and her husband and she was good at it. Stuffing things down and protecting herself became her norm, and when she finally had enough of both, she had to find her voice and let herself be seen. It took a tremendous amount of courage and vulnerability, but it finally allowed her to forge her own path, by her own set of rules.

Pamela Langord displays an incredible resiliency and a deep belief in herself that shines through as she shares her story and her eventual entry into entrepreneurship. Her strength and fortitude on her path are remarkable.


Pam is a technology driven virtual assistant and online business manager who has spent the last 25 years as the “Can Do Kid”, “behind the scenes Buddha” for a variety of businesses both online and brick and mortar. She’s a self-professed technology tamer and systems wrangler who works primarily with big creatives, soul driven coaches and wellness professionals.

Her personal mission is to beat down the cyber gremlins and time suckers of the virtual world to enable her clients to spend more time working in their business of helping others rather than on it. Her personal belief is that technology should enhance not hamper.

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