Nancy Rae Evans - Developing Money Muscles...

What’s your money story?

We all carry one around to varying degrees, lessons we learned in childhood and along the way. For many of us they show up as limiting beliefs. As I am writing this I found a great list of over 50 limiting beliefs about money on the website tappingqanda. Here are just a few, perhaps you recognize one….

  •        There are limits to how one can attain wealth and how much money one        can make.
  •        I am poor but I am a good person
  •        I will never have enough money
  •        Money is not spiritual

 There are many more, but one of the big ones for this week's guest on the Inspired Woman  was “I don’t make enough money to save any extra.” Perhaps you are familiar with that one too.

 Nancy Rae Evans, author and owner of has been coaching and supporting people for the past 5 years to unite the inner and outer pieces of their money puzzle. She works primarily with entrepreneurial women and recently published her first book, 21 Money Habits, in which she outlines easy to apply tips  “That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane.”

 Nancy was always good with numbers and loves to solve puzzles, so, helping people to manage their cash flow issues seemed a natural progression when she hit the job market. It was when she finally dived into entrepreneurship, however, that some of her money stories came up. For instance, throughout her career she had noticed that money in business fluctuates from month to month, and as an entrepreneur it was happening to her as well.

So, knowing this, she determined that she needed to be able to start saving money and create a safety net for herself. She started small, putting $25 away every month. Soon, it became a habit, a practice, “like going to the gym and exercising a muscle," says Nancy.  She now recommends to her clients that they take 5-10% each month of their profit and move it into their safety/sanity fund.  There will be lean months, Nancy acknowledges, "that’s just how business is, it doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong." 

Nancy Rae Evans blends practical advice with reassurance as she encourages her clients to open up the possibility to change their stories about money. In her new book, 21 Money Habits That Can Stabilize Your Business and Keep You Sane, Nancy Rae Evans teaches us simple ways to get quick results, stabilize our cash flow, and protect ourselves for times when our income streams dry up. 



Nancy Rae Evans has been shifting people's experience of money for over two decades.  She is passionate about helping women business owners earn more, save more, get out of debt, and feel more in control of their financial circumstances--no matter what's happening in the world's economy.  She has witnessed that when people feel more confident about their money decisions and behaviors, their lives (and their businesses) transform.   In addition to her Money Certification and Transformational Coaching Mastery trainings,  she  also brings extensive knowledge of credit, borrowing, and day-to-day money management skills from her years as a business consultant and mortgage originator.

To find out more, visit her at

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