Molly Morrissey - The Truth is in Your Body...

We have all grappled with the making of a big decision, at least once in our lives. Most likely you started out with excitement, possibility and the notion of heading in a new direction. But then came the fear. You start wondering if there is a right decision, what if you choose the wrong one.

You start making lists, talking it out with your friends and family, journaling, hoping that one of your resources will finally make it all seem crystal clear.

 What if there was another way to make that decision? What if you could sit with all the thoughts and emotions and just notice what it felt like in your body? When we get closer to our body, we shut out the chattering, distracting head that works in charts and pros and cons lists (they’re good to a point….for narrowing things down…but then the head has to step aside and let gut take over.) By going deep into our inner knowing, we can make a decision we can trust, because we know in our core it is right.

 This week’s guest on the Inspired Women Project is Molly Morrissey, a traditional astrologer and coach who understands the power of checking in with one's body and using our emotions as a guide. Molly acknowledges that it takes practice to gain this kind of awareness, but when your body answers for the first time with a resounding “yes,” it’s like aligning your choice with your very center.

 As Molly relates her story of her recent move to Taos, she conveys her process of using her emotions, intuition and her body as her guide. It was at times an arduous process, but once she followed the clues of her emotions and allowed her curiosity to guide her, her path became clear.

 In her business, Molly combines the use of traditional astrology, intuition and her counseling background, to help her clients recognize their patterns, shift into other possibilities and move forward.

 In this captivating interview I learned quite a bit about the history of astrology and how useful it can be when used as a guide rather than a template. Molly shares her process of getting clear on what she wants and where she is going, and imparts a wonderful practice on getting unstuck. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!


The inspired woman project: Molly morrissey

"Molly Morrissey is a traditional astrologer and resilience coach. She works with inquisitive, contemplative professionals who are ready to build more resilience so they can interact fully with their lives. 

Her work helps the client find a deeper sense of understanding about themselves and their life patterns by unearthing and connecting clues found in their birth chart, their family-and-cultures-of-origin, their emotions, beliefs, intuition, and thoughts. She helps them integrate a structured approach for engaging and responding to their lives with more vitality over the long term.

With a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in coaching and counseling from Bastyr University/LIOS and astrological training with master astrologer John Frawley, Molly also incorporates backgrounds in architecture and the marine industry into her unique offerings.

Molly, her man and her cat split their time between Taos, New Mexico and San Diego, California. She loves walking, big storms, the rough ocean of the Pacific Northwest, big cabs, dark chocolate, and spicy red chili – sometimes ALL on the same day."

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