Megan Hale - You are Enough...

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are featuring Megan Hale, an enoughness coach who is passionate about guiding women to their soul’s alignment and the discovery of their inner truth. Taken even further, Megan shows us how often and unconsciously we exist within the masculine paradigm of being in our heads, and why this may actually be an impediment.

Megan explains that by embracing our feminine, we can re-prioritize how we live and how we structure our day; to begin with our spirituality first, then the care of our body, and then our work accomplishments, we take care of ourselves first. Most of us “have it all backwards,” says Megan, but by “starting to re-frame and put ourselves first,” we can find a deeper alignment within ourselves.

Megan began her journey as a psychotherapist. After awhile, she began to notice that many of the women coming to see her were actually having issues of authenticity not mental health. When we are not aligned with our soul, “it can often camouflage itself as depression or anxiety,” says Megan. This and her own desire for a soul driven life set her on her path.

Today, the most common issues that come up with her clients are perfectionism, approval seeking and delayed decision making. Megan assists them to shift within these issues and then to decipher the subtle differences that emerge between their intuition and fear. When one is pulled in a certain direction and the mental self-talk of uncertainty emerges, that is usually fear. “If it’s what if, need to, should or supposed to, that is usually related to fear,” says Megan.

 Megan Hale’s interview is wonderful as she touches on so many of the issues facing women today. Through her exploration of the feminine paradigm and the acknowledging of one's inner knowing she shows us that we truly are "Enough."

 “Regardless of our flaws and prior mistakes we are still beautiful.”                                                                                                        - Megan Hale

The Inspired Woman Project: Megan Hale

Megan Hale is a Fierce Feminine Leadership Mentor and Enoughness Coach for women.  As a retired psychotherapist, she brings a wealth of wisdom to working with her clients to develop a deep sense of worthiness and how to live, love, and lead from their center.  Megan incorporates spirituality, mindset, self-care, authenticity, boundaries, bold action, and working from ease, grace, and flow vs. hustle, muscle, and force into her 1:1 work, group masterminds, courses, and retreats.  You can connect with her at and in her free FB community, the Bold Beautiful Soul Tribe at