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Every relationship, whether just beginning or somewhere in the middle has its bumps. In fact, we are often told that relationships are hard work and that the fun and passion will eventually disappear.

After years of training, unlearning and a lifetime of experience, Lisa Rose, a love and relationship coach and founder of Deeper Love, Better Sex, is here to break down that misconception.

“There is a big myth that relationships have to be a lot of work,” says Lisa. We are all vulnerable to certain triggers, and when we lack the necessary skills to respond to them, our relationships suffer. “It’s often just a matter of making simple shifts and developing new skills that changes the entire landscape of love.”

 It is a process that requires a conscious dropping in to one’s body and re-tuning of our energy before we even allow ourselves to speak. When we relax our muscles, particularly along the spine, we allow more room for our hearts to expand, and we allow our words to come from a place that feels loving and kind.

Lisa encourages us to communicate with curiosity rather than conclusion. If we instantly draw a conclusion and create a story based on assumptions, it is not going to serve the relationship. Ask yourself these questions, says Lisa, “what is the stance I’m taking? Am I looking to blame or am I looking for connection?” If you feel yourself focusing on everything someone appears to be doing wrong, ask yourself if there’s something else upsetting you. It’s easier to blame other people than it is to look in ourselves, but oftentimes that’s where the problem is.  It is both a process and a practice, and one that has been providing some amazing results for Lisa’s clients.

In this interview, Lisa Rose conveys to us that vulnerability and tenderness are not weaknesses, but gifts we can use to grow our relationships from struggling to thriving. She shares her vast understanding of all the phases of relationships; a simple but powerful method of changing the dynamic of our communication, and provides an opportunity for a very special gift just for our Inspired Listeners. I hope you will enjoy and appreciate her perspective as much as I did!




Lisa Rose is a sought after love, dating and relationship coach and the founder of Deeper Love, Better Sex, where singles make meaningful connection and couples deepen their love.

Lisa's unique approach is grounded in the belief that love makes sex better, sex makes love juicier, and great communication makes it all a whole lot easier.

After struggling for many years with a life/love out of balance, she got her priorities straight and now enjoys a thriving career and a juicy love life.

You can see more about Lisa's work and grab your free gift: 7 Steps to Deeper Love and Better Sex here:


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