Linda Summers - You Have a Choice...

"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional."   ~ Buddhist Proverb

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are featuring Linda Summers, a speaker, author and  host of the radio show “Conscious Talk Radio.” With an unwavering vulnerability, Linda reveals her personal journey as she awakened to both herself and her calling.

As a young girl, Linda always knew she was different; that the narrow minded beliefs of her Midwestern community didn’t quite make sense. But it would take 2 marriages and a lot of self-inquiry before she could emerge confident in herself and her mission; to awaken humanity to create their own reality and joy.

The central theme of Linda’s awakening centers around awareness and choice. It is when we become aware of our situation and our thoughts that we gain a different perspective and discover we have a choice. We can choose to believe those thoughts and follow them or we can know that it is just a thought or a feeling and we can choose to let it go. It is even okay to hold those thoughts as long as you are aware that it is that thought that will keep you in your current pain. We all have a choice: often we need only to recognize it to move through it.

Linda has much to share in this interview about her personal story of growth and the discovery of the creative expression within herself. The revelation of both who she thinks she should be and then ultimately the allowing of who she is.


Linda Summers is passionate about changing the consciousness of humanity by raising the consciousness and awakening individuals to see their own truth. She is a Radio Show/TV Show Host Personality, Speaker, Author and Mentor. 

Linda’s special gift lies in her ability to help people shift their perspective, thereby creating more peace and joy in their lives. She does this by shedding light on a person’s concepts, ideas and thought processes, helping people to heal through their own inner reflection. Linda believes that everyone walks his/her own path, and that every experience is an opportunity to learn, to evolve.  She arrived at this stage of life through her outer journey as a Life Coach, Interviewer Host and Motivational Speaker. Through her inner journey of breaking through personal fears, releasing and letting go of things that no longer served her and that were blocking her own truth, she was able to raise her consciousness and find peace.

She hosts her show “Conscious Talk Radio” on Blog Talk Radio.  We have entered into a new consciousness, one that is about oneness, unity and love.  The only way we are going to make a difference in the world, is if we make the difference.  It begins with us and how we are BEING and what we are putting out there mentally, emotionally and physically.  It's time to “Wake Up.”

“It is my intention and commitment to humanity to raise the consciousness and shift ones awareness to awaken  to find their truth, be empowered from their truth and in revealing truth, find their happiness.”
                            Linda Summers

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