Licia Morelli - Could you be Psychic?

Have you ever had the experience of a song that gets stuck in your head and then you get into your car and its playing on the radio? Or suddenly you think of a friend and later that day they call you, seemingly out of the blue? According to this week’s Inspiring Woman, Licia Morelli, you just received a psychic hit.

Licia Morelli, is a psychic, author and coach, who has worked with clients one on one for the past 10 years. Her gift is clairvoyance, which means she can see pictures in her head when working with people. Coupled with a deep sense of intuition she is able to guide her clients to shift through whatever is going on and move forward.

According to Licia, the psychic hits discussed above are a minimal point of psychic knowing. We all possess a certain level of ability, though most of us would call it intuition or instinct. When you start to recognize the “hit,” you begin to be more open and aware to the other insightful signs and guideposts that are surrounding you. This comes into play most importantly when the big, difficult decisions arise.

Often we grapple with a decision in our minds, weighing it out with our logic, asking for advice and trying to make the rational choice. Making those decisions based on our inner knowing does not come easily, but if we can remember the feeling of that minimal hit, we can become more aware of what we “know” in our heart and body.

It is a practice in mindfulness and trust in yourself, but after a while you will begin to recognize when you are listening to only your thoughts and when you are responding to both.

Licia Morelli, shares her story and her knowledge in a way that feels like you’re talking to a trusted friend. She is funny, accessible and highly entertaining. Enjoy! 


The Inspired Woman Project: Licia Morelli

Licia Morelli is the bestselling children's author of The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation (Tilbury House Publishers), creator of the cancer research based, Morelli Foundation and internationally acclaimed intuition expert and founder of The House of Woo: 4 Weeks to Recognizing Your Own Psychic Hits to Get Ahead in Business and in Life. Licia has been featured in Boston Magazine, Publishers Weekly, Barnes and Noble, elephant journal and Tiny Buddha.

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