Lea Ann Mallett - Small Actions lead to Big Changes...

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are featuring, Lea Anne Mallet, a transformational coach and organizational strategist who is passionate about helping people to create their mission.

For most of her life, Lea Anne has been playing it big. Initially volunteering as an environmental activist, Lea Anne soon found herself at the front lines. She led protests, sat in a tree for three days and organized countless earth saving endeavors; eventually settling down into a 9-5 job as an Executive Director for Charities. At the time, her passion and her drive were all she needed to sustain her, and playing big felt natural and right.

At the age of 40, Lea Anne’s world shifted as she welcomed the role of motherhood into the mix. What she discovered was that her personal/family mission and her work in the world mission were now at odds. She felt conflicted and stressed and in desperate need of re discovering herself in order to find the balance.

She quit her job in the nonprofit sector, settled more firmly into being a parent who is present, and began her entrepreneurial journey. As a coach and organizational strategist for both individuals and organizations, Lea Anne has found a synergy to her work/life balancing act and a newer more sustaining life mission.

Today she is adamant in her belief that we need not feel the pressure to achieve the huge actions. Instead, when we learn to value the small daily interactions and actions, they will inevitably build and lead to bigger actions over time. “We all have a role to play in making the world a better place. With each interaction I have with another human being, there is an opportunity to change the world,” says Lea Anne. By the simple act of kindness and attention, we can conceivably create ripples without end.

Lea Anne Mallet has so much to share in this interview regarding her personal mission and philosophy. Her passion is infectious and her insights are spot on. Enjoy!

The Inspired Woman Project: Lea Ann Mallett

Lea Ann Mallett is a transformational coach, activist, midlife mama, writer and photographer who believes that every person can and is changing the world. She works with entrepreneurs and leaders with beautiful missions who want to create their best impact in the world while living their most extraordinary lives.

 The trajectory of Lea Ann’s life has arced through her work as a wilderness activist to years as a non-profit leader to motherhood and now, coaching. Having done many “big” things, like sitting in a tree for three days in an ancient forest to protest it from clearcut logging, her message now is The Beauty of Small Actions. Lea Ann believes deeply that all of us have the power to change the world by how we treat each ourselves, our kids, our community and our planet every day. She truly believes that love and kindness in action will change the world.

You may reach Lea Ann at her web site www.leaannmallett.com . She is delighted to offer a deep dive, two-hour transformational conversation as a gift to listeners who want to have an extraordinary coaching experience!