Laura Jack - Compassionate Grieving...

Coping with the loss of someone you love is often one of the worst experiences we will ever know. It can be heart-wrenching to feel, and disarmingly uncomfortable in our attempt to support those going through it.

In this week's interview on the Inspired Woman Project, Laura Jack, a Grief Recovery Specialist and Coach, reveals her personal journey of transformation through grief and how she turned one of her greatest challenges into one of her biggest gifts to the world.

When Laura lost her mother seven years ago, her world crumbled, and yet she fell into the role of being strong for everyone else, denying her own feelings of sorrow. It was not until she finally allowed herself to be vulnerable and truly feel her feelings that she began to heal. "I was pretending to be fine for so long...I was a terrible griever," says Laura. "I realized I actually needed to feel this, and not pretend to be strong, it was the absolute opposite of what I needed to be doing."

Now coupling her own experience and extensive training she encourages her clients to "really let the feelings in, don't be afraid of them, and when you're ready, you can move through can't skip any of the steps."

So, now, how do you support someone you care about through their grief?

First, you suppress the urge to make everything okay, because the truth is you can't. Sometimes you just need to be a source of strength and grounding, allowing the space for the person to feel without judgment or constraints. In Laura's newest endeavor, the Army of Compassion, she is designing an approach that teaches other coaches how to support their clients through loss, by first remembering to have compassion for themselves. She recognizes that self-care and compassion is one of the most important lessons we can teach ourselves and others. In order to support another, we must first come from a place of fullness, and not depletion. It is not Selfish.....It is Essential.

Laura Jack is truly an inspiring woman, with an amazing perspective on life, grief, compassion and leadership. I hope you enjoy listening to her as much as I did.  


The Inspired Woman Project Interview: Laura Jack

Laura Jack is dedicated to supporting people who have experienced loss on their journey of self-rediscovery. She uses a holistic approach to healing as well as compassion and self-love principles to guide her clients through the challenging transitions and losses that are inevitable in life.

After receiving a liberal arts degree at Emory University. Laura went on become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist' and transformational life coach. As a coach, trainer, writer and speaker, Laura gives people the tools they need to love themselves through loss. Laura has been supporting people to thrive in their lives for over 6 years. Her compassionate and loving approach to healing allows her clients to blossom in ways they didn't know were possible after loss.

Visit: to find out more about Laura and the services she offers.


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