Kerry Hales - Chasing Curiosity...

This week marks the beginning of the new format for the Inspired Woman Project.  We've added a visual element to these already amazing interviews, and are  enjoying it even more!

Our first video interview begins with Kerry Hales, a feisty, no nonsense Transformational Life Coach who is passionate about helping women discover what they really want. “I see so many people striving down roads that they really aren’t conscious about”, says Kerry, “and so I stop them ask: is this fun for you?”  A simple question and yet one many people struggle to answer.

Kerry recalls full well when she put this question to herself. She had been working at a “good” job that provided her with both prestige and financial promotions, and so she thought all was well. Then, one day at a seminar she felt a shift. Sitting next to a guy who made a living doing what he loved, and then noticing the next day how miserable everyone on their commute seemed to be, she woke up, and become conscious that she had a choice. And she was angry. Not only had she been living this life that she didn’t really like, but now she was conscious of it and couldn’t go back.

Fast forward to today and Kerry feels nothing but gratitude for her life. As uncomfortable and intense as the growth has been, she now has a life she loves.

With her clients she often asks “what do you want?’ But this she finds is often a laden question. So more often she switches to what they don’t want. “There’s always a question. There’s always something that’s annoying you or that you have a feeling about that just keeps coming around," says Kerry. That’s where she tells her clients to start. There is passion there, something that your attention is gravitating toward, and it needs to be investigated. "Chase that curiosity."

Kerry Hales is a delight to listen to and watch in this interview. She is passionate, fiery and funny as she shares her path to entrepreneurship and her continuous journey of inspiring her clients and herself.



Kerry Hales, is Transformational Life Coach; she is the woman to go to when you love your life but know there is something more.  Feisty, fearless and fun, no matter where you find her she is ready to go to work. Her uncanny ability to find out what you really want is her daily quest and her passion is to find yours.  A coach like no other.

Kerry run’s masterminds, workshops and in 2016 will be publishing her first book about the experience she had completing a 100 day burpee challenge.

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