Kerrie Rycroft - Are you who you should be?

Figuring out who we are and what we want can be one of life's biggest challenges.

 So many of us fall into the trap of doing what others expect us to, sometimes rationalizing it within ourselves that those expectations are what we want as well. And sometimes, the loss of self is so buried within those thoughts that finding our way back to our “truth” is scarier than continuing the lie of how good everything is.

 This week, our Inspired  guest is Kerrie Rycroft, an online business coach determined to show women that they “can be anything they want to be.” Although she works primarily with social media, she almost always starts off by asking her clients to identify who they are. It is often a surprising question to those she works with, but one that  she feels is critical to define before they can move their business to the next level.

 In this interview, Kerrie shares her story with amazing vulnerability as she relays the details of her life, gaining and losing everything and ultimately discovering herself.

After growing a highly successful magazine company and receiving external validation for all her accomplishments, she began to realize just how unhappy she really was. “It should have been my ideal life, it should have been amazing, but it was squashing me, “says Kerrie. She had an amazing business, four wonderful children and a husband, doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing, and yet she was crying herself to sleep every night. In the end she lost everything but found herself; today feeling more joy and passion for her work and family than she could have ever imagined.

 Kerrie Rycroft is a brilliant example of what it looks like to live in your truth, and do what makes you feel alive, even when it doesn’t fit in with what everyone else is doing.  “You don’t have to stay being the person you thought you were," Kerrie reminds us.

Kerrie is on a mission to help women see a bigger possibility in their business and their life. That is who she is now and she has never been happier.




Kerrie Rycroft helps business owners leverage their time and skills to create a super successful online business.

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