Katya Sarmiento - Recognize your Gifts...

Everyone has a unique gift, something that is distinctively you, and incredibly useful to those around you. Often this may be something that is seemingly ordinary as it is so much of who you are and how you experience the world, but to others it is an amazing talent or skill. Most people never even recognize their gift, as they often don’t realize it for what it is.

And then sometimes they do.

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are talking with Katya Sarmiento, the founder and owner of ReachAndMakeMillions. By combining her love of coaching with her love of technology, she was able to utilize her strengths and her unique gifts to create a business she loves.

Katya recalls the moment when it all clicked into place and she recognized her gift for what it is. She was in a mastery level coaching program and was helping most of her classmates with their technological difficulties. For Kaya, technology had always been something that came easy, something she actually enjoyed. For her classmates it was a struggle. One day, one of her friends asked for computer help and insisted on paying her. Although she resisted at first, the idea took hold that she could combine her love of coaching with her love of technology, and her business was born.

Katya shares so much in this interview about the twists and turns along her path and what she does now that keeps her grounded and aligned in her truth. I hope you enjoy her as much as I did!



I am Katya Sarmiento and I work with holistic entrepreneurs and coaches who are committed to making a bigger impact and a bigger income. Coaches who know that the only way to do this is by working SMARTER, not harder.

I am a business coach that specializes in technology.

I teach business strategy and tech integration to coaches who don’t want to go through years and years of trial & error and trying to figure this shit out on their own - but still want to enjoy the benefits of growing their business, having more time, having CONSISTENT results, and making more millions ;)

Having started a business at 8 years old... What? Doesn’t this Big Biz Tycoon game count?

In all seriousness, having started ReachAndMakeMillions.com at 18 years old - I dropped out of college, quit my full-time job, and made it my mission to make sure every holistic entrepreneur and coach I meet gets to live a joyful, abundant, and freedom-focused life because of their thriving online business.

I’ve taught and supported hundreds of coaches world-wide on how to find their niche, get clear on their message, build an audience, create a website that works, write copy that converts, build a list of loyal fans, market and sell authentically, set up systems, hire a dream team, and more.

I have personally grown ReachAndMakeMillions by 185% in the last year alone and continue to spend hours researching, learning, and implementing business strategies and new technology - so that YOU don’t have to spend the time, money, and energy doing so.