Katelyn Edgar - When a Breakdown Becomes a Breakthrough...

Have you ever had the experience of deep emotional, energy draining pain? You know, the pain you just want to push down and run away from because it just feels too scary to face. What if I were to tell you that by standing your ground and facing that fear and pain, you have the opportunity to heal something that needs to be healed and experience phenomenal growth in the process.

 Katelyn Edgar, an Intuitive Coach and this week’s Inspiring Woman, knows firsthand what this process entails, as her path to self-discovery was often heavy and hard, and ultimately the greatest gift she could have given herself.

When Katelyn Edgar left her job three years ago without a plan or an agenda, she did so not because she hated her job, but more because she just had a feeling that there was something more for her. It was the first time she allowed herself to truly surrender and follow her intuition, and it was remarkable in that she actually learned to follow her own insights and was able to move through and clear a lot of her blocks and fears.

It was also a time that left her feeling lost and purposeless and very, very sad. Katelyn was having a breakdown with her emotions, but Instead of going into a pattern of resistance, she chose instead to embrace them, allowing herself to be present with them and ultimately clearing away deep energetic patterns one layer at a time. “If you feel yourself really getting down and you feel like giving up, just remember that a breakdown usually equals a breakthrough,” says Katelyn.

Eventually, Katelyn met her own coach and began the next phase of her work and life leading her to evolve and grow into her new mission to help other women break free from their own fear and self-sabotage. Today she feels incredibly grateful for her time of deep exploration and is quite aware that she currently resides in the sweet spot of her success.

In this week’s interview, Katelyn shares how her story of success came about by being completely vulnerable and real with herself.  

There is tremendous value in sharing our challenges and our achievements with other people. It reminds us that we are all human, and that we all struggle from time to time. We are all on our own journey, but Katelyn reminds us that through great pain can arise even greater growth and a clearer vision of our path. 



Katelyn Edgar is an Intuitive Coach helping heart-centered women, coaches, and healers to break free from fears and self-sabotage, awaken their intuition, and start fully living their Soul’s purpose. A handful of years ago, Katelyn began intentionally manifesting her current life, she worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, energy medicine and healing, quantum science, reiki, psychology, and the power of reprogramming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a successful business, but also has a lifestyle she loves with the time and freedom she’s always desired. Today, Katelyn takes great pleasure in passing her wisdom and knowledge on to others who also want to become powerful and confident intuitive coaches, so they can experience profound and miraculous transformations (for themselves and their clients) and fall head over heals IN LOVE with their lives.

You can learn more about the work Katelyn does at www.KatelynEdgar.com and join her private Facebook group "Loving Life & Living Free ~ Intuitive Co-Creators" to receive free coaching and support from Katelyn Monday - Friday.


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