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This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are speaking with Josefa Lan, an Intuitive Life Coach who shares her strong desire to support people to get clear on who they are and who they are not. Through an extensive path of self-discovery, Josefa learned to reevaluate the beliefs she had grown up with, realizing that it was actually her choice to keep or hold onto what was true for her. This created a monumental shift for her and set her on the path she walks so compassionately today.

No one grows up in a perfect family.

Despite the idealized portrayals we see in the movies and on television, most parents are not perfect, and childhoods are often replete with one problem or another. Josefa Lan knows this better than most, as she was born and raised in a religious cult, riddled with dysfunction. For Josefa, who never felt fully aligned with the expected set of beliefs of her family, she began her early life believing that she was broken. Today, working with clients, Josefa recognizes that in some ways we all grow up in dysfunction. We all have family beliefs and structures that need to be reevaluated. As an intuitive and empathetic guide, Josefa champions others to differentiate those beliefs, and discover the value in who they really are. 

Josefa Lan has so much to offer in this interview as she touches on so many elements of self realization. I know you will enjoy her as much as I did!

The inspired woman project: Josefa Lan

Josefa Lan is an intuitive life coach who helps her clients to dig deep, get real, and let the outside chatter fall away, so they can learn to trust their own truth, heal their past wounds, and reclaim their power. Her work as a coach came about from years spent in an attempt to heal her own past and reclaim her life as her own. Although painful and trying at times, she will be the first to tell you that healing the inside is worth all the effort because it also changes everything on the outside.

Her style is all intuition, compassion, and humor with a heavy dose of grounded realism. She believes that allowing ourselves the opportunity to be vulnerable and fully seen in our own truth is the most freeing experience we can have as human beings. Her greatest joy comes from helping her clients shine a light inside so that they can clearly see that every single thing about them deserves unconditional love and happiness. Josefa also serves as a co-facilitator of GIRLS WEEKEND FOR YOUR SOUL™, a 3 day retreat created specifically for women desiring to gain a deeper connection inside and out and also laugh, play, and have a lot of fun in the process. 

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