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There is a fundamental concept that in order to create and advance one’s business, you have to network. Once upon a time, this meant attending a social event with a fistful of business cards, meeting and charming as many people as you could. For the shy, tired or introverted, this could be incredibly stressful.

 Luckily, according to this week’s Inspired Woman, Jordana Jaffe, the rules have changed.  “Social media used to be the side dish, but now it can be the entrée,” says Jordana. Social media has become a powerful tool not only for creating community but for entrepreneurs to promote their platform, their vision and their business.

Jordana has built her business around helping other entrepreneurs create and utilize their Facebook groups as a pivotal strategy for advancing one’s platform, connecting with their peers and creating a community that supports one another.

 Jordana illuminates in this interview the 3 main fears that arise for most people when beginning to put themselves out there in Social media. She is pragmatic and compassionate of the ways in which to confront those fears, and sensitive to the ways in which to honor ourselves in the process. 

the inspired woman project: Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe teaches women entrepreneurs who are introverts or homebodies how to create a super engaged Facebook group and successfully participate in other groups so that you can get clients and grow your online community while staying at home in your cozy pjs. 

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