Joanne Ameya Cohen - Finding your truest self...

In our fast-paced, achievement based world, many people, particularly women, have lost touch with who they really are. We have been conditioned since childhood by our parents our culture and our society to fit in and do what we're supposed to.

But this one size fits all idea doesn't work. Eventually we can find ourselves with adverse physical or emotional manifestations arising from the denial of our truest selves.

 Joanne Ameya Cohen, our guest this week on the Inspired Woman Project, is passionate around helping women remember and come back to the beauty that is their truest self.  Employing numerous sacred moon and earth wisdom modalities, Joanne supports her sisters to face their inner terrain and heal themselves.

 As a child Jo-Ann struggled with the desire to be seen and heard in a big way. Yet, following her parents divorce, she began to echo her mother's style, becoming a go-getter and an achiever, suppressing herself in order to fit in and gain recognition. At the same time, Joanne began to suffer from various feminine health issues, symptoms she came to realize much later of her self-imposed repression.

When Joanne eventually embarked on her journey of self discovery and in particular, the study of flower essences, she commenced a healing of body, mind and spirit, watching as her physical ailments began to disappear. She learned to live in accordance with the moon cycle, and take care of herself with the ways of ancient woman wisdom.

She digs in deep with her clients and community, reminding them that they are not alone. That so many of us share the same stories and that transformation is both possible and attainable.

Joanne is so present and beautiful as she shares her story and her passion for aligning the feminine with in us all. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

the inspired woman project: Joanne Ameya Cohen

Joanne Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women's Health and Feminine Leadership.  Through her background as a Certified Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Wisdom Guide, and Shamanic Practitioner, Ameya supports women to Remember their truth, beauty, heart, and power.
She is most passionate about helping women to let go of past pains and hurts in order to reclaim their Wild Feminine Hearts.  Anchoring this in wisdom traditions, women are invited to coax out their radiance and are set off on a path of Remembrance.
Joanne Ameya founded the Woman Rising School for Flower Essences and Shamanic Studies, she co-facilitates an online Women’s Mystery School called Priestesses of the Moon and co-hosts Wild Sacred Women Retreats.

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