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What are your 3 highest goals? Now compare them to your values.

Are you in alignment?

These are the questions Ida Butwin, a productivity coach for mom entrepreneurs and a mother of 3, begins with when talking to new clients. They are pivotal questions that make one really look at their life and begin to prioritize what is important to them. For instance, says Ida, “if you value family time and you’re giving them an hour a day and you’re giving your business 8 hours, there’s an imbalance.”

As a stay at home mom, Ida knows the conflict that can arise of wanting more. More time, more balance and more engagement with the world. She first stepped into entrepreneurship with a local business that focuses on using Legos for educational play. This sustained her for a while, but eventually she reached a creative impasse.

It was when Ida discovered the online coaching world that she really got excited. All around her were other mom entrepreneurs struggling to be both an enterprising businessperson and a “good” mom. She knew there had to be a better way, and decided in a moment of clarity to create a business that empowered and helped other mompreneurs find the balance they so desperately desired.

Today, Ida is still a stay at home mom, with 2 businesses and a fervent aspiration to maintain and live her life according to her core values. She has clear boundaries that help her maintain when she should work and when she is present with her family. She is cognizant that she must be flexible with her plans and that her schedule is not always within her control. Her family will always come first as this is of her highest value, but being able to adapt to a new plan for herself and her work at a moment’s notice is essential.

Ida Butwin is highly relatable in this interview. In the sharing of her story to the expression of her values, there is a familiar resonance for many moms. She has found a way to strike a balance for herself, her family and her businesses, and she is excited to share it with others.

The Inspired Woman Project:: Ida Butwin

Ida Butwin is a sought-after productivity coach, she's been featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy Podcasts such as Love is a Verb, as well as in the Elephant Journal and other online publications. Ida believes you do not have to be a 24/7 entrepreneur or sacrifice family time or self-care to be successful. Join her super supportive Facebook group Hustle Redefined for Mom Entrepreneurs.

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