Gina Mazzella Fresquez - Shifting Perspective...

Too often we hold onto assumptions of the way things are supposed to be, without realizing that these thoughts are not serving us. We feel stressed and overwhelmed or even a little lost because we believe that we must conform to be happy.

We forget that if we simply allow ourselves to step back and view our situation from another perspective, from a place of what we truly want, we can create something completely different for ourselves. We can open to the possibility of another way of accomplishing our goals or living our lives on our own terms.

Gina Fresquez is our guest this week on the Inspired Woman Project, and she has made this belief a fundamental concept in her coaching and her life. As a coach, she now primarily works with people who are usually holding down a full time job and are looking to develop a side business or project. Not everyone is comfortable making the giant leap into the unknown, and Gina supports those people to know that it is OK to “take the stairs.” To create the steps to transition that feels true for each individual. “People tell you it is either/or,” says Gina, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not everyone wants to sky dive, and you don’t have to. The destination is the same. The main thing is allow yourself the freedom to access what you truly want and to allow yourself to proceed from that perspective. No matter what that looks like.

Gina Fresquez shares her story, her insights and her beliefs on finding balance on the way. She reminds us to get clear on how we want to feel and what we truly want, and is standing by to support the shift in perspectives that may be holding us back.

the inspired woman project: gina mazzella fresquez

 As a Freedom Catalyst, Confidence Coach and founder of the Women's Side Hustle Society, Gina is on a mission to empower stressed and busy working women who are building their business on the side while working a full time job create an exit strategy to achieve the freedom they desire and execute the process with less stress and more ease and grace. 


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