Erin Loman-Jeck - The Power of Surrender...

This week on the Inspired Woman Project we are speaking with Erin Loman-Jeck, a strategic business coach and the CEO of the Transformational Speaker Agency. Within this interview it becomes immediately apparent why Erin is such a sought after speaker and mentor as she combines practical advice with an alignment to one's knowing. Right from the start she acknowledges the uneasiness of her path as she shares an amazing story of her surrender within that.

 For five years Erin had been involved in the speaking industry presenting her message to many an audience, unaware that she had mastered a skill sought out by others. Approached over and over by speakers who were struggling to do what she did, she began to have an inkling that she was standing in a powerful space and needed to teach other amazing speakers how to get their message out. Although she was comfortable giving large talks to big audiences, she was somewhat intimidated by an industry she didn't yet completely understand.

Erin recalls the moment she surrendered to her new path in a powerful story where she stood at the top of a zip line, getting ready to jump. She knew she had to leave her limiting stories behind and stand proudly in her knowing, to surrender in that moment to this new path. She took a deep breath and jumped, crying the whole way, surrendering physically, emotionally and spiritually to what lay ahead.

 It is from this place that Erin conceived and birthed the Transformational Speaker Agency, where she endeavors to help professional men and women get clear on their message and share it with the world.

 Erin shares so much in this interview, specifically the elements necessary in the creation of one’s signature or "legacy" talk and the methods she employs almost daily to center herself and stay true to her heart. I know you will love listening to Erin as you receive many an insight and hang on her every word.

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Erin Loman-Jeck is a Business Success Coach and the CEO of the Transformational Speakers Agency. Erin's specialty is business coaching for service-based businesses, women entrepreneurs in soul based businesses, and anyone who wants to work on multiple streams of income based on their expertise. 

 Erin gives her clients honest feedback that results in them attaining their goals and desires. After years of running a successful business coaching company and speaking career, Erin decided it was time to share her knowledge with other transformational speakers.  Erin's mission is to facilitate a shift in the world's paradigms, so she launched her agency to empower other experts to share their transformational messages with audiences around the world. She helps speakers, Get Noticed. Get Booked. Get Paid. to make an impact on the planet. 

To find out more, visit her at: www.transformationalspeakers.comand