Dina Washington - Defining Success...

Each week on the Inspired Woman Project we ask the question, "what is your personal definition of success?"And although every person answers it differently, most of our guests relate it to how they feel at the end of the day.  This week, Dina Washington extrapolates on that idea and sums it up with this simple but powerful  statement:  "Success used to be measured by accumulation, now its about what you experience," 

For Dina Washington, an author, artist and  soul passion coach, being in alignment with ones truth and igniting ones passion on a daily basis is the ultimate expression of her "success." That she gets to guide others to connect to their own passion and truth is like the frosting on the cake.

Within her work, Dina encourages her clients to "follow the bread crumbs of passion."  Sometimes it is a simple shift in perspective to discover our life's passions and sometimes they are so buried that we have no idea how to begin. Dina believes that simply beginning with whatever ignites a spark within will lead you on your path. It could be a song, a flower or even the color on someone's sweater that catches your eye. It is the continual noticing and allowing of that spark that will lead you to what lights up your heart.

Dina Washington has an eloquence and passion that seeps out in this interview right from the start. I know you will enjoy listening and watching her as she shares her story, her work and her tips on bringing passion and alignment into one's life.


The inspired woman project: dina washington

Dina Washington is a Life Coach, VO Artist and Author who is dedicated to bringing connection, calm and grounded presence into the lives of others. She is the author of With or Without You, a book for men who are absent from their children’s lives.

Dina was born in San Francisco, CA and currently lives in Maui, HI where she has learned a touch of Hula and fell in love with the sport of OC-6, Outrigger Canoeing. She makes a point of watching beautiful sunsets where ever she may be in the world.

Dina is currently coaching clients and working on her fiction novel debut which explores values of today and how we can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

To find out more about Dina: http://dw5pcoach.com/