Cristina Laskar - Seeing it through...

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."
- Arthur Ashe

This week, Cristina Laskar, our guest on the Inspired Woman Project, expands on this idea as she shares her personal definition of success and the amazing new work she has brought into the world. According to Cristina, the successful journey is one that encompasses both the good and the bad of the human experience. “It is when you go through that journey, and when you keep going and when you follow through. Even If it doesn’t work out, it’s still success because you become a new person.”

Cristina’s current work took 2½ years to produce and within that process, she acknowledges the emergence of the newest version of herself. By following through on a rather large and sometimes daunting idea and birthing her vision for Connectavid into the world, Cristina experienced times of doubt, confusion, joy and a vast resource of determination.

Connectavid is a platform that enables Cause Leaders (nonprofits and NGOs) and Cause Supporters (volunteers and donors) to interact and join together, magnifying impact for the greater good of all. Connecting people as if they’re neighbors, anywhere on the planet. The idea for Conncetavid began with Cristina’s desire to utilize the immense resource of the internet toward a goal of doing something positive in the world. There is a growing feeling of powerlessness, leading to apathy that we all feel at some level, a feeling that most of us would love to change. By creating Connectavid, Cristina is giving every person a platform by which they can connect, and contribute with their time and/or money and resources. It  enables all of us to feel a sense of power with our actions and our intentions for a greater good.

This is Cristina’s second interview with us on the Inspired Woman Project, having explored with us exactly one year ago her creative practices as she worked on launching Connectavid.  (you can listen to that one here.) This time, her project has been born and her perspective encompasses both her feelings of completion and the pleasure of a new beginning. Cristina is a lovely example of following one’s passion and enjoying the journey as much as the outcome,

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!



Cristina Laskar is the Founder and CEO of Connectavid, a website for social change where YOUR impact matters. Connectavid is the meeting ground for cause leaders and supporters to find help and engage in meaningful exchange. It’s a place for you to confidently share your voice, to strengthen connections, and to impart knowledge. It’s where you can connect, collaborate, and contribute to global change by being a global citizen.

Cristina Laskar was formerly a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. She started her work in the alternative medicine field as a way to ask us to remember our true nature and to live accordingly. Her background in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine helped chart this path she is now on. It’s her passion for healing that led her to create Connectavid in order to have a larger impact that brings lasting change.

Connectavid’s vision is to inspire awareness, acceptance, and responsibility. We have a dream of people standing together around the greater good for all.

We are changing the way that nonprofits change the world. We empower both the Cause Leaders (the organizations) and the Cause Supporters to work together in a manner that is sustainable for all.

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