Christine Egan - Redefining Healthy...

What does it mean to be healthy?

Perhaps a better question might be, what does it feel like to be healthy?

Often the emphasis is on the external; getting enough exercise and eating “right.” Of course these factors are important, but one element that’s missing is how do we feel while we are getting healthy. Are we overwhelmed and stressed? Or are we engaging with ease?

This week on the Inspired Woman Project, we are speaking with Christine Egan, an author, a speaker and a health coach who is endeavoring to change the way we think about being healthy. There is a prevalent line of thinking says Christine, that “I’ll be healthy when…” But what are we waiting for? Health is not about a checklist of the current social dictates, it is individual and totally different for everyone. Christine believes that good health is really about nourishing yourself. “You can find health in your relationships, walking in nature or even just giving yourself that 5 minute pause button”, says Christine. “I want to give women the permission that whatever their definition of health is,is totally fine.”

Christine Egan is so inspiring in this interview as she really dives into the whole issue of health and our ideology around that. She shares her story of “living healthy” and a simultaneous diagnosis of cancer, and how the experience deepened her understanding of what real health looks like. I am confident that you will be captivated by Christine and perhaps encouraged to redefine what it means to be healthy.


Christine Egan is a healthy living advocate and author of The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Breast Cancer. She ran a half-marathon after ending 33 radiation treatments, and a full marathon to celebrate her remission.

Today she leads the #RedefiningHealthy movement -- teaching women how to feel healthy in their bodies now, not after losing 15 pounds, finishing cancer treatments, or quitting their dead-end job.

Christine has appeared on Fox News, as well as in Yoga Journal and Live Happy Magazine. She has also given talks for Saucony and New Balance. Christine lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and three children.

She can be found at