Brooksie Wells - Stand Up and Be Who You Are...

Today marks our 50th Episode of the Inspired Woman Project!

It has been an amazing year of remarkable women sharing their stories with vulnerability and grace. I am so honored and grateful to connect with these women who inspire us to create our own definition of success.

It is fitting then that this week we are featuring Brooksie Wells, a singer/songwriter, who is on a personal mission to be, as she puts it, “a witness to women in their value.”

Brooksie’s resolve manifests itself in her music, with a tendency towards writing songs that help women see both who they are and who they can become. Raised by two highly activist parents, Brooksie refuses to see herself or other women as a reflection, encouraging us to stand up and be who we are.

Although she began her career in music at 19, Brooksie was put off by the business side of making music. She subsequently left the business, spending the next 2 decades raising her children and devoting herself to her family. It is only in the last 10 years that she came back to her beginnings and consciously decided that she was ready to create a larger version of herself in the world.

Her music is beautiful and emboldened, matching her spirit and her perspective brilliantly. By keeping a balance on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of herself, Brooksie has discovered a way to navigate the music world so it no longer overwhelms her. It is a practice she has worked hard to learn and one that allows her to discern the difference between what is intuition and what is fear.

Brooksie shares her practice around this discernment as she reveals her path in music and in life with both openness and poise.  And as a special treat, we have included a video of Brooksie below singing her song, “Circumstance.”

the inspired woman project: brooksie wells

Brooksie Wells grew up in the South with parents who fought for Civil Rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. She moved to New York City in the 1970s, where the thriving folk music scene heavily influenced her music.  

Bobby Darin discovered Brooksie at the age of 19, and she wrote for years for Chappell Music, with several of her songs used in recordings and movie soundtracks.

She later recorded with John Lennon's band Elephant's Memory and as a singer with Kid Creole and The Coconuts.  

After raising two children, Brooksie began recording again and her last album, Down Home Divas, went to #2 on the Roots Americana Charts.

Enjoy this bonus video of Brooksie Wells singing "Circumstance."

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