Ashley Burnett - Throw Out the Template...

There are many ways to open and operate your own business, and there are just as many books, blogs and people out there who will tell us how to do just that. And when you are first starting out, those books, people and how-to template strategies can be a lifesaver!

 The problem is, that once we get past the initial set up, we can sometimes get stuck selling in a way that we don’t actually harmonize with. We lose sight of our inspiration, and according to Ashley Burnett, this week’s Inspiring Woman, “we dim our own light.”

As a Business and Leadership coach, Ashley Burnett finds that the #1 issue facing women entrepreneurs is “the shoulds.” Following someone else’s approach can be a great resource, but ultimately, we need to trust in our own brilliance. If you need to, says Ashley, “backtrack and get clear on who you are and what you stand for, and then get back out there.”

The second piece of advice that Ashley offers is to stop focusing your business on just one aspect of yourself. Incorporating all the parts of yourself can actually bring you into alignment and surge your business in directions of success you never thought possible.

When Ashley switched careers from dance and massage into coaching, she found herself sitting at a computer every day, not really making the headway she had hoped and feeling dissatisfied in a way that left her uninspired. When she realized that she no longer incorporated any physical movement in her work, she realized just how out of alignment she had become. It was a lightbulb moment that led her to  launch her Urban Renewal Retreats, combining movement with coaching, expanding her business and lighting her from within.

Ashley has a lot to say about entrepreneurship within our conversation, specifically regarding her thoughts on unapologetic authenticity, courage and visibility and how they all fit together. She has a great energy and attitude; I know you will enjoy her interview!


Ashley Burnett is a business & leadership coach for passion-driven entrepreneurial women in the wellness & creative fields.  Her mission is to help ambitious women build visibility, create a sustainable business structure, and share their soul's work with Uninhibited Expression, so they can elevate their impact from a place of deep of authenticity & integrity. 

Ashley has over 12 years of entrepreneurship under her belt--running a successful dance company, massage therapy practice, jewelry business and coaching practice.  She has also created and facilitated over 60 live and virtual events, and is no stranger to the stage—having grown up dancing, singing and acting under the direction of her parents, holding a BFA in Dance Performance from the University of Illinois, and dancing professionally for over 10 years. 

Ashley believes that now is the time for women to develop the self-love, courage and confidence to be seen and heard exactly as they are, and to boldly speak their truth--imperfections and all. 

To elevate your business and boost your confidence, sign up for Ashley's free 3 part Video Training series by entering your name and email here.

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