Amrita Khalsa - A Compassionate Thought Leader

We as women tend to be preprogrammed toward fulfilling the needs and emotions of others before ourselves. In one sense, this is a truly beautiful quality that allows the nurturing aspect of women to flourish and spread to others. It is only when we experience this as an obligation that we feel the heaviness of responsibility and the overshadowing of our own care and needs.

During the latest interview with Amrita Khalsa, we the listeners are exposed to some revolutionary thinking. Amrita suggests that by “catering to other people’s needs and desires it is actually not the kindest thing you can do for them.” What is more kind is to return people’s energy back to them so they can inwardly fulfill their own needs, releasing us and them from the story-line we have co-created.

Throughout the interview, Amrita imparts little nuggets of these kinds of truths and challenges our ways of thinking. She also supplies us with a window into her journey that began with a life in corporate and culminates in her latest venture with Kaleidoscope Publishing. As co-CEO, she endeavors to publish world-changing content as well as create a vehicle to gather resources and funds for projects that tackle some of the greatest issues facing our planet.

The Inspired Woman Project Interview:  Amrita Khalsa

As Co-CEO for Kaleidoscope Publishing,  Amrita creates synergies between speakers, audiences and platforms to be able to access markets in  different ways. Kaleidoscope empowers talented thought leaders be in control of our own destiny to influence the planet and believes that as  long as we are in service first, everything else will work out.

 With integrity and impact at the top of her priorities, Amrita holds a unique blend of inner wisdom and grounded practicality. Service-driven, aligning work with purpose is something she knows intimately. In 2006, having found the corporate-ladder-climb unappealing, she quit her job, cashed out her savings account and went in search of the unknown within.

This journey led Amrita ultimately years later to accepting a role as  CEO of a mid-size internet marketing company, where she increased  top-line revenue 336% in her first year and doubled it again the following year. She then transitioned to co-leading Kaleidoscope global publishing with luminaries Kiva Leatherman, Matt Williams, Keith Allaun, and Hayley Chapman.

Amrita’s biggest passion is forest conservation. She contributes to The  Eden Projects, a reforestation organization that restores healthy  forests while reducing poverty in Haiti, Madagascar, and Ethiopia by  employing local villagers to plant millions of trees.

You can receive Amrita’s mentoring on scaling business models,  converting traffic online, or crafting a compelling message by contacting her on LinkedIn to inquire about working with Kaleidoscope  Publishing.

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