Elizabeth Purvis - Baking Cookies & Writing Emails

What does that have to do with success?

Tomorrow is my daughter's birthday.  So we have lots of things going on here.  And my business is super busy too.  So this brings up a lot around how to balance things, how to stay focused on the "right" things, and creating my own definition of success.

I'm standing in my kitchen literally baking cookies and writing this post.  Tomorrow we are bringing a birthday treat to school and my daughter wants chocolate chip cookies.  So I am trying to make them small enough to not give them a sugar attack in the middle of school and somehow it seems that each pan is getting a little bit smaller... anyway.

You might be wondering what baking cookies and writing emails or blog posts has to do with success, well, for me, this is exactly my definition of success.  I want to be able to be a part of my kids lives (even though right now they are in school), so I can take care of things on the home front and have a successful business where I am making a difference in people's lives.  It's not always this eloquent, but right now this is just right.  Creating the flexibility to take care of the things that are important to me at the time, is super important to me.  And today that is writing this email and taking care of birthday preparations for tomorrow (among other things).

(It smells really good in here too...)

I would love to invite you to explore your unique definition of success.  What do you want, what is important to you?  It changes over time and I find that a lot of times we don't allow ourselves to truly WANT.  So I would love to open that space for you to truly explore - what do you want?  What do you want right now in this moment, what do you want for dinner, what do you want next in your business.  We are amazing creatures - driven women on a mission - we can create a lot!

If you would like support exploring what this looks like for you, I invite you to schedule a time with me for a Discovery Session.  We can use this time to get clear on what you want, what is keeping you from having it, and most likely you will get clarity on at least one thing you can do next.

I just got the warning beep from the oven, so I need to make this quick.

Click here to schedule your Discovery Session with me, I would love to support you around creating that clarity for you, your life and your business.


How can a woman become a successful entrepreneur, make money and stay in alignment with her feminine values? These are the topics discussed in my latest interview with Elizabeth Purvis, founder of the Goddess Business School (goddessbusinessschool.com).

She is both a teacher and a leader in the quest to awaken the magic within our feminine identities. By encouraging us to use our emotions and our empathy to navigate our course so that we can build a business that will both sustain us and honor who we are.

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