Shine Your Light so you can Create Your Change in the World.

Join me for a 1 Day Retreat north of San Diego!

Working with your Energetic System to create deep, profound shifts in your experience in and with the world.

Visibility Authenticity Expansion Evolution

This is for you if:

  • You feel like you have taken a lot of action, but people aren't SEEING you or HEARING you
  • You feel like people aren't really seeing or hearing the TRUE you
  • If are moving through another UP LEVEL and are ready to take a look at these patterns that continue to return around your worth, your value, speaking your truth, being seen, and making an impact as YOU
  • You are ready to bring more of YOU into this world - in your work, in your community, in your family, with your parenting, relationships, and for yourself 

During this time you will be able to escape the busy'ness of the city and your everyday world, to come into your center, to focus on you and expand your VISIBILITY in all areas of your life - business, family, relationships, parenting. 

We will move through exercises together where we will work with the deepest layers of the patterns that are held so you can bring your truth and greatness in to the world in a way that is available and ready to BE SEEN - we will be working with the energetic layers (and everything is energy).  

You will learn tools to practice for yourself to use anytime you choose so you can receive all the goodness that is available to you - and expand what is possible!

There will be time together in groups of amazing women who are here to create their great change in the world - in business, in their communities and schools, in their family. 

And you will have time to spend connecting with your self, your greatness and an amazing group of creators.

  • You will connect with amazing women and men.
  • Clear blocks that are keeping you from Being Seen as the greatest version of yourself. 
  • Learn tools and practices that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life that make a big impact! 
  • Experience yourself in a peaceful get-away-setting. 


The Details:October 28th 10am-4pm 

  • We will meet from 10am-4pm, with lunch and light snacks provided. 
  • Please bring a notebook, pen, and a yoga mat, cushion or pillow to sit comfortably on the ground
  • Please dress CASUALLY!  This experience is to meet the REAL YOU, so please come as you are! This means maximum comfort, yoga pants, pjs, whatever you choose! 
  • You will receive additional logistics information, including the address, after you register.


**  Scholarships available as needed, please contact me at Arriya@realresultsmentoring to discuss. **

A one day experience to activate & amplify your visibility so you can BE SEEN and bring your greatness out into the world through your work, your family, your community, and your mission!

Illuminate - October 28th
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