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8 UNSEEN Upgrades To UP LEVEL your Experience & Results...

For Entrepreneurs, Leaders, & Change Makers

You can't fake it till you make it.

Sure, at the beginning when you first started you could learn the systems and follow the steps.

But now, you've created success. The success you always wanted. Making money, free from the JOB. You have a kind of freedom.

And you're now realizing you’re missing another kind of freedom.

One where you bring your true gifts into the world. In an even bigger way. Where you create more depth, and a more fulfilling experience in your business - and everywhere else.

Now it’s "smack you in the face" apparent that the new grind, the money, the "success", still has its cost.

And it's time to be done settling.

Just like you wouldn't settle for the JOB. Just like you wouldn't settle for mediocrity in your business. Just like you wouldn't settle for getting by financially.

Why would YOU choose to settle in any part if your life?

Why would you settle any part of yourself, your truth, your greatness?

That's not who you are!

So now that it's time to upgrade, and you are in the up level, you can't fake it till you make it.

This is the time where being 50% authentic is no longer cutting it for your SOUL.

ONLY 100% will do.

Because, well, that's how you do it, right?

When it's about showing up fully, creating and experiencing conscious excellence in EVERYTHING you do, this is when you must create a match with who you are and what you want to experience.

In short, you get to UPLEVEL YOU.

Yes, the practical steps are important. The mindset and beliefs are critical.

And here's the missing piece.

That's all energy. When you upgrade who you are being - your frequency, your presence, your level of expansion, then you are a match to create and receive what you desire to experience next.

Are you ready to be a match to your up leveled experience?

Discover the 8 UNSEEN Upgrades you can use to start your UP LEVEL and your EXPANDED experience and results.

First, I would like to introduce myself…

I am Arriya Kingrey, founder of Real Results Mentoring. I integrate my energetic and spiritual gifts and tools along with my decades of business strategy and leadership experience.

Whether you are seeking your purpose, experiencing your next UP Level, or desiring conscious EXCELLENCE in each area of your life, start here...

I support evolving leaders and changemakers to move through each UP Level experience so you can create the next big (aligned) impact in your business and life. Together we leverage the UNSEEN influences impacting your results along with business and relationship strategies, to create Conscious Excellence in your whole life so you can create your great change in the world.

I am married, a mom to three children, and the Founder of Real Results Mentoring. I am a conscious business consultant, authentic sales strategist, and transformational coach for women entrepreneurs in the new paradigm of women BEING in their business with more success, fulfillment and purpose in their whole life, and DOING less - with less pushing, stressing and striving.

I support women entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers to experience their Up Level and design their business and life to support their truth, purpose, passion, and personal definitions of success. Learn more about how she supports women to create their success at

So now let’s discover the 8 UNSEEN Upgrades you can use to start your UP LEVEL your EXPANDED experience.

These are 8 key areas where there is an opportunity for an UP LEVEL so you can BE a match for what you desire to create and experience in your business and your life.

1. Aligning with your GIFTS

Each of us has gifts that we are here to bring into this world through who we choose to be, how we do our work, and how we create and serve.

When we align with these gifts we are able to do the things that feel “too easy” because they are just a part of you. Often these gifts are things that you may not even see for yourself because it is too close, it is just a part of who you are – you think “everyone has this”.

There are many ways you can begin to connect with your gifts, one you can do right now is look for the areas in your life that feel more easy, start to notice how you do things and how other people do things. Another is to identify the things you are passionate about, when you follow your passion you are going in the right direction.

There are other tools and techniques I like to use when I work with clients to make this self-discovery even easier – some are scientific, some are energetic, and some are intuitive.

Start by identifying one of your gifts and one of your passions by writing for 5 minutes on each topic. This is free form writing to support you in opening your awareness to the things you don’t normally see.

2. Speaking your TRUTH

When you are connected with your gifts and you are aligned with your truth, it is important to begin to SPEAK your TRUTH.

This can show up everywhere in your business, like your advertising, Facebook posts, Instagram and other social media content, blog posts, writing a book, delivering a presentation or talk, sales conversations, website copy, and on and on.

And there are a few steps to this process. First is discovering your truth, then the INTEGRATION of it on every level. Peeling away the layers so that you become this upgraded version of yourself everywhere is when things truly become aligned and congruent.

When you work the energy (and everything is energy) you begin to BE TRUTH. From there everything that comes from you is aligned.

This is where things get exciting! From the implementation of your gifts and truth into your business, to how you show up with your partner, children, and friends, to how you treat yourself with movement and nourishing practices.

It shows up everywhere because it is who you are.

3. Connecting with your INTUITION

At a young age many of us are conditioned to shut down the part of us that KNOWS (or hears, or sees, or feels). It helps us to “survive” and to belong in a world that doesn’t yet know how to honor this depth of BEING in the world.

When we begin to turn our intuition back on, deepen into it, and strengthen it, it changes the ability to do the remaining upgrades.

Connecting to our intuition allows us to have access to a wealth of information available to you in every moment. This becomes critical information for making business transactions, choosing and accepting new clients, handling challenging situations, determining the aligned marketing and sales strategies for your business.

This is where the steps, blueprints, and strategies you may learn from other experts can really start to work for you on a new level – this is when you have the depth of knowing and connection to truly make it your own.

When you are CONNECTED at this level, you are able to stand as the leader of your business and create what is truly aligned and most successful for you.

4. Upgrading your money story and increasing your ABUNDANCE

The MONEY and ABUNDANCE areas are easy places where Entrpreneurs, Leaders, and Change Makers can be out of alignment. Who you were before is not who you are now, so it is important to create UPGRADES in all the places where money and abundance are a part of your business and your life.

Money can show up in your pricing, the levels of packages you offer, how you leverage your time and services, your monthly and annual revenue and income.

And yes, Money and Abundance are two different but very related things. You can create an abundant live where there is always what you need and more than enough in every area – money (being one).

Abundance also shows itself in the LOVE you are experiencing and receiving, the level to which you receive SUPPORT from others, APPRECIATION to and from your partner and children, the unexpected kindness of strangers, and on and on.

How much goodness are you willing to let in?

5. Receiving divine guidance and CREATING from that inner knowing

This is another level deeper from connecting to your intuition.

When you open to receiving divine guidance and learn how to receive guidance when you desire (instead of just random downloads), you can really trust what you receive and go to it for anything you need.

• Including CREATING your aligned and amazing offerings and services you bring into the world.
• Including the great change you bring into the world.
• Including the step by step path to follow to do the thing you are here to do.

No more seeking. Just inspired, aligned creations.

6. Owning your personal power and experiencing your business and life as the AUTHOR(ITY)

This is a big one. This is where action lives. This is where owning your greatness lives. This is where you expand from your truth.

When you begin to experience your business and life as the authority, instead of looking to others to be the authority, you are truly the creator of your experience.

And owning that is something to integrate. Some people don’t want to be the creator of their experience, as there is personal responsibility that comes with it.

If you are the creator of your experience – that is true whether you like what you are experiencing or not.

And the benefit of this is that when you are the creator nothing will stop you from creating the experience you actually do want.

7. Increasing your UPPER LIMITS

You may think of money connected to Upper Limits, and that is definitely a key factor. And there are so many other places where we experience upper limits that we can work with and expand.

Time, love, receiving, money, abundance, fulfillment, satisfaction… and there there are the micro places where you can increase your upper limits.

There is a lot of opportunity to create more expansion in this topic alone!

8. Expanding your VISIBILITY

With all this aligned goodness happening with your gifts, your truth, your intuition, the goodness you are willing to receive, it is natural to bring yourself and your work out into the world in a bigger way.

Maybe you think about posting more on social media, that is one way to expand your visibility. Also speaking more or attending in-person networking events or gatherings are also ways to be more visible.

However, you can do all these things and still be HIDING. If you are holding the energetic of hiding, or not wanting to be seen, you can literally move through the world doing all the “right things” and not see a result that matches your effort.

This is where the upgrade of your visibility comes in, shifting the beliefs, and even more the energetics in your whole system will allow you to be more SEEN, more VISIBLE so you will be more likely to the visibile actions – and even more, so you can receive from the actions you are taking!


There are two other important energetics or unseen influences that are crucial to experiencing the ease that comes from the next UP LEVEL and EXPANDING your IMPACT.


I will leave those to you to integrate in this moment, knowing that there is so much more to go deeper into these so they don’t have to be “1 more thing to do”, but instead become how you move through the world.

That’s where the big shifts happen – when you create these UP LEVELS in your experience, your business and all the areas of your life begin to experience the result of your up level!

So you don’t have to go through the list and “work” on each of these one by one. You can work the energetics of this, at the level of WHO YOU ARE BEING in your business and your life and see beautiful, powerful shifts in your results.

  • Increasing your fees
  • Booking more speaking engagements
  • Enrolling more clients
  • Confidently handling business situations
  • Creating more leverage
  • Making a bigger impact in your market and in the world


  • Experience more ease with your partner
  • More cooperation with your children
  • Greater emotional stability – fewer big ups and downs
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Easily speaking your truth with confidence and ease
  • More fulfillment and satisfaction with your work and your purpose
  • Deeper connection to who you are and what you are here to do
  • More abundance and goodness, more clarity, and more ease.

I invite you to Activate Your Up Level Experience so you can be the energetic match to what you wish to create in your business and your life.

To explore the next step on your path, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Active Your Up Level session with me.

This conversation is an ACTIVATION to support you to claim your next level of greatness on every level so you can begin to experience the UP LEVEL of impact and results you create in your business and all around you.

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Sending you love and EXPANSION through your UP LEVEL Experience!

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