This is an EXPERIENCE. 

This is where you become more of YOU.  Not because of me, but because of you. 

Yes, I will share things with you.  Yes, you will develop new discoveries about yourself, new insights, new learnings, new practices.  And those will come from you and from me as a way of stepping back into you as your teacher. 

I will support you to peel away the layers of the things that are keeping you from seeing your own truth.

Not because I KNOW your truth.  But because this is the part I do.  I peel away the layers to reveal the truth. 


No one else can do that.  Just you. 

And when you do that, that is when you bring YOUR GREATNESS into the world at a whole other level!

And yes, you have created success before – and you can do it again and again.

Success.  Such an interesting word. 

You have probably created “SUCCESS” based on some external definition that we picked up along the path of life.

But let’s really look at that. 



What do you really want?



That’s what's important here.

Then we peel away the layers that keep that from being your experience and bring your greatness out into the world, through your work, to create your change.

And then we bring your greatness out into the world through your relationships, your parenting, your BEING. 

Because once you own your greatness, you don’t really want to do it only some of the time.  It becomes the thing you do.   And your work flows from that. Your impact and influence in the world – flow from that.

That is The Expansion Experience. 

So this is what I invite you to EXPERIENCE for yourself. 

This is the first time I am leading this together as a group – and it will happen again (and again).  And this is being offered at a special price because it is my baby’s first time coming into the world in THIS way. 

Will you join me?  Will you walk this path with me? 

The path where we each become more of ourselves.

The path where we each discover more of our greatness and bring THAT into the world in a bigger, brighter, more powerful and impactful way.

Yes, THAT.

If you are feeling the EXPANSION of that, here are the details below.  It is really important to me that it is the right fit for you right now on your path, so I am offering quick consult calls with me to discover if this is the next step on your path. 

And I trust you. 

If you know this is right for you, just click here to sign up.

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Arriya has a gentle way of listening and reflecting back what I share that makes me feel at ease in our sessions. She beautifully creates a compassionate space for me to listen to my own intuition and arrive with a greater understanding and depth to what it is I really want for myself in my life. 
I have gone from questioning my own gifts and talents to finding clarity and confidence in the way I run my business and balance my work and family time as a result of working with her. I highly recommend her if you are looking to connect more deeply to your truest desires and live a life that is balanced and joyful.
— Melissa Paz Tacoma, WA Co-owner/co-founder Source Yoga, Founder of Melissa Paz Coaching


Now, onto the details…

The Expansion Experience is a powerful, 6 month group experience for women who are here to create their great change in the world.

You could have already created “success” in your business and life – and now want it to be more fulfilling, more impactful, and more aligned.

Or you could know that you want to continue to peel the layers to discover more about your truth so you can bring that to the world and create your version of success the first time around. 

Either way, let’s play together – with a group of amazing creators.

The way Arriya works energy is fantastic. Six months of this powerful work? YES, please and thank you!
— Dana Ann Dapolito Performance Energetics ( Peak Performance/Transformational Energy Coach Reiki Master Teacher)

During the 6 months, we are working together to have a complete experience. 

We will move through in DEPTH the 5 Levels of Expansion…

1.     Soul Desires – connecting to what you want NOW, and in each area of your life (it’s all connected)

2.     Everyday Energy Tools – to work with what is up, and to peel back the layers to more truth

3.     Discover Your Greatness – through a guided path of discovery

4.     Soul Expansion – bring your gifts out into the world in a next level way through your work

5.     Soul Truth – or Conscious Excellence – bring your gifts into each area of your life, and continue to develop the practices and shift the layers that present

Through every experience, we are working with the energies, the beliefs, that root of the situation that is presenting itself – so with each experience together you have created a shift, a new awareness, a new level of BEING. 

Not more homework, or things to DO – but a new way of BEING.

The Logistics…

  • We meet every other week by phone
  • We share space together in a Facebook group to continue our exploration, sharing, and evolving                     throughout
  • We have deep dives into topics like accessing your Akashic Records to receive your own guidance
  • You can choose to do the group components or you can choose to do that and add 6 private sessions – there are 2 investment options available.

What you can expect…

To create EXPANSION – in your business, money, relationships – in YOU.

You bring what is present for you and we will work with that throughout the experience together. 

The 5 Levels of Expansion will continue to serve you as you continue on your path.

The program is designed to meet you where you are and to work with that to support you to create your next level of Expansion.

This can show up in your Business, Money, Relationships, Parenting, Health – because we are working with the root and at an energetic level – where you shift one thing you will see impacts in other areas as well.

  • Discover what you really want – without compromise (even where the compromise is actually hiding and you don’t see it)
  • Learn, develop, and integrate practical tools, energy tools, and daily practices that will invite more autonomy to your path.  You can work your own stuff and create support practices as you walk your path of bringing your work into the world in a bigger way
  • Uncover truths about yourself and your gifts so you can stand in your business, your knowing, your power in a more confident, authentic way.
  • Open your intuition and be able to trust it and rely on it so it becomes your “go-to” resource for guidance – instead of looking externally for someone else who is an “expert” – or doubting yourself
  • Be more expansive in your actions, in your knowing, your BEING
  • Bring your work into the world in a bigger way
  • Create clarity for yourself about your work, your path, your truth, and your HOW
  • Experience more ease, joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment doing your work and being in the world aligned with your gifts
  • Increase your presence and impact through your business and your BEING
  • Own your greatness and allow it to continue to delight you through new discoveries and revelations

The investment…

6 Month complete group program, $2997 or 10 payments of $333

VIP Package – 6 Month complete group program + 6 PRIVATE Sessions with Arriya, $4997 or 10 payments of $555

I have taken many marketing trainings over the last 5 years, all of them designed to support holistic entrepreneurs, and although they have had wonderful content and I’ve learned a lot, many of the formulas and approaches did not work well for me. By the time I talked with Arriya I was falling down the hole of self-doubt and starting to wonder if it was me that was missing a necessary ingredient that would allow me to successfully growing my business.

Fortunately for me Arriya weaves together an awesome combination of skills and resources that she’s transformed into her own style, making it possible for her to effectively shift energy, create clarity around what soul driven purpose looks like, and bring visible changes to areas that felt totally blocked and stuck.

After each interaction I walk away with a deeper understanding of what I need to do to move forward, and it always feels completely aligned with who I am and the business I want to create. Not only has that given me an actionable plan, but even more importantly enabled me to create an approach that’s uniquely personal to my style, values, and strengths. I wasn’t sure I would ever feel this much ease and confidence with marketing which makes Arriya nothing short of a miracle worker.
— Janna Hasbrouck - health coach providing personal diet, wellness and nutrition counseling.
After 3 calls, incredible shifts began to happen. As a result of enrolling in this life-changing program, I can now see that balance, consistent clients and prosperity are possible for me.

I can’t recommend this program highly enough because Arriya is dialed into the Truth. She is highly intuitive, as well as a smart and savvy business woman. And here’s why you should jump at the opportunity to join. Arriya really cares about you succeeding, on your own terms, in your business. Plus, she’s an excellent mentor and a great listener.
— Vicki Lewis,

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This world needs YOU. 

It needs you in your DESIRES, your GIFTS, your EXPANSION.

I’m excited to walk this path with you.  

Sending love,

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