Your Story Matters...

Your story is what connects people to you.  It's what draws people to work with you.  It's what makes you REAL.  

Your story matters in MANY ways. 

So what is YOUR story?  First, there is the story you share about yourself, your experiences, your path.  And second, there is the story you believe and tell yourself about your experiences. 

They both matter!  Even though one is more externally facing than the other, they both show up to your potential clients and the world.  

There are stories you believe that support you AND there are stories that keep you from creating what you want.  It's those that are keeping you from moving forward that we want to look at right now.  These are the stories that cause us to feel stuck in our action, the beliefs we hold about why things are happening, or even that identify crisis that shows up now and then.  

  • I can't have it all.
  • Who am I to take a stand for this, I'm not the expert. 
  • I don't know what to offer to my ideal clients.
  • I have to focus on only one thing in order to be successful. 
  • I'm not sure if I can charge that much, will people pay that for this? 

Here's the thing, your stories can keep you from taking action.  And they can keep people from taking action with you.  There is no denying there is more to it than "take these actions = get these results".  How you show up in your business - your confidence, your leadership, your unwavering belief in the value you offer - all of these show up to your audience in your actions, your behaviors, the words you choose, the way you hold your body.  

And it also show's up in an energetic way.  

There is a sense people have that isn't so easily put into words.  So if you are telling yourself you want more clients, but you are secretly dreading that anyone signs up - you won't sign on any more clients.  Either your actions, behaviors, or words will influence this by "self-sabatoging", OR you can even more subtly repel a new client from coming on board without even knowing it.  It's like there's some kind of smell that pushes them away - except it's instead of a smell, it's more a sense or a feeling.  

So now it's time to clean up all the ways you are subtly pushing away what you really want to be creating in your business.  Take the first step by joining me at my next class here