What do your clients REALLY want? Authentic Sales Strategy Inside...

I have been playing with some numerology lately, learning from one of my coaches, and (because it's my nature) digging much deeper - as I am fascinated by it - and all things that help us to learn more about ourselves, others and the world! 

One of the things I have discovered about myself is that I am a spiritual seeker.  I am here for "investigations of the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life".  I love that part.   ;) 

So as is my nature, I continue to dig, explore, learn, investigate.  During the years spent studying, learning, and having sales conversations, I have noticed something very interesting.  

There are people moving away from things AND there are people moving toward things.  

In a lot of sales trainings they teach you to connect with someone's pain.  While that is a successful approach, it wasn't something that was resonating with me and the types of clients I was attracting. 

I used to be the person that was moving away from my job, but even though that was the fact, I was so much more motivated by what I was moving toward.  I have a big vision for myself and what I want to create in this world, with my business, for myself, and for my family.  I wasn't motivated by fear or pain, I was motivated by this vision that I could create things in a new way.  

How does that fit with the sales strategy of connecting with someone's pain?  

I have discovered that there are in fact two different types of situations for people. 

1. Those where people are moving away from their pain, and

2. Those where people are moving toward their vision (or what they REALLY want) 

It doesn't mean that someone can't hold both possibilities within themselves at any given time, however, it is an important distinction to be aware of so you can really connect with the true motivations of your ideal clients.  

Do the people you serve want to move away from a pain, or move towards something bigger?  

I'm so curious.  This shows up for my clients in their sales conversations as well.  And it can be a place where people can get stuck.  What if the pain isn't great enough?  How do you support them in taking the next step or in seeing the possibility of what can happen for them when they move forward?  

Perhaps you need to explore further what they REALLY want.  

Of course in sales conversations/strategy sessions/consultations, you will be exploring both what they want, where they are now, and why it's important to them to create it.  But don't get stuck if you aren't finding that pain.  

Now you have a new possibility

Explore deeper what they REALLY want.  

  • What becomes possible for them when they have that?  
  • What gets to happen next in all the important areas of their life?  
  • How is their family impacted?  
  • How is their business impacted?  

Explore fully the possibility of realizing that vision.  Sometimes the pain is the possibility of not realizing the vision.  

And for others, there's no way they won't realize it, they just need the help to do it.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.