What Are YOU Missing Out On?

Ok, so you are doing the work, taking the action - consistently.  You have clients coming to you, great!  

And yet it feels like you are starting over every month. 

You know there is more.  You know there are pieces that are slipping through the cracks, things you haven't thought of that could take things to another level. 

When you do a speaking engagement and some people sign up for the discovery session and some people don't, there is a missed opportunity. 

When some people say they are interested in a discovery session but don't actually sign up, there is a missed opportunity. 

When you are taking the action, doing the work, you may as well support as many people as you can - but need the sales strategy and the processes  in place to make it all work.  

What is possible? 

When you look at each part of your business and put a strategy and processes in place to support you and your clients, that creates even more flow and ease in your business - and more clients!  

Perhaps when you started you just did everything you could to bring the clients in, but now it's time to start optimizing those paths so they are doing all the heavy lifting they are designed to do, instead of just skimming off the top.  

So what does that mean for you?  Maybe 1, or 2, or more clients each month?  What is that worth to you in your business?  In your family?  In your self-care? 

 Common Missed Opportunities: 

  • Taking customers straight to a sales page for each offer
  • Accepting a "No" to one offer as a "No" to everything
  • Playing hard to get (aka: not following up) 
  • Focusing on one immediate revenue stream, without the long term service strategy 
  • Doing so much work, without focusing on the revenue generating items first
  • Not knowing your numbers (conversion rates, etc.) 

Where Are You Missing Out? 

You know how you can see things so clearly for others but you can't see it for yourself.  Maybe you have experienced this in your personal development journey, or in your business.

We can be so invested in the passion and purpose behind the business that we miss the pieces that can make things flow, increase the revenue, and support more people with ease. 

So where are you missing out?  I would love to help you to identify some areas of opportunity in your sales strategy.  

What does that look like?  

We would meet up by phone for 30-60 minutes and map out what your strategy looks like currently, identify at least 1 area of opportunity, and get clear on the next steps to increase your business.  

I am opening up 3 Complimentary spots on my calendar next week to support women entrepreneurs who are looking to take things to the next level in their business.  

This is right for you if: 

  • You know you are meant to do big things in the world. 
  • You have your niche identified.
  • You have at least 1 program being offered (with pricing). 
  • You are using offline or online strategies to build your business. 
  • You are not struggling to find clients, but are ready to take your business to the next level. 

These are true strategy sessions, we will be working together on your sales strategy to identify at least 1 area of opportunity in your business so you can put that in to action.  I am not taking new private clients right now, so this is a great way to get my eyes on your business.  

If this is for you, CLICK HERE to complete the short form.  Please submit your completed form by this Thursday (July 23rd) to be considered. If you are selected for one of the 3 spots, my team will reach out to you to schedule your session.  

You are doing the work, it's time to reap all the rewards. 

Be Inspired!  Take action.  


P.S.  This is not for everyone and it's ok if it isn't for you right now.  If it is right for you, submit your application right now for one of the 3 spots.