Trusting yourself is a bunch of hooey...


"Oh just trust yourself."
"What does your gut say?"

Here's the truth with trusting yourself, you have to trust the source; that brilliant shining place of inner knowing.

The tricky part is how do you know if you are listening to truth, or to fear?

How do you know if other people's expectations or stories are unconsciously involved?

Trusting yourself is not easy. It is an art. It is a practice. Something you develop overtime.

I'm sure there are people who do just trust themselves. But what about the rest of us?

I have been learning to trust myself for quite some time now.  Really making it a regular practice.  Almost testing it out, scientifically.  What does it feel like when I trust, what are the results?  

I have spent a lot of time and energy looking externally for other sources to trust.  I have had authority figures, coaches, intuitives, all people who I unknowingly was looking to trust.  Because I couldn't trust myself.  

I didn't realize it was this simple.  Of course there were things that I wanted to learn and needed to learn along the way.  And, when it came down to it, I was giving my power over to external sources.  Clearly they knew more than me!  

And in a way they did.  Or at least they were willing to stand in their leadership space and support me to find the answer.  

Sometimes I was guided to find the answer within, and other times I was told the answer.  What I have since learned is that there is really no other answer than the one within.  Of course that seems so obvious, but putting into practice and really trusting it is a whole other story.  

I do know that I can trust myself.  AND when I find myself in a moment where for whatever reason I am moving back into my old ways of doing things, I still move toward looking for external sources.  

This doesn't mean I don't value learning from people who have expertise in other areas, or that I don't highly value being supported through my beliefs and energy shifts.  These all allow me to trust myself even deeper.  

The funny thing is that now my external sources all are guiding me back to what I already know.  And having that shared with me is another way for me to deepen and remember that I actually have what I need inside me, if only I am willing to trust it.  

It sounds simple.  But it's actually not simple at all.  It's one of the biggest acts of love you can give yourself.  It's taking full responsibility for the current situation and full responsibility for what comes next.  There is no one to blame.  

And perhaps that's the scariest part of all.  When you're willing to own your results, and to take action on that, that's when it all happens.  

It all comes back to the source.  Do you trust the source?  Do you trust yourself?  

What needs to be true for you to practice more and more your willingness to trust your self?  

Come on now, it's easy... ;)

Are you interested in learning more about how you can trust yourself and how that can be the greatest asset for your business?  Let me know and I'll share more in an upcoming blog or free class!