This had me in tears...

On my flight back from my mentor/mastermind trip, my brain was fried. It was a late flight back and I couldn't sleep on the plane. So I decided to watch a movie, a comedy. There weren't a ton of movies to choose from and not much of a description, so in the comedy section I chose between Sisters (with Tina Fey, a definite comedy) and Joy (which was in the comedy section), so I went with it and chose Joy. It wasn't exactly a comedy (at all), but it was just what I needed to see.

As soon as the movie ended, tears started streaming. It is a powerful story of a creative person who has natural gifts from the time of childhood but those gifts are squashed down and pushed aside.

She remembers and then faces obstacle after obstacle as she creates something new.

Just after fully immersing myself in this intense experience, and then watching a movie about this challenging (entrepreneurial) path, this felt so emotional to me. Even though her path wasn't laid out before her - easy, filled with step by step signs - she found her way.

With her daughter watching every step.

My wish is for every person to know the greatness they bring to the world. To live it, to speak it, and to bring it into the world.

I want everyone to know they can create their change in the world. To have the strength of character, the will force, to be able to resource the courage, the acceptance, the validation from within them, so no one can ever take them down.

Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur, but if we each develop the entrepreneurial spirit, skills, and strength of self-leadership, imagine what this world will look like.

Each person bringing their greatness to the world.

It's time to release the stories you have picked up along your path. The stories that you don't deserve it, that you don't have anything unique or different to offer, that you aren't good enough.

It's time to shift the things you can and CANNOT see so you can stand in your greatness. Own it from the very core of your being. And bring into everything you do.

Whether that is mopping the floor or creating a great movement of change in the world.

It's time to stand in your truth. Now. Please don't keep the world waiting any longer. We need you and your unique gifts. It's what makes this all click.