women in business

What's that feeling in my .....?

It has been a LONG time since I have written to you! A LOT has been going on over here with me personally, with my business, my family and on and on.  I'm sure you can relate.

Over the last few months I have continued my path to discovering more and more clarity about my purpose in this world and how I can best fulfill that.  I have also continued my training and learnings so I can better serve the women who I am meant to support through deep transformation, mindset and belief shifts, and actions to peel away the layers of what is no longer you (or never was), so you can step powerfully into your truth.  I have been on this path for so long, that I have recently been spending time reflecting on what it was that originally had me start in this direction.

And you know what it was? It was a combination of deep soulful knowing, a physical discomfort in my gut and sometimes elsewhere (the combo platter of anxiety, stress, guilt and overwhelm), and the birth of my first daughter that caused to me take action to start the path to CREATE EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.  That is my nature, to take action, and that has served me well in many areas of my life.  Although, what I am discovering is that the action has also served as a way for me to stay disconnected from my truth.  In a way it was an uncomfortable, easy way out.

Have you experienced this before? You are so busy!  So busy, that you can't even take care of yourself (of course), and also so busy that you are literally going from one moment to the next -from morning 'til you crash into bed - maybe with a sweet or salty treat or a glass of wine, because now it is finally time for you!

I soooo understand that and lived that.  I am realizing more and more that when I am going so fast, I really don't know what I feel or need or want.  So of course it sounds kind of crazy to think about what you really want - because who has time for that.  Here's the thing, this constant state of rush, and busy, is likely rooted in something real - we have lots to do as women, working, caring for others.  AND, it is a BRILLIANT strategy for us to stay protected from really feeling what is going on in our body.  I have shared this with some people lately, that I remember referring to myself as a walking head - I literally had no connection to what I was feeling, needing or wanting.  But boy did I have that 'thinking' thing down.

A practice for you. If this sounds any bit familiar, here is a little practice for you - the next time someone says, "what would you like for dinner", go ahead and give the standard response.  And then in your mind (connected with the rest of you), ask yourself, "if I really could have anything, what do I really want for dinner?"  This sounds so simple and almost not worth doing, but here's the deal, when you start with something simple, it opens up the awareness and makes it easier for the messages to flow to you - even during the times you may not be so aware.

If that sounds a little scary, to really start getting messages from your body about what you need, want and feel, then drop me a note and let's have a quick chat to see what we can do to support you in that.

So, I am not taking the easy way out anymore, I am fully committed to living my truth, delivering significant change for women who want to create exactly the life they want so they can BE in their work, their family, their relationships and their body in a way that feels amazing.That may show up for you now as that physical discomfort - stress, anxiety, overwhelm - in one or many areas of your life - your work, family, relationships, self.  Whatever that looks like for you, I want you to know you are not alone.  I now know, and have such confidence, that we are the ones that will create amazing change in this world.

Thank you for joining with me as we each travel our own unique path.  I would love to hear from you!  What are you experiencing on this beautiful summer day?  Breathe.

I am grateful for you.

Sending love to you,