Create More Sales In This High-Tech World (with a low-tech strategy)

What comes up for you when you imagine picking up the phone and calling your ideal clients, instead of just sending them that email. 

Does it feel pushy?  Do you feel desperate?

I often hear from my clients when we first start working together that they don't even consider calling people.  Even if they say that is an action they will take, something comes up that keeps them from doing it.  

There is a story that appears for them, one that they are chasing their clients, and no one wants to do that!

Here are some of the stories:

  • People don't answer their phones anymore
  • I haven't spoken to them for awhile
  • Last time I emailed them, they didn't respond
  • They will probably think I'm pushing something on them
  • I don't want them to think I'm trying to sell them something   

However, when we move through the mindset stuff that shows up for them and gets in their way, they do it, and they have a completely different experience.  

Here is what happens instead:

  • People are so touched that you reached out in person to connect with them
  • People call back if you left a message, because they want to hear what's new for you
  • They share that they were meaning to get in touch with you, and express gratitude for thinking of them
  • They schedule sales conversations (and become clients)!

The mindset shift you need so you can pick up the phone

The big shift that happens is inside the entrepreneur.  Here is the mindset shift:  Move from "I'm trying to sell them something (or I need to make some sales)", TO "I am here to be of service and I'm excited to connect with this specific person".

The trick is you have to actually mean it, believe it, and feel the truth in that for yourself.  For some people it's as easy as hearing it and something clicks in them. For others, there are deeper beliefs, stories, and experiences that need to shift for them before they can completely step into that place.  

What to do next?

Regardless of where you are in that spectrum, the best first step to being able to pick up the phone is to just do it.  Create a new experience for yourself!  

And, if you just can't bring yourself to do it, then identify the feelings and beliefs that are coming up for you when you try.  

If you are stuck, then reach out for help.  Sometimes getting past it, can be so simple, but we just can't do it for ourselves.  

If you would like support, just drop me an email  and let's see what we can shift out for you in a conversation (I'm not taking new private clients right now, but maybe we can create a new possibility for you - remember the saying "small hinges swing big doors").

Not only is the increased sales on the other side of the phone, so is the lasting impact you create by having a true, connected, communication with another person.

Be Inspired. Take Action.


P.S. This is the picture of the beach up the street from our new house where we will be spending a lot of time this summer!