Where are you hiding from your dreams?

Where are you hiding from your dreams?

-Stopping yourself before you let it happen
-Starting but not following through
-Seeing the things that aren't working, instead of the clues left along the way

Are you willing to take a stand for receiving what you say you want?

Will you claim it for yourself?

Will you let it find you - all the way?

Will you stop hiding from yourself?

Are you ready to BE SEEN NOW - for you, your business, your dreams?

Send me a PM and let's take a look at what's keeping you and your business from being seen now - at this level.

Do YOU feel like you are truly BEING SEEN in YOUR business? 

I have been speaking with some AMAZING women these last few weeks.  Women who are industry changers, leaders, visionaries, people with a big mission and a desire to create a big impact!  And the thing that showed up again and again is that they are somehow keeping themselves from really putting their work and themselves out there to be seen by their ideal clients - at this next level
They didn't use to have this experience, there was a time they felt confident and certain. But now…

  •  Lack of confidence at the new level they are playing
  •  Uncertain about charging the higher rates
  •  Nervous about bringing in an even more ideal client
  •  Acting like they are being their fully expansive self, but not integrating and embodying it in all places
  •  Feeling like they know they have this great impact to make - but yet something is keeping them feeling small and not taking action aligned to their big vision

Most of these women are not people who are just starting out - they have an offer, an ideal client, pricing, and CLIENTS!  
So, what's really going on...
We are always experiencing an upper spiral of development as a business owner, creator, leader, and visionary.  We may move through a challenge only to meet it again in a new way in the future. 
We can think there is something wrong, or feel like we are starting over, but the reality is that we are just working through a new layer of our development.  

The feelings of doubt, uncertainty, playing smaller than they desire are all normal and part of the restructuring in our system - acclimating to our next level of EXPANSION. 
One of my clients has created a very successful practice - when we started working together she was charging a very low hourly rate and eventually increased her rates substantially to a higher end offer and with a steady flow of clients.  Then, she went through a phase where she didn't have the same kind of flow happening - and she really wanted the flow.  You know what that's like, right?  I mean she REALLY WANTED the flow.  
So, when we looked at her system, we discovered she was holding a belief and an experience that more clients meant more overwhelm, more sickness, and more stress.  
So of course she wasn't bringing in more clients like she was before.  She had cleverly outwitted herself by creating a solution to the problem - it just wasn't the solution she actually wanted to be experiencing.  So instead, we created an upgrade in her system so she could experience ease and peace and have more clients.
AND without DOING a bunch of new things she created a handful of new clients all paying her in full! 
She shifted the INSIDE STORY - both in her beliefs and her energetic set-up so she could experience what she actually wanted. 
She had to be in a place where all the parts of her were on board with creating new clients - otherwise it felt like a system melt down. 
So, when you want to create more visibility in your business - of course you want to take the external actions so people know you are there and begin to develop a relationship with you.  However, if you haven't also aligned your INSIDE STORY to really wanting to BE SEEN people will not resonate with your message or take action in the same way.  

Do YOU feel like you are truly BEING SEEN in YOUR business? 

Do you WANT TO?

If you are not taking the actions and don't know how to move forward, that's one thing, but when you are taking the actions and you have created income in your business - even at great amounts - and then you don't, you know something is off.

Either way, whatever your situation or story is, the best way to increase the amount of flow in your business is to Expand Your Visibility (and really mean it).  
In order to change things up you have to be willing to do something different - and I mean pretty different. 
This doesn't have to mean "follow this 4 step system" that is totally not aligned to who you are or the essence of your business. 
What this means is that it's time to shift the INSIDE STORY so you can get back to taking the actions OR take the actions and REALLY want to experience a different result. 
Are you ready? 
I'm excited to offer this Expand Your Visibility - Activation Experience 
To Expand Your Visibility, we will work with the practical strategies & invisible influences to boost your visibility as a leader in your industry and increase your results.

We will spend 60-90 minutes together for this Visibility Activation Experience, and one 30 minute follow up call. 
There are 5 spots available for this Visibility Activation Experience working with me 1-1.  The investment for this experience is $350.
This is the ONLY way to work with me 1-1 at this low investment and it is a fraction of my standard rate.  And I'm very excited to share this unique experience and committed to help you bring your greatness out into the world in a bigger way! 
During this experience, we will work together to discover: 
-your current energetic visibility profile and what is possible
-what can be shifted now during our call
-what is your energetic block keeping you from your next level of visibility, expansion, and impact
-what your current amount of visibility is in your business, marketing, sales, and with your ideal clients or community
-how much of your unique greatness is visible in your business and marketing by your ideal clients
-the amount of money available to you in your current system
-how "big" is it safe for you to be and hold in your current energetic system
-how aligned you are currently to your current offerings
In addition, we will work with your energetic system and beliefs and do clearings and upgrades so you can boost your visibility in your business and in your presence.  
This is for you if you are ready to take your business to the next level - whether you are still in the start-up phase or you have already created a level of success and are ready to acclimate to the next level.   
If you book your Visibility Activation call with me in the next 24 hours you receive a $100 savings, receiving this experience for just $250 - and you will receive a 6-minute Daily Energy Practice you can listen to every day to continue to deepen into this experience. 
If you are ready to Expand Your Visibility and claim one of these Visibility Activation Experiences, Email me and we will follow up with the details to claim your spot! 
Here's to your Visibility Expansion!
P.S.  If you want to skip to the details, just connect with me Here to claim your Visibility Activation Experience - a 1-1 program to work with me to create more visibility, expansion, and impact in your business!  
Just $350, and if you book in the next 24 hours you receive additional bonuses and a $100 savings! 




I don't want to be a leader...

I don't want to be a leader. 

Hang with me for a moment on this...

I will say first that I am a leader.  I am a leader of myself, for my family, for my business, for my vision. 

And I don't want to be a leader for you.  

I want for you to find your own answers, your own questions, and your own way. 

Here's the difference for me right now.  

I love being in my leadership energy - I can see more clearly how to move forward, how to serve my clients and community, where to receive instead of give...

And I am fiercely committed to you finding your own way.  Of course everyone who has created their definition of success can tell you "these are the steps I took to get here".  And, the flaw in that is what if you actually desire different things? 

Let's just say we all want 6 and 7 and 8 figure businesses - as we are all told to want.  :) 

And, that's all fine and probably very true.  But the way we want to do that is likely very different.  

I like taking my kids to school and picking them up, this is something I craved when I worked in corporate and I love this time with them - whether they had a great day, are feeling cranky, whatever it is.  This an important time for me to BE with them.  

So I will design my business accordingly. 

There are also all the different ways to create that successful business - retreats, consulting, services, products, online, offline...

There are really important nuances that need to be incorporated into your way of creating your desired success.  And only you KNOW that. 

So no matter what you are wanting to create, of course there are people who you can follow to be inspired, receive tips, and deepen your knowledge and skill set.  But the key is that no one will do it exactly the way you do, and that is exactly the way it should be!  

No more people just doing what someone else is doing - it lacks depth and truth.  A large infusion of YOU is critical. 

The way to do that is to create EXPANSION in who you are being in your business, in your life, in your presence, in your impact - and you do that by connecting with the part of you that knows.  

This does't come from your head, or your heart, or your gut - but in a way it comes from the thing that's even bigger than all the individual parts.  It comes from your knowing.  It never steers you wrong.  

I am excited to deepen in the experience of creating EXPANSION with a group of other powerful women who know they are here to do things their own way - even if they are still discovering what that way is.  If you are ready to create Expansion in your Presence, your Impact, your Gifts, your Abundance, send me a PM and let's connect.  

I am fiercely committed to you being an EXAMPLE, not just a leader.  <3 

Are you a breaker of structures?

I am a breaker of structures... 

Not breaking for the sake of breaking, but breaking things down so that what is TRUE can emerge so clearly and simply. 

So simply in fact it feels like it’s not even a thing - and it isn’t, because it is your greatness. 

The thing you can’t not do, because it’s what you are wired for, it’s what you do effortlessly.  The thing that you don’t see because you take it for granted that everyone has this, is this, does this. 

But they don’t.

Even within structures, there is an opportunity to tear down that which is not necessary.  The parts that are there because “that’s how we have always done it”, or “that’s how I was taught”, or “that’s how it’s done”.

Within business, relationships, parenting, caring for your body, education, money…

Within each of these is an opportunity to really look at the pieces and get clear on what is true and what is not true.  What belongs – for YOU – and what doesn’t.

This is not for everyone. 

There are those that are content with following the societal-imposed structures.  And there is no judgment; each of us is here to walk our own path. 

This is for those who know that they are here to break down the structures too. 

You know if that’s you. 

There are no words that need to be spoken.  

There is no convincing that needs to be done.  

There are no debates that need to be had.

This is about REMEMBERING that that is you. 

Remembering that you can choose to break it down.

Remembering that you can choose to live within it.

You always have the choice.

The trick is that sometimes we become so complacent with the structures that we even forget that there is something outside of it. 

But then you remember.

You may not remember it in your mind, intellectually.  But you remember it in your BEING, in your knowing, in your experience, in your body.

You don’t settle.

You don’t care if that’s how others “do it”.

You have an inner compass that is so strong it can’t be denied – even if you can’t always hear it, or can’t always depend on it – it is always there. 

It is there in a ping, or a pull, or a feeling – something’s not quite right.  You may default to wanting to fight the system or rebel it or ignore it – but that’s not it either.

So what do you do?

Sometimes we are lulled by the structure – it’s ease of knowing exactly what comes next, for who, and when.  It seems so easy, like floating down the river, just go with it, it’ll be fine, just go with the structure…

But to you it actually feels like you are going the wrong way down the river.  When you are in the structure it feels like you are going up stream – not floating down.

So you can choose. 

You can choose to REMEMBER that you are a breaker of the structures.

Or you can choose to forget and float painfully down the wrong direction of the river.

Remembering truly is the most challenging part. 

And it is something you are invited to do again and again and again.


Remember who you are, why you are here, how you are here to bring this into the world. 

Remember that it doesn’t have to be done “just so”.

You are a creator, not a follower. 

Following just isn’t your thing.

So truly the greatest challenge of them all is to REMEMBER to see when you have chosen to follow.  When you have chosen to let go for a moment to experience the perception of ease.  When you have chosen to try to be “normal”- just for a moment.

There are clues, we each have them, they are the invitation to the remembering.

The anxiety, the pit in the stomach, the resistance, the distraction, the numbing out – and those are just mine. ;)

What are your clues?

When we start to catch the clues, we can start to catch our thread of remembering.

And when we REMEMBER, that is when the greatness truly happens.  That is when the prosperity flows to us on our own river, because it can’t not happen. 

Because that is in deed what you are here to do and here to experience – you just needed to remember that you had to find your own path. 

If you would like support in your remembering, coming back to your self, your truth, your way of being and doing your greatness in the world, I invite you to schedule a conversation to see how I can support you.

This is about your greatness and all the ways it shows up in your life - yes it's your work, your business - and it's also your relationships, your parenting, your health, your money. 

I am gathering a small group of women who remember they are great – even if they need/want/choose support around integrating it, knowing it, and being it, to bring their true work into the world in their own way, and to discover their path to remembering all the time.

Does this resonate with you?  Where are you on your path? 

The TRUTH behind bringing your great work into the world…

Do you know you have this inner greatness inside you?

If only everyone could see what you KNOW to be there inside you from a place of truth, (and you could keep the rest of you believing it to), then you would be able to create even greater change in the world, make an even bigger impact?

There is a lot of energy around bringing your great work into the world.  And if you feel into that, there is a longing, a deep knowing, a truth inside that tells you that there is something great to bring out. 

Yet, often there are things keeping that big change energy from coming out into the world – like fear, old patterns, people around you, your current work, scarcity beliefs…

The reality is you KNOW deep in your soul that you are here to create some kind of impactful change in the world – even if the words to describe it or claim it sometimes choose to lay low.

So here is the key to bringing your work out into the world in a way that matches the knowing you hold for yourself –

In order for you to bring your greatness into the world you need to see it, acknowledge it, love it, and claim it in yourself. 

So of course there is the KNOWING that lets you know it’s there.  And, what does your mind think about that?

Sometimes it’s totally on board, right? 

And other times… not so much?

And it’s not just your mind.  It’s all these beautiful layers of protection that have been developed and fostered to keep you safe. 

Safe from what? 

Well, in a big way, safe from yourself. 

If you are to be so bold, to claim your greatness, to own your gifts, to take action to create this change – then what might happen?

Again, there may be two answers – one is truth and one is fear.  And we have to be careful as sometimes one side even wants to hide behind some new belief statement, affirmation, or positive thought. 

And, that’s all fine.

The point is not to understand and justify and build a case for why it is here, the point is to bring all the parts of you – your whole system – on board with what you actually want to create (rooted in truth).

So while it seems like it should be so easy to just see, acknowledge, love, and claim your greatness or desire for change in yourself, often we just can’t see it ourselves.

It’s not a bunch of affirmation statements or post-it notes with the upgraded belief, it is actually creating it to be true in your whole system. 

These things can be intertwined into all the parts of us, into all the ways we show up, the ways we choose to interact with our business, with our relationships, with our self. 

And, the reality is you can absolutely do this.  

You can:

  •      Be more visible
  •     Speak your truth
  •     Be aligned with your gifts
  •     Experience abundance
  •     Stand in your personal power
  •     Connect to your intuition and create from there
  •     Receive divine guidance
  •     Create your great change in the world

You can be the creator of your experience. 

And everything you do is either reinforcing your current experience or upgrading your system. 

You have likely been seeking this experience but perhaps it was disguised in the great ambition you hold for your business.  And what a beautiful and brilliant place to keep that hidden.  

And such a powerful way to begin to truly create the change you want to experience when you step into this new way of being. 

See the shift in your business, in your relationships, in your parenting, in your health, in yourself. 

Trust me, it’s everywhere. 

Take the step to create the shift so you can SEE it and know it – and so everyone else can easily see it to.  That’s when your big vision starts to take on a life of it’s own and you are the powerful creator of what you truly desire in your business (and of course, everywhere else).

Are you ready to Activate Your Expansion? 

Send me a note and I can share more details with you about how you can Activate Your Expansion with me and a group of powerful, successful, creators.  This is the place where we work the unseen influences that are impacting you so you can see the practical reality show up in your business (and life) – and receive the support from the circle of women walking their path along side you. 

Connect with me HERE to Activate Your Expansion, this is an activation to support you to claim your next level of greatness on every level so you can begin to experience the next level of impact you create all around you.

Sending love,




Are you obsessed with your business? (Is that okay…)

I used to tell myself this story that it was okay that I was obsessed with my business – it was actually a good thing – because I love it so much, and it is an important part of me. 

This was something that showed up almost compulsively – thinking about my work (not just things to do, really, more focused on the big picture, mission, strategies) all the time.  All. The.Time.

 And it’s true, I do love my work.  It is an important part of me, it is creativity, it is connection to my inner wisdom, it is how I fulfill my purposeful work in the world.

AND, it was an obsession.  Thinking about work all the time, staying up late to do my work, feeling preoccupied.  Like I was trying to solve some never ending puzzle – which my brain LOVES to do. 

But, It was just unhealthy. 

And, at the time, I would probably still tell you that is was a totally normal thing to do in the entrepreneurial world. 

Now, I can feel the difference in a new way. 

There is a freedom, a lightness, a layer of peace that I am experiencing that wasn’t so present before.  It was to a certain degree, but not like this. 

I used to think I was working so much and so consumed, because I was creating freedom.  But this is really freedom. 

The inner knowing that I have created something that is sustainable, that creates significant impact in the world, with my clients, and in their lives. 

That’s a big deal- to me. 

And it was too big of a deal.

It was my way of being “enough”.  It was another way for me to externally validate who I am and what I do, to give meaning for myself and my existing. 

And again, at the time that was what needed to happen.  It was all part of my process.  But now I am seeing, experiencing, and feeling a new experience. 

One where I am truly present with my family, where I can go days (and nights) without working, where I can really PLAY with my kids and not have a fear of missing something or needing to do something else, where I know that what is being called for me is here for a reason, and when nothing is calling that’s okay too.

So I’m curious, are you addicted to your business?  Are you obsessed? 

Is your business your identity?

Are you feeling the attachment to your business?  Are you ready to feel and experience more freedom?

This is where the fun part comes in, send me an email and request a conversation where we can look at how and what is to come next for you. 

I will bring my truth seeking, seeing the unseen, business, wisdom self, with your magic greatness and we can discover what comes next in the creation of the next greatest version of you and the evolution of your business. 

Even though you have already done it this way, this can be an opening to do it a new way – one that is even better than you could have imagined. 

What would you like?

Sending love,





The REAL key to the next level of growth in your business...

It is time to bring your TRUTH to the forefront of your life, 
in ALL areas. 

You may have a focus in your business, or a relationship, or your parenting, and that has served you well – and likely will continue to serve you. And there is an opportunity to take this to the next level of integration. 

If you are focused on truth in your self and how that shows up in your business, I invite you to look at your relationship, or another area and see what is present for you there. 

How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

If you are looking for what the next opening is for growth or opportunity to create a shift to move things to the next level, looking at another area of your life can provide beautiful clues as to what comes next. 

Maybe there is a theme of control, of a person or a situation, or needing to know what comes next. 

Maybe there is a desire for connection to truth, how does the desire for connection or truth show up in your relationships or your parenting? 

Maybe there is a theme of giving, yet not receiving at the same levels, how do you receive in other areas of your life? 

Maybe there is a theme of working so hard or letting it consume all the parts of your mind and your time – what might you be leaving behind or moving away from in other areas of your life? 

Maybe there is a desire for prosperity and abundance, where else in your life are you already prosperous and abundant? 

The key to the next level of growth in your business, is stepping into the next level of truth personally. 

Do you desire support around peeling back the layers and discovering more of your truth so you can take actions that create the most positive results, drop me a note, peeling back these layers are the most powerful “work” you can do for your business and personal success.




What game are you playing?

Are you playing the game of  "I want to get by, make some money, take care of my family, create a nice business"?


Are you playing the game of  "I want to create a nice life for my family, BUT that’s a by product of my true desire to create change in the world (or my community, the school, etc.)"?

We spend so much time trying to figure things out.

·      How to get clients

·      How to build a brand

·      How to use all the social media sites

·      How to do advertising

·      How to deliver to clients

·      How to hire and manage a team

·      How to sell products with high integrity and get results

All important, right?  YES!

AND, we get sidelined into thinking about this end result – the one where the business is “successful”. 

But WHY did you really get into business in the first place? 

We all know about connecting to our WHY, and how powerful that can be.  But what happens when you fulfill that Why?  When you have the house, can take care of your family, have the flexibility and freedom.  Then what? 

Then you get stuck.  You are DONE.  You lose the desire to continue to go forward – because you already did it.  You reached the “finish line”. 

So as one of my mentors shared, you need to set your big WHY so big that you can’t complete it in this lifetime. 

Now this is not to get lost in the “bigness” of your big vision.  This is to connect back with why you are here in the first place. 

Chances are you want to change something, yes?

What do you want to change?  The way people parent, the way people grow up in this world, the way people experience safety or validation, the way people have access to fundamental resources, the way we educate, the political system, the list literally can go on and on. 

We each have our own greatness to bring into this world.  

Connect back with your why.  It may not be clear to you right now, but be open to receive the knowing when the timing is just right.  

But KNOW that there IS more, there is something GREATER that is calling you.  You can hear it, you know it deep inside, you are not egotistical or self-centered if you believe this.  You are RIGHT.  You are here to bring your greatness into the world. 

So, what game are you playing? 

And are you prepared to do the work so you can fulfill that- for you, yes. But also for the world?

I am opening a small number of spots to have conversations with me over the next 2 weeks to see if we are a fit to support you in creating your great change in the world – in your business, your mission, and where that leads to next.

If you are feeling called to step into that new paradigm of leadership – where you are connected to your knowing, your greatness, and a group of women who are also here to create their great change in the world, then send me an email and we will reach out to schedule a time to connect. 

I’m excited for what we can all do together, when each of us step into our greatness and take action from that space – connected to our WISDOM.


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The New Path To Success In Business...


Do you want to draw your ideal clients to you in a way that leaves them feeling like they HAVE to work with YOU? 

There's a new path to success in business, as an entrepreneur. It's CONNECTED leadership.

Why do you have to be a LEADER when you're an entrepreneur? 

With or without a team, you set the tone, the vision, the direction, the pace, the values. 

But there's something more...

When you're the leader of your business (or your mission), your leadership shows up in your sales, in your marketing, in your message - in your ability to draw your ideal clients to you in a way that leaves them feeling like they HAVE to work with YOU. 

Your leadership is everything. 

Who are you BEING when you are the LEADER of your business? Can you feel that? Powerful.

It's CONNECTED leadership. 

Connected to your truth, connected to your soul wisdom, to your masculine & feminine energy, to your greatness, to your big mission. 

Discovering your greatness is a powerful first step toward standing as the leader of your business. Are you ready to discover your greatness? 

When you do, you'll see how infusing this into your work will create clarity for you and draw your ideal clients to you.

Join me for this complimentary class here: http://clients.realresultsmentoring.com/discover-your-greatness



This had me in tears...

On my flight back from my mentor/mastermind trip, my brain was fried. It was a late flight back and I couldn't sleep on the plane. So I decided to watch a movie, a comedy. There weren't a ton of movies to choose from and not much of a description, so in the comedy section I chose between Sisters (with Tina Fey, a definite comedy) and Joy (which was in the comedy section), so I went with it and chose Joy. It wasn't exactly a comedy (at all), but it was just what I needed to see.

As soon as the movie ended, tears started streaming. It is a powerful story of a creative person who has natural gifts from the time of childhood but those gifts are squashed down and pushed aside.

She remembers and then faces obstacle after obstacle as she creates something new.

Just after fully immersing myself in this intense experience, and then watching a movie about this challenging (entrepreneurial) path, this felt so emotional to me. Even though her path wasn't laid out before her - easy, filled with step by step signs - she found her way.

With her daughter watching every step.

My wish is for every person to know the greatness they bring to the world. To live it, to speak it, and to bring it into the world.

I want everyone to know they can create their change in the world. To have the strength of character, the will force, to be able to resource the courage, the acceptance, the validation from within them, so no one can ever take them down.

Not everyone has to be an entrepreneur, but if we each develop the entrepreneurial spirit, skills, and strength of self-leadership, imagine what this world will look like.

Each person bringing their greatness to the world.

It's time to release the stories you have picked up along your path. The stories that you don't deserve it, that you don't have anything unique or different to offer, that you aren't good enough.

It's time to shift the things you can and CANNOT see so you can stand in your greatness. Own it from the very core of your being. And bring into everything you do.

Whether that is mopping the floor or creating a great movement of change in the world.

It's time to stand in your truth. Now. Please don't keep the world waiting any longer. We need you and your unique gifts. It's what makes this all click.