The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.


Oh self-doubt…

Self-doubt is running on a level deep below the surface, only to pop out and be seen when you are allowing yourself to step more fully into allowing yourself to Be Seen.

The actions you take, the new beliefs you hold that are integrating in every cell in your body, are starting to shake the very foundation of this self-doubt program.

It is holding on for dear life, KNOWING that it serves you in some way, begging to stay in place, slipping away when you begin to really get a sense of it.

Self-doubt peeks around and asks you to look at it. See it in the eyes. Hold it in your hands. Offer it love, acceptance, appreciation, and compassion.

There are so many ways it has served you throughout your life. Keeping you from shining the bright light on your greatness to keep you safe, belonging and being loved.

Keeping your greatness from truly being seen served you before, but now it is time that you can’t keep that hidden any longer.

It is time to shed the masks, to release the layers of untruths, to just BE who you are – without apology, without exception.

The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.

And even then, self-doubt will peek back out again and check – are you sure?

Are you sure you want to do this? 
Are you sure you are safe? 
Are you sure I can’t still help you?

And just like a child who is getting ready to experience something new and exciting – they may cling to your leg and then pull away, only to come back to check in with you again.
But this part of you knows that it is time. 
You are safe.

You are ready to “risk” being the fullest expression of yourself – because everything else is just another way of fighting against yourself, keeping parts of yourself hidden – and truly that’s just so much more work.

So you choose THIS version of “ease”. The one that still feels new and not completely settled - and not so easy. But THIS version is the one that is ready to BE SEEN.
You are safe.

Let's upgrade your system to acclimate to a new level of impact and receiving!

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What does it actually mean to be successful?


What does it actually mean to be successful?

Is it a certain amount of money?
A certain number of clients?
A certain amount of "busy"ness?

Who actually cares?

Yes, you do -
And it doesn't matter what anyone else "thinks", REALLY.
let's be real...

how many clients you have doesn't actually mean anything to anyone - except you
How often you see those clients doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...
How many hours you choose to "work" doesn't actually mean anything to anyone else - but you...

Can we be done with all this?

I understand it's easy to generalize the Desires...

And it is creating an experience of DISCONNECTION

Disconnection from what's true - for YOU.
Disconnection from the Desire.
Disconnection from yourself.
Disconnection from your Truth.

What do YOU actually want to experience?

I invite you to pull all of your seeking, trying, people pleasing energy back into your center.

Invite it all in - even the sticky parts.

Give it as much time as it needs to find its way back.
No judgement.

Now, from here, what do YOU actually WANT to be experiencing?

Can that be YOUR definition of success?

For today, this week, this year.

You can always change it.

This actually is all about YOU, so let's let everyone else have their own experience.

Are you TOO BIG?


Isn't it time to stop playing the "I'll smash myself down to make it ok for you" game?

What if you leaned toward your bigness? 
What if you amplified your greatness? 
What if you activated your gifts even more?

Yep, some people might not be able to handle it, and some may not even be able to see you anymore.

And those who are meant to see you for who you are will be able to see you, hear you, connect with you in a way that feels so much lighter, simpler, and true.

It's exhausting holding it in.

And, it's not an invitation to let your Ego run wild all over everyone.

It is an invitation to shine brighter from the light in you, your truth, your essence, your greatness.

People who need you to be smaller so they can be ok are not in your highest and best good.

And you are not serving them in being their highest self by pretending to be something your not.

Sure, you're still working through your stuff.

And you probably always will be in some fashion, as that's the rapid path of expansion you are riding, right?

And THAT doesn't mean you have to "hold it in" until... some point not yet defined.

It's time to take up space NOW

It's time to amplify your light NOW

It's time to activate your greatness NOW

This isn't an intellectual process, it's an energetic upgrade.

This is one of the energetic patterns of (in)visibility that shows up for people here to create their great change in the world.

Do you want support on this path? Message me and let's take a look at what's available.
PM for details. It's time... ✨✨✨

Can you FEEL that?

Be Bold. (1).jpg

So I'm feeling into the word BOLD.

It feels different to me now. There's a difference.

There's the BOLD that comes from a sense of pushing, stretching, trying too hard, where ego is the main connection and driver.

Then there's the BOLD that feels available now that's more connected, it sits back from a place of knowing and doing, and still might feel edgy to the mind...

...But you can't NOT do it.

This is where Being Bold is who you are, how you are called and inspired to show up.

You don't have to TRY to do it.

It's actually the TRYING NOT TO DO IT is where you catch yourself - in this Boldness - taming it, quieting it, tucking it in.
Thats where this "work" takes place.

It's actually easier to BE BOLD in this way than it is to CONTAIN the boldness.

Can you FEEL that?

Can you CONNECT to that version of BOLD?

The one where your mind has to STEP OUT OF THE WAY - instead of TRYING to LEAD the way.

Yes, there. Let's play there for awhile.

Where are you hiding from your dreams?

Where are you hiding from your dreams?

-Stopping yourself before you let it happen
-Starting but not following through
-Seeing the things that aren't working, instead of the clues left along the way

Are you willing to take a stand for receiving what you say you want?

Will you claim it for yourself?

Will you let it find you - all the way?

Will you stop hiding from yourself?

Are you ready to BE SEEN NOW - for you, your business, your dreams?

Send me a PM and let's take a look at what's keeping you and your business from being seen now - at this level.

Without an adversary or a problem to "fix", do we lose our ability to fight?

To fight for something different?
To take a stand and create something better?

What I am noticing and witnessing with these amazing, connected, world changing clients I have the honor to support on their path, is that have something even more than a fight.

Something deeper.
Something stronger that pulls them forward.

They have commitment.

A commitment to experience and create Conscious Excellence.

Not because they have to.

Because they choose to.

They choose to experience greatness all around them.

They choose to experience their greatness in every area of their lives - and then get curious as to how it can delight them even more.

Not because they aren't grateful, or appreciative.

But because they are committed to life unfolding with surprise and delight.

They are committed to their greatness.

They are committed to themselves.

They KNOW that when they take the next step on their path, the people and experiences around them also have the opportunity to uplevel to meet them.

They are the creators.

And they are creating Conscious Excellence.

Are you ready? The Expansion Experience starts this week! PM me for details and some extra special perks for mentioning this post! <3

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?

Are you willing to check in with yourself and know when it isn't meant to be?

Are you willing to see your dark AND your light?

Are you willing to see where you are hiding or giving up instead of letting your personal power shine so bright you get exactly what you want and even more?

When you own your stuff, all of it, the good, the bad, the powerful, the uncomfortable, that is where the growth is.



No one wants to think they are doing it.

But truly, on a scale of 1-10, how much are you compromising any part of yourself right now?

This can show up anywhere and everywhere.

Choices you make on a daily basis.
Big life decisions that have impacted the trajectory of your path.

It can feel overwhelming and unable to be undone.

But does it have to?


If everything were serving you in some way to create an understanding, a skill, an experience of a polarity, how may this experience have served you in the past.

Trust me, it served you some how, even if it doesn't seem possible.

So now, what do you actually want to experience now?

Not with regret.
Not settling.
Not giving up.
Not fighting yourself.
Not fighting your situation.

What do you really want?

Start there.

Any compromise is still compromise.

It's not worth it and it creates internal conflict in your system that leads you astray from your path.

What do you want to experience - without compromise?

I don't want to be a leader...

I don't want to be a leader. 

Hang with me for a moment on this...

I will say first that I am a leader.  I am a leader of myself, for my family, for my business, for my vision. 

And I don't want to be a leader for you.  

I want for you to find your own answers, your own questions, and your own way. 

Here's the difference for me right now.  

I love being in my leadership energy - I can see more clearly how to move forward, how to serve my clients and community, where to receive instead of give...

And I am fiercely committed to you finding your own way.  Of course everyone who has created their definition of success can tell you "these are the steps I took to get here".  And, the flaw in that is what if you actually desire different things? 

Let's just say we all want 6 and 7 and 8 figure businesses - as we are all told to want.  :) 

And, that's all fine and probably very true.  But the way we want to do that is likely very different.  

I like taking my kids to school and picking them up, this is something I craved when I worked in corporate and I love this time with them - whether they had a great day, are feeling cranky, whatever it is.  This an important time for me to BE with them.  

So I will design my business accordingly. 

There are also all the different ways to create that successful business - retreats, consulting, services, products, online, offline...

There are really important nuances that need to be incorporated into your way of creating your desired success.  And only you KNOW that. 

So no matter what you are wanting to create, of course there are people who you can follow to be inspired, receive tips, and deepen your knowledge and skill set.  But the key is that no one will do it exactly the way you do, and that is exactly the way it should be!  

No more people just doing what someone else is doing - it lacks depth and truth.  A large infusion of YOU is critical. 

The way to do that is to create EXPANSION in who you are being in your business, in your life, in your presence, in your impact - and you do that by connecting with the part of you that knows.  

This does't come from your head, or your heart, or your gut - but in a way it comes from the thing that's even bigger than all the individual parts.  It comes from your knowing.  It never steers you wrong.  

I am excited to deepen in the experience of creating EXPANSION with a group of other powerful women who know they are here to do things their own way - even if they are still discovering what that way is.  If you are ready to create Expansion in your Presence, your Impact, your Gifts, your Abundance, send me a PM and let's connect.  

I am fiercely committed to you being an EXAMPLE, not just a leader.  <3 

Are you a breaker of structures?

I am a breaker of structures... 

Not breaking for the sake of breaking, but breaking things down so that what is TRUE can emerge so clearly and simply. 

So simply in fact it feels like it’s not even a thing - and it isn’t, because it is your greatness. 

The thing you can’t not do, because it’s what you are wired for, it’s what you do effortlessly.  The thing that you don’t see because you take it for granted that everyone has this, is this, does this. 

But they don’t.

Even within structures, there is an opportunity to tear down that which is not necessary.  The parts that are there because “that’s how we have always done it”, or “that’s how I was taught”, or “that’s how it’s done”.

Within business, relationships, parenting, caring for your body, education, money…

Within each of these is an opportunity to really look at the pieces and get clear on what is true and what is not true.  What belongs – for YOU – and what doesn’t.

This is not for everyone. 

There are those that are content with following the societal-imposed structures.  And there is no judgment; each of us is here to walk our own path. 

This is for those who know that they are here to break down the structures too. 

You know if that’s you. 

There are no words that need to be spoken.  

There is no convincing that needs to be done.  

There are no debates that need to be had.

This is about REMEMBERING that that is you. 

Remembering that you can choose to break it down.

Remembering that you can choose to live within it.

You always have the choice.

The trick is that sometimes we become so complacent with the structures that we even forget that there is something outside of it. 

But then you remember.

You may not remember it in your mind, intellectually.  But you remember it in your BEING, in your knowing, in your experience, in your body.

You don’t settle.

You don’t care if that’s how others “do it”.

You have an inner compass that is so strong it can’t be denied – even if you can’t always hear it, or can’t always depend on it – it is always there. 

It is there in a ping, or a pull, or a feeling – something’s not quite right.  You may default to wanting to fight the system or rebel it or ignore it – but that’s not it either.

So what do you do?

Sometimes we are lulled by the structure – it’s ease of knowing exactly what comes next, for who, and when.  It seems so easy, like floating down the river, just go with it, it’ll be fine, just go with the structure…

But to you it actually feels like you are going the wrong way down the river.  When you are in the structure it feels like you are going up stream – not floating down.

So you can choose. 

You can choose to REMEMBER that you are a breaker of the structures.

Or you can choose to forget and float painfully down the wrong direction of the river.

Remembering truly is the most challenging part. 

And it is something you are invited to do again and again and again.


Remember who you are, why you are here, how you are here to bring this into the world. 

Remember that it doesn’t have to be done “just so”.

You are a creator, not a follower. 

Following just isn’t your thing.

So truly the greatest challenge of them all is to REMEMBER to see when you have chosen to follow.  When you have chosen to let go for a moment to experience the perception of ease.  When you have chosen to try to be “normal”- just for a moment.

There are clues, we each have them, they are the invitation to the remembering.

The anxiety, the pit in the stomach, the resistance, the distraction, the numbing out – and those are just mine. ;)

What are your clues?

When we start to catch the clues, we can start to catch our thread of remembering.

And when we REMEMBER, that is when the greatness truly happens.  That is when the prosperity flows to us on our own river, because it can’t not happen. 

Because that is in deed what you are here to do and here to experience – you just needed to remember that you had to find your own path. 

If you would like support in your remembering, coming back to your self, your truth, your way of being and doing your greatness in the world, I invite you to schedule a conversation to see how I can support you.

This is about your greatness and all the ways it shows up in your life - yes it's your work, your business - and it's also your relationships, your parenting, your health, your money. 

I am gathering a small group of women who remember they are great – even if they need/want/choose support around integrating it, knowing it, and being it, to bring their true work into the world in their own way, and to discover their path to remembering all the time.

Does this resonate with you?  Where are you on your path? 

The First Step In Your UP LEVEL...

Something that surprised me...

For the last couple of  years I have been working with high end coaches - these are people who the multi-million dollar businesses go to to take their business to the next level teaching sales and marketing strategies.  

A few summers ago I sat in a house in Arizona at a marketing residential - we all lived in a house together for 5 days implementing our marketing and sales strategies.  

The thing that surprised me was that where we began is where we always begin - Niche.

No matter where you are in your business, when you are ready to make the next UP LEVEL it is time to revisit your niche.  This is the place that realigns you to who you NOW want to serve and how you uniquely serve them at this moment (different than how you used to 3-6+ months ago).  

We were all doing niche.  Six figures+, Multi-six figures, Million dollar+.... NICHE.

It's a good practice to revisit your niche every 3 months, to tweak, refine, up level.  This doesn't mean you need to change it every 3 months, sometimes it is refine and sometimes it is NEW.  And sometimes it can be an addition to your current marketing - depending on the level of your business and your marketing dollars.  

And this is a perfect opportunity to add more of your unique GREATNESS into your niche and how you uniquely serve your audience - no more "boring messages like everyone else" that slip through the cracks!

Where are you in your UP LEVEL? 

There are many different ways the up level experience can show up for people.  

  • It can feel like another level of something is coming - leaving you in a state of indecision, lack of clarity, and confusion. 
  • It can look like a pause, the things that were working before aren't working like they used to.  You have evolved and it's an invitation for your business strategies to evolve as well. 
  • It can look like strategies just not working - maybe you have not yet identified "your way" of doing your business and are ready to really let go of the strategies that are not aligned for YOU.
  • It can appear as a sense of boredom, feeling complete with what you have been doing, not challenged, ready for some new adventure or excitement. 
  • It can seem that another area(s) of your life seem to be "falling apart" just as you now have a handle on the "wash, rinse, repeat" nature of your business.
  • And more. 

What I have discovered is that there are specific steps necessary to move through the UP LEVEL for you and your business.  

1. Choose Expansion, choose to move into the next level - sounds simple, but this is a really big one.

2. Identify how you choose to expand:

  • Is it in your presence, reach, impact, depth?  
  • Is it in an upgraded area of focus or something new? 
  • Is it a new offering or a new audience?

3.  Define your greatness and integrate it into all areas of your business.

4.  Choose your new niche (upgraded or NEW)

5.  Upgrade your pricing, products, and offers to align with the your UP LEVELed strategy & your unique greatness.

6.  Upgrade who you are BEING in your business so you are in alignment with how you implement. 

No matter where you are in your UP LEVEL experience it is critically important to be aligned with your expanded vision for your business.  

I have been having so much fun doing this work with my clients in VIP days, that I have decided to open 2 Virtual VIP days to support you in your EXPANDED vision, strategy, and niche - and integrating that new expanded vision into your whole system so you can BE what you DO.  

I invite you to apply for one of these VIP days, first come first serve!  

Who is this for? 

  • This is for you if you have already started your business and you are looking to refine and/or expand. 
  • This is for you if you know you have a desire to create a big impact in the world. 
  • This is for you if you know you have are ready to BE in action & ALIGNED to your vision

If this feels like a YES to you Connect with me NOW  and we will provide you with the application to make sure this is a good fit.