The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.


Oh self-doubt…

Self-doubt is running on a level deep below the surface, only to pop out and be seen when you are allowing yourself to step more fully into allowing yourself to Be Seen.

The actions you take, the new beliefs you hold that are integrating in every cell in your body, are starting to shake the very foundation of this self-doubt program.

It is holding on for dear life, KNOWING that it serves you in some way, begging to stay in place, slipping away when you begin to really get a sense of it.

Self-doubt peeks around and asks you to look at it. See it in the eyes. Hold it in your hands. Offer it love, acceptance, appreciation, and compassion.

There are so many ways it has served you throughout your life. Keeping you from shining the bright light on your greatness to keep you safe, belonging and being loved.

Keeping your greatness from truly being seen served you before, but now it is time that you can’t keep that hidden any longer.

It is time to shed the masks, to release the layers of untruths, to just BE who you are – without apology, without exception.

The cost of HIDING is now greater than the cost of BEING SEEN.

And even then, self-doubt will peek back out again and check – are you sure?

Are you sure you want to do this? 
Are you sure you are safe? 
Are you sure I can’t still help you?

And just like a child who is getting ready to experience something new and exciting – they may cling to your leg and then pull away, only to come back to check in with you again.
But this part of you knows that it is time. 
You are safe.

You are ready to “risk” being the fullest expression of yourself – because everything else is just another way of fighting against yourself, keeping parts of yourself hidden – and truly that’s just so much more work.

So you choose THIS version of “ease”. The one that still feels new and not completely settled - and not so easy. But THIS version is the one that is ready to BE SEEN.
You are safe.

Let's upgrade your system to acclimate to a new level of impact and receiving!

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My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)


My quantum leap is actually just a step... (yes and no)

It feels like the edge, the precipice, the next big thing coming...

It feels exciting and the nerves are rushing

It feels like an old interpretation of anxiety, but this version of me knows this nuance better, more refined

It grows bigger, and bigger

And then the energy moves down
Feeling the truth that is below me and around me

And I can see clearly the step forward

What felt like the next quantum leap, the thing that takes all the courage, the willingness, the faith...

Is actually just a step

No jumping
No leaping
No guessing

Just a step
Just another step

That's it.

That's the quantum leap.

Every step is my next quantum leap...


The "step" is an illusion of my resistance,

No step is needed.

There's a bridge
With unlimited support
Carrying me


What will it take for me to choose?

Safety for my brain...
And my brain can see the safety.

What will it really take?

I have to CHOOSE it.

And I do.

And what I ride of grounded, support and ease that is carrying me.

Oh such a tricky pattern that can keep me from RECEIVING.

And the truth that it's so much easier to CHOOSE it than to RESIST it

So here I am, 
And here I go.

(Art by Eugenia Loli)

Are you TOO BIG?


Isn't it time to stop playing the "I'll smash myself down to make it ok for you" game?

What if you leaned toward your bigness? 
What if you amplified your greatness? 
What if you activated your gifts even more?

Yep, some people might not be able to handle it, and some may not even be able to see you anymore.

And those who are meant to see you for who you are will be able to see you, hear you, connect with you in a way that feels so much lighter, simpler, and true.

It's exhausting holding it in.

And, it's not an invitation to let your Ego run wild all over everyone.

It is an invitation to shine brighter from the light in you, your truth, your essence, your greatness.

People who need you to be smaller so they can be ok are not in your highest and best good.

And you are not serving them in being their highest self by pretending to be something your not.

Sure, you're still working through your stuff.

And you probably always will be in some fashion, as that's the rapid path of expansion you are riding, right?

And THAT doesn't mean you have to "hold it in" until... some point not yet defined.

It's time to take up space NOW

It's time to amplify your light NOW

It's time to activate your greatness NOW

This isn't an intellectual process, it's an energetic upgrade.

This is one of the energetic patterns of (in)visibility that shows up for people here to create their great change in the world.

Do you want support on this path? Message me and let's take a look at what's available.
PM for details. It's time... ✨✨✨

There are layers and layers and layers...


BEING SEEN is not just a setting of ON and OFF.

There are layers and layers and layers.

Who you are and how much of yourself you let BE SEEN may vary in different groups, with different people, in different settings.

The more we release the need or desire for it to be done or complete.

The more we are available to move through what is available for you in each moment.

Without judgement
With curiosity.

Are you open and curious to moving through the next layer of invisibility - no matter how that may be presenting itself - so just a bit more of YOU can truly BE SEEN?

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Can you FEEL that?

Be Bold. (1).jpg

So I'm feeling into the word BOLD.

It feels different to me now. There's a difference.

There's the BOLD that comes from a sense of pushing, stretching, trying too hard, where ego is the main connection and driver.

Then there's the BOLD that feels available now that's more connected, it sits back from a place of knowing and doing, and still might feel edgy to the mind...

...But you can't NOT do it.

This is where Being Bold is who you are, how you are called and inspired to show up.

You don't have to TRY to do it.

It's actually the TRYING NOT TO DO IT is where you catch yourself - in this Boldness - taming it, quieting it, tucking it in.
Thats where this "work" takes place.

It's actually easier to BE BOLD in this way than it is to CONTAIN the boldness.

Can you FEEL that?

Can you CONNECT to that version of BOLD?

The one where your mind has to STEP OUT OF THE WAY - instead of TRYING to LEAD the way.

Yes, there. Let's play there for awhile.

The First Step In Your UP LEVEL...

Something that surprised me...

For the last couple of  years I have been working with high end coaches - these are people who the multi-million dollar businesses go to to take their business to the next level teaching sales and marketing strategies.  

A few summers ago I sat in a house in Arizona at a marketing residential - we all lived in a house together for 5 days implementing our marketing and sales strategies.  

The thing that surprised me was that where we began is where we always begin - Niche.

No matter where you are in your business, when you are ready to make the next UP LEVEL it is time to revisit your niche.  This is the place that realigns you to who you NOW want to serve and how you uniquely serve them at this moment (different than how you used to 3-6+ months ago).  

We were all doing niche.  Six figures+, Multi-six figures, Million dollar+.... NICHE.

It's a good practice to revisit your niche every 3 months, to tweak, refine, up level.  This doesn't mean you need to change it every 3 months, sometimes it is refine and sometimes it is NEW.  And sometimes it can be an addition to your current marketing - depending on the level of your business and your marketing dollars.  

And this is a perfect opportunity to add more of your unique GREATNESS into your niche and how you uniquely serve your audience - no more "boring messages like everyone else" that slip through the cracks!

Where are you in your UP LEVEL? 

There are many different ways the up level experience can show up for people.  

  • It can feel like another level of something is coming - leaving you in a state of indecision, lack of clarity, and confusion. 
  • It can look like a pause, the things that were working before aren't working like they used to.  You have evolved and it's an invitation for your business strategies to evolve as well. 
  • It can look like strategies just not working - maybe you have not yet identified "your way" of doing your business and are ready to really let go of the strategies that are not aligned for YOU.
  • It can appear as a sense of boredom, feeling complete with what you have been doing, not challenged, ready for some new adventure or excitement. 
  • It can seem that another area(s) of your life seem to be "falling apart" just as you now have a handle on the "wash, rinse, repeat" nature of your business.
  • And more. 

What I have discovered is that there are specific steps necessary to move through the UP LEVEL for you and your business.  

1. Choose Expansion, choose to move into the next level - sounds simple, but this is a really big one.

2. Identify how you choose to expand:

  • Is it in your presence, reach, impact, depth?  
  • Is it in an upgraded area of focus or something new? 
  • Is it a new offering or a new audience?

3.  Define your greatness and integrate it into all areas of your business.

4.  Choose your new niche (upgraded or NEW)

5.  Upgrade your pricing, products, and offers to align with the your UP LEVELed strategy & your unique greatness.

6.  Upgrade who you are BEING in your business so you are in alignment with how you implement. 

No matter where you are in your UP LEVEL experience it is critically important to be aligned with your expanded vision for your business.  

I have been having so much fun doing this work with my clients in VIP days, that I have decided to open 2 Virtual VIP days to support you in your EXPANDED vision, strategy, and niche - and integrating that new expanded vision into your whole system so you can BE what you DO.  

I invite you to apply for one of these VIP days, first come first serve!  

Who is this for? 

  • This is for you if you have already started your business and you are looking to refine and/or expand. 
  • This is for you if you know you have a desire to create a big impact in the world. 
  • This is for you if you know you have are ready to BE in action & ALIGNED to your vision

If this feels like a YES to you Connect with me NOW  and we will provide you with the application to make sure this is a good fit.  




The TRUTH behind bringing your great work into the world…

Do you know you have this inner greatness inside you?

If only everyone could see what you KNOW to be there inside you from a place of truth, (and you could keep the rest of you believing it to), then you would be able to create even greater change in the world, make an even bigger impact?

There is a lot of energy around bringing your great work into the world.  And if you feel into that, there is a longing, a deep knowing, a truth inside that tells you that there is something great to bring out. 

Yet, often there are things keeping that big change energy from coming out into the world – like fear, old patterns, people around you, your current work, scarcity beliefs…

The reality is you KNOW deep in your soul that you are here to create some kind of impactful change in the world – even if the words to describe it or claim it sometimes choose to lay low.

So here is the key to bringing your work out into the world in a way that matches the knowing you hold for yourself –

In order for you to bring your greatness into the world you need to see it, acknowledge it, love it, and claim it in yourself. 

So of course there is the KNOWING that lets you know it’s there.  And, what does your mind think about that?

Sometimes it’s totally on board, right? 

And other times… not so much?

And it’s not just your mind.  It’s all these beautiful layers of protection that have been developed and fostered to keep you safe. 

Safe from what? 

Well, in a big way, safe from yourself. 

If you are to be so bold, to claim your greatness, to own your gifts, to take action to create this change – then what might happen?

Again, there may be two answers – one is truth and one is fear.  And we have to be careful as sometimes one side even wants to hide behind some new belief statement, affirmation, or positive thought. 

And, that’s all fine.

The point is not to understand and justify and build a case for why it is here, the point is to bring all the parts of you – your whole system – on board with what you actually want to create (rooted in truth).

So while it seems like it should be so easy to just see, acknowledge, love, and claim your greatness or desire for change in yourself, often we just can’t see it ourselves.

It’s not a bunch of affirmation statements or post-it notes with the upgraded belief, it is actually creating it to be true in your whole system. 

These things can be intertwined into all the parts of us, into all the ways we show up, the ways we choose to interact with our business, with our relationships, with our self. 

And, the reality is you can absolutely do this.  

You can:

  •      Be more visible
  •     Speak your truth
  •     Be aligned with your gifts
  •     Experience abundance
  •     Stand in your personal power
  •     Connect to your intuition and create from there
  •     Receive divine guidance
  •     Create your great change in the world

You can be the creator of your experience. 

And everything you do is either reinforcing your current experience or upgrading your system. 

You have likely been seeking this experience but perhaps it was disguised in the great ambition you hold for your business.  And what a beautiful and brilliant place to keep that hidden.  

And such a powerful way to begin to truly create the change you want to experience when you step into this new way of being. 

See the shift in your business, in your relationships, in your parenting, in your health, in yourself. 

Trust me, it’s everywhere. 

Take the step to create the shift so you can SEE it and know it – and so everyone else can easily see it to.  That’s when your big vision starts to take on a life of it’s own and you are the powerful creator of what you truly desire in your business (and of course, everywhere else).

Are you ready to Activate Your Expansion? 

Send me a note and I can share more details with you about how you can Activate Your Expansion with me and a group of powerful, successful, creators.  This is the place where we work the unseen influences that are impacting you so you can see the practical reality show up in your business (and life) – and receive the support from the circle of women walking their path along side you. 

Connect with me HERE to Activate Your Expansion, this is an activation to support you to claim your next level of greatness on every level so you can begin to experience the next level of impact you create all around you.

Sending love,




Too Much Stuff...


I can't help but notice the trees and lights starting to appear, the holiday "stuff" starting to show up everywhere. 

I'm not ready for more stuff!

I have actually spent the last year getting rid of so much stuff - both internally and externally.  ;) 

So I started envisioning another way for me to experience the holidays this year - one where I can ENJOY the whole experience and allow it to be in complete alignment with what I truly desire.  

As I started considering many different possibilities, beginning conversations with my family, imagined different vacation destinations or other types of experiences I realized something really important. 

In order for this to become what I really want to experience, I have to get really clear about what I WANT to experience. 

And the same thing shows up in business.  

So this is that reminder to reconnect to what it is that you really want in your business.  Not just the amount of money or the number of clients, but what do you really want to experience?  

  • Do you want to feel the "hard work" and the satisfaction of completing your tasks? 
  • Do you want to feel light, ease, and fun in each project and in each moment? 
  • How do you want your work with your clients to feel?
  • What do you want the interaction to look like with others in your life - kids, partner? 
  • What do you want to feel about receiving money? 

So take a few moments - or an afternoon - and reconnect to what you really want.  And from this place, let it drive you into aligned action.  Then watch at how seemingly miraculous things seem when everything "magically" begins to fall into place.  

Your powerful intentions matter, it is the beginning of your creations.  So dig deep, find what is really important, and then go have that!



What is keeping you from being visible?

Are you ready to be seen? Am I? There are lots of great reasons that keep people from stepping forward into the light - where we can be seen so clearly. 

    • Hiding your energy
    • Afraid to be seen
    • Afraid to be made wrong, bad, shamed
    • Afraid to be belittled
    • Afraid to not know or make a mistake
    • Afraid to be too much

    How can I be wrong?
    I am who I am. I am not wrong.

    Sure I can make mistakes. But I am not wrong. I am a gift to the world. We each are. If I dim my light for fear of being shamed or being made bad, how does that serve anyone?

    It doesn't.

    It is for me to risk being seen. For me to risk being wrong or bad or shamed. Because when I do we can each stand more firmly in our truth. And if we are more in our truth even if I am wrong or incorrect in my words or actions others will see the distinction. They will see the difference in my words and my actions from who I am as a person.

    For I can never be wrong. Simply by being me, I am so very right. And so are you.

    We may each make mistakes or missteps but we are never wrong.

    So shine the light, speak your truth, step into the center of the stage with your words or your actions, or the change you wish to see in the world.

    When we are each wrong together - with no shame - that is when we create magic. That is when our separate ideas that may not hold individually come together to form a concept neither of us could have created on our own.

    That is when we form a new possibility that can create great change in the world.

    For you. For me. For us.



    Why I changed my name...

    Prior to a month ago I had never even considered changing my name.  I like my name, I like that it's different, I like a lot of things about it.  There isn't really anything I don't like about it. 

    As I was doing my personal work, exploring new layers, and through my own practice, energy work, and working with my mentors and healers, I discovered that my name didn't feel like 'my name' anymore.  

    This was a pretty crazy thing for me to even contemplate.  It began to bring up new possibilities I hadn't even realized before.  I playfully began to look at other names, feeling curious, "trying them on", and really letting this be an internal process. 

    And OF COURSE, I also happen to be studying more around numerology and discovered that every name has an energy - it can be fortunate or challenging.  It turns out that my current name is not a fortunate name.  I could have just adjusted the spelling - or done nothing - but I took this in and it began to turn into something real and meaningful for me.  

    The idea of changing my name became more and more real the more I sat with it and the more I worked through the layers of what was coming up with this change. 

    • Am I running away from something? 
    • Is this just another layer that will come and go? 
    • Is there any depth to the idea that names hold different energies? 
    • Who am I - with any name? 
    • And on and on...

    As I worked through everything that presented I simultaneously was exploring and being curious about new names, in a playful kind of way.  

    Then I found THE NAME and it resonated through every part of me, I knew it was the name.  

    I felt excited, I felt nervous, and I felt confident.  

    I shared it with my husband and kids and a few close friends.  I began to do some research to see how one goes about changing a name.  I signed up for a new email address with the name, registered the domain name - because that's the way my excitement and curiosity were showing up (and that's how I roll...). 

    And then I sat with it more.  

    Then the FEAR set in.  Are people going to think I am crazy?  Am I crazy?  Is this a thing? What am I thinking? 

    Yep, I was thinking all right, over-thinking, letting it smash down my truth and my knowing.  So I worked through that.  And from there everything fell beautifully into place.  

    I called the court house to see how this works through the legal system, turns out there are a couple days each week where they do name changes at a specific time.  And it happened to be a beautifully powerful timing for me which had another level of significance and was filled with ease.  

    So, with my 3 kids, we woke up early to drive 48 minutes to the district court house.  I filled out the paperwork, paid the fee, and went before a judge to have this change made legal. 

    It felt so great.  And it felt private, like it was just for me.  And I was okay with that, at the time.  

    Then more layers were needing to be tended, so I did that with my mentor and healing team and here we are.  

    And the energetics of it are no joke.  Since I have began to embody the name for myself - before even sharing it with the world - I have seen external results for my business, with my children, in how I show up in the world.  And while all those things are also possible without significantly changing a name, it is also powerful to see the impacts that the energetics play in every part of your life (not only in a name).  

    If you are curious about your name, and if you have a fortunate or challenging energetic to your current name, send me an email and I can share with you more details about this simple exploration!  It's fun to realize another level of impact you can have in your life - and your business.  

    I appreciate you reading this story and for your support!  

    I would love to hear from you, how I can I best support you right now?  Please share in the comments below or click here to send me a note.   

    Sending love, 

    Arriya  :) 

    **By the way, you can look for my Facebook profiles, and my email signatures to change shortly.  Please know that while my name has changed, I am the same person with the same profile pic on the other side.  <3 



    It begins when you say YES...

    There is a beautiful unfolding that begins to happen from the moment you say yes.  Yes to yourself, yes to a next step, yes to your business.  

    I have recently decided to invest in myself and my business again (which I do often), and  there is such an amazing process that unfolds.  It is in the making of the decision, in the saying yes, that the transformation begins.  There doesn't even need to be a class or a meeting, it is the calling into the next level of your greatness, hearing the call, and choosing to honor it that creates the initial shift.  

    All that comes together as someone prepares to create something new is powerful and not to be overlooked.  This comes up in the sales conversations and in the sales process in general.  Honoring someone's YES.  Honoring their process to YES.  

    Here's what I have experienced in saying YES in two different examples: 


    The Download: 

    First, this last month I continued to follow my guidance and my knowing as it led me further along my path.  This is the path that is my truth and more and more of it is revealed each time I say yes by taking another aligned step.  

    This last month I said yes to doing something different - so aligned - but still different.  It is on the edge of my current business, but still different.  Which happens to be how I like to roll - DIFFERENT.  Anyway, this felt edgy, and scary, and exciting, and as I took action on this (The Wisdom Seekers, soon to be at, (join us in the FaceBook group HERE), more and more began to unfold for me.  And along the way, I was in this great flow.  I received speaking engagement requests for multiple talks, I had my best sales day (and month) yet, I had people engaging in this new community.  

    When this first came through to me, it wasn't neat and tidy, it was big and messy.  It was bits of information that didn't totally make sense to me.  But I stayed with it, I knew this was something good, so I stayed curious, I asked more questions, I received more guidance.  

    And when I received it, I took action that was inspired - I couldn't NOT take action!  And it is still unfolding for me step by step.  It is a beautiful practice in trusting, letting my mind take a backseat (but still be involved), and to see what can be created in this experience.  

    The Community: 

    And, second, as I am on my way to Arizona to meet with my mentors and a small group of other seriously amazing entrepreneurs, I can feel the shifts starting to take hold.  I'm not even there yet, but over the last few days, it's as if I am preparing for the next up-level.  Being in this group of people creates change, I know I will see things differently, I know I will be different when I return.  So in my YES to participating in this group last year, and in my YES to going on this trip for 5 days, I am already receiving the goodness that is coming.  

    Yes, the experience matters and will be life changing.  But the key is to honor the YES that starts you down the path.  This is the YES that changes everything. 

    Honor the YES

    As you hold space for your clients to find their YES, as you hold the knowing that they can create something they may not even see for themselves yet, honor their process to coming to the YES.  This is where you can hold them through the stories that come up, the stories that keep them from honoring their YES, their truth, their greatness.  And in holding space for their process, you are also hearing for the truth - because sometimes it's a NO - and that can be just as powerful.  

    Here's to YES!  What are you willing to say YES to today? 

    Be Inspired! Take Action.



    (By the way, I have been receiving lots of love notes from the participants of Upgrade Your Money Story - so you can create abundance, so we are going to do it again coming up in June.  If you are a YES to upgrading your money story so you can handle the money objection, join me for the upcoming class - it is powerful!)  



    The secret to your SUCCESS...

    You are the creator of your experience. 

    If you want to be experiencing something different, then you are in the right place.  This is the place where you can explore your path, you can be curious, you can belong, you can seek wisdom.   

    The key is that the wisdom you are seeking isn’t anyone else’s, it’s your own.  And no one else can give that to you except for you.  So,  I invite you to explore, to be curious, to try things on, and allow all of this to be part of what peels back the layers to reveal the truth.  The truth of who you really are.  The truth of who you are as you are here to create in the world.  The truth of the wisdom of your soul.  

    No one can do this for you.  You have started on a path that is as unique to you as your soul. Others who have walked before you have discovered their path, but that is theirs, not yours.  You can seek guidance in witnessing their path, meet it with curiosity, but don’t mistake their path for yours.  Their path can be a mirror for you, but the more you stay curious to your own, the more ease-filled your experience will be.  

    The TRUTH is that the more you are YOU, the more success you will experience (whatever Success means to you).  

    So here, this is the place where you can release the layers that are no longer serving you.  Where you can step into your truth.  Where you can be YOU, with no expectations, no “rights” or “wrongs”.  This is where you can connect to the wisdom of your soul.  This is where you can truly live, lead, and love guided by the wisdom of the soul.  

    Where are you on your path?

    Stay tuned for something exciting and NEW coming soon!




    When it feels like something is MISSING...

    Do you have a feeling like there is something missing?  Like you have tried everything and you aren't getting the results you really want?  

    I work with with conscious women entrepreneurs - healers, coaches, leaders - who have done their work.  

    And still, there is always more work to do.  

    Perhaps you have experienced this too - 

    You have worked on your mindset, your beliefs, read the books, hired coaches, received support, maybe therapy... and there is something that is still keeping you from creating what you want.  It's almost like it feels like it really has a hold on you and shows up in your everyday life.  You likely don't know what it is that's holding you back, but you have this sense that there is something more going on.  

    With my clients who have done so much of their own personal development work we often turn to deeper work to create the shifts they need so they can finally create what they really want.  This deeper work is at an energetic level, to release any blocks and restrictions that are showing up and keeping you from creating what you want.  

    So often there can be some energetic layer that is impacting your results.  Perhaps an agreement about money, or how you treat others, or how you prioritize what's important to you, your willingness to let money come to you, your ability to receive what you want, and on and on.  

    When this energetic block or restriction is uncovered, and shifted, there is a new choice that can be created.  A new possibility opens that allows you to begin to create from a clean slate.  No more energetic ties holding you back, or keeping you playing the same story again and again without understanding why it's happening.  

    If you have a sense that there's something keeping you from creating what you want, even if you have (or haven't) done so much work to shift it already, I invite you to request a short clarity conversation to see if creating an Energy Upgrade will be something that supports you and where you are in your business.  

    This is a short conversation where you can share what you're experiencing and if it's something I can support you with, we can discuss how we can work together to create this energetic clearing and upgrade for you and your business. 

    To book a clarity session, click here to apply for 1 of the few spots I have available.  This is valued at $250 and it is my GIFT to you - so you can FINALLY create this shift for your business and your life!  If you want to apply for one of these spots, click here to answer a couple questions before Friday April 1. 

    (And the sooner you apply the more likely you are to receive one of the spots, so do it NOW!)

    Apply for a complimentary clarity session to Upgrade Your ENERGY!   



    What is Your Intention?

    You are a powerful creator.  

    That is a fact.  It is also true that we can powerfully create a lot of NOTHING.  The key is this - If there are hidden stories, energy, and beliefs that are keeping us from being congruent to what we really want to create, we create what we are congruent with.  Sometimes that is NOT what you are consciously creating.  

    If you have done a boatload of personal development (yep, a boatload), it can feel like there can't possibly be anymore to do.  This is just how it is.  

    And here's the thing.  When you align your specific intention with your beliefs, energy, and actions, that's when things start rolling along toward what you are creating. 

    Each of us has our own way of being the powerful creator in our life. What works for one person isn't going to be the same thing that works for everyone else.  

    The key is about identifying what works for you.  It's really about discovering your unique creation strategies - this is baked into you at a soul level.  (If this is something you want to open up for yourself, so you can be more purposeful with your approach, let me know I can help you with that.)

    In the meantime, let's peel back some more layers on what you believe about money.  You have heard the expression "how you do one thing is how you do everything", then how you do money is also how you do everything.  

    • Is it feast or famine?  
    • Do you not deserve to get what you want?  
    • Do you make the money but not keep it?  

    I invite you to take the Money Breakthrough Quiz so you can get clear on exactly what your strategy is to take things to the next level.  

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    You have nothing to lose - except the outdated beliefs that are no longer serving you!

    Be Inspired!  Take Action.


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