Too Much Stuff...


I can't help but notice the trees and lights starting to appear, the holiday "stuff" starting to show up everywhere. 

I'm not ready for more stuff!

I have actually spent the last year getting rid of so much stuff - both internally and externally.  ;) 

So I started envisioning another way for me to experience the holidays this year - one where I can ENJOY the whole experience and allow it to be in complete alignment with what I truly desire.  

As I started considering many different possibilities, beginning conversations with my family, imagined different vacation destinations or other types of experiences I realized something really important. 

In order for this to become what I really want to experience, I have to get really clear about what I WANT to experience. 

And the same thing shows up in business.  

So this is that reminder to reconnect to what it is that you really want in your business.  Not just the amount of money or the number of clients, but what do you really want to experience?  

  • Do you want to feel the "hard work" and the satisfaction of completing your tasks? 
  • Do you want to feel light, ease, and fun in each project and in each moment? 
  • How do you want your work with your clients to feel?
  • What do you want the interaction to look like with others in your life - kids, partner? 
  • What do you want to feel about receiving money? 

So take a few moments - or an afternoon - and reconnect to what you really want.  And from this place, let it drive you into aligned action.  Then watch at how seemingly miraculous things seem when everything "magically" begins to fall into place.  

Your powerful intentions matter, it is the beginning of your creations.  So dig deep, find what is really important, and then go have that!



When things don't go as planned...

Sometimes things just don't go as planned.  As a woman with a business that I love that asks for my attention and presence, and as a mom with three kiddos that also ask for my attention and presence, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Today was one of those days when the long list of things I wanted to complete or bring attention to, were *lovingly* asked to take a backseat.  My little guy was home not feeling so great.  After a big weekend of fun and play, this was his time to bring it back down, recuperate, and heal his body.  So that meant a change of plans for me.  

Thankfully I was able to shift some things around and easily enough create this space today.  And sometimes things don't run as smoothly.  

  • Sometimes you aren't bringing in the clients you really want to be working with - or none are flowing in at all.
  • Sometimes you aren't feeling the love for your business, or maybe you are in another deep personal transformation.
  • Sometimes you need more rest than your logical brain can justify or understand.
  • Sometimes you need to change directions completely.
  • Sometimes...

Here are 3 things I see come up for people as they move through those moments that don't go as planned.

1  Ask yourself what you would like to be experiencing instead?

When things come up, it is for a reason.  It doesn't have to be a big reason, it can be something small and simple.  But it is there to be looked at, to be acknowledged.  It is an indicator that something is out of balance or alignment and this is your opportunity to bring it back.  The best way to create that clarity is to stop focusing on what you don't want and to bring yourself back to what you really do want to be experiencing instead.  (And sometimes we have to go down the hole of what we DON"T want to create that clarity of what we DO want.)

2.  To make meaning or NOT to make meaning - that is the question...

The next place that comes up is what does this all mean?  Am I going down the wrong path?  Is this a sign?  Is it really bigger than I can see?  

There are definitely times for those types of big questions where you are looking for the real meaning behind the experience.  But in all reality, that is needed much less often than we tend to actually do.  

There is a time to be aware and see the bigger meaning.  And sometimes, it's just what it is.  It's just there because something needs to shift, but it doesn't have to be a big huge thing calling for you.  Often we need to step back, reflect, and invite the answer to appear before us.  

The more we go seeking the big meaning of it all, the more we are in our head - overthinking.  Not too many great things come from overthinking (in my opinion).  

So sometimes, it's just a thing.  Step back, reflect, and invite the information (if there is any) to appear. 

3.  When it's time to SURRENDER...

Along those lines, it may just be time to let it all go so it can come back together again in a new way.  This doesn't mean you have to let go of your business, or a project, but it can be letting go of the thinking, the thoughts, the self-critique, the over-analysis.  Allow yourself to surrender.  It is easier said than done.  But often just letting yourself create the possibility of surrender allows you to move into that space more easily.  It may be time to shift your attention to self-care, to a different project for the moment, to move your body and your energy, literally shake things up and let it all go.  

Then you will be able to come back to it with new insights, new actions, and new clarity. 





Fear, doubt, and dragons...

There is singing in the background and it's got me thinking...

In the fall there is a celebration at our school where we get ready to move into the darkness of this part of the year.  My children go to a Waldorf school and every year we move through this path together with the same rhythm, but this year something was different.  My kids took this one song that goes with the celebration and kept singing it, for months now.  The more I hear it the more it is settling in me in a different way - as songs for Waldorf school celebrations tend to do... ;)

The phrase I hear repeated by all my children over and over in their song is this...

"I conquer within me fear and doubt..." and then the song continues about the character, casting the dragon out.  

But this is the phrase that is settling in me.  And as I listened to them singing it on the way home from another school gathering tonight where we were making candles, dipping the wicks in wax in a meditative type social gathering, my kids were talking about how the candles are here to support us as we move through the darkness.  It was really beautiful - and no it's not always this profound, but this was so beautiful. 

As I was tucking them in for bed the phrase continued to sing in my mind.  And I thought how you might all like to take that into your experience. 

"I conquer within me fear and doubt..."  

How beautiful!  What would it feel like for you to conquer within your fear and doubt?  What might you create if you conquered the darkness within?  What might you experience, how might you experience the things you are already doing differently?  

How might you show up differently in your business - in your sales conversations, in your marketing, in your presence?

This idea of overcoming the fear and doubt speaks to how powerful we are in our choices and in our beliefs.  When you take a stand for you, for your business, for your client, you show up different.  New things are possible that weren't before.  

You get to choose to overcome the darkness within you so you can create what you want. 

I am excited to share more with you next week about how this connects to the sales conversation and handling the money objection (and to share with you something special just for you).  Perhaps you can start to see how this all ties together.  And in the meantime, I invite you to try on this experience of conquering within you fear and doubt.  

What opens up for you, what is possible? 

Be Inspired! Take Action.




Are you sprinting to take your business to the next level?


When I started my business I was trying to prove to myself that I could create a business and have it support me in the way that my corporate job did. And I approached that business like I did my corporate job. 

I could make anything happen. 

I worked hard and pushed and did it.  AND, then I would crash.  That approach only worked for me for a short period of time.  

I would work really hard - intensity, long hours, extreme focus.  Then, I would get burned out, exhausted, and feeling so wiped out that I would need to have a break. And so I would find myself in these cycles. But I didn't know that then.  I didn't see the cycles.  

What are the cycles in your business? 

Do you move consistently and steady?  Are you a creative type with bursts of inspiration, creativity, and drive - followed by a crash?  Or some other version? 

I still find myself in cycles now. But now I'm more aware of them. Now I know when I'm sprinting and when I'm in a marathon. And what I now see is that this is really a marathon with chosen bursts of sprinting.

There are many factors that lead to the cycles you create in your business.  And, are the cycles something you are intentionally using to your benefit or are they working against you?  

When you have an awareness around how you do your best work, you can build your business around that to leverage that part of you.  So it can show up in your program delivery, the way you chose to enroll clients into your work, the types of marketing strategies you use.  It can all be designed to support you and how you show up best in your business and ultimately in the world. 

Is the CRASH really a good thing? 

The simple shift of moving from seeing the crash as a negative to embracing the greatness that comes from the whole cycle creates so much more freedom and expansion.  And ultimately, that supports you in creating and building a sustainable business.  Sustainable for you and the way you live your life and do your best work.   

  • Is the way you're running your business sustainable? 

  • Can you keep this level of intensity going? 

  • Do you see the natural cycles in your business and in the way you work in your business? 

  • Have you designed your business, program delivery, and pricing around the way you work best in your business?

If you would like support in seeing your greatness and how it can create MORE for you in your business - MORE in a supportive, positive, expansive way - send me a quick email and we'll set up a time to connect.  A lot can happen in one conversation.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.




This is scary....

Today I created a video to submit to a conference organizer to apply to be a speaker.  I have booked speaking gigs in the past without anything so formal, but as I am stepping into this next level, I am challenging myself to do things differently - or things that I may not have done before.  

So this wasn't really the kind of scary that I could feel in my body - not like when my 6 year old jumps out from around the corner yelling "BOO!".  This is the kind of scary that had me put off doing it for weeks.  This is the kind of scary that might result in me getting exactly what I want.  

What's so wrong with that?  

Nothing, really.  But to my brain, doing something I have never done before is so scary that it's not worth doing. 

Here's what happens in your brain when you do something you've never done before...

One part of your brain (the part that is responsible for the fight, flight or freeze state) is responsible for keeping you safe.  So if you have done something before and SURVIVED, then it is OK to do it again.  Even if that thing was something you wouldn't necessarily choose to do again - like eating sugar when you're stressed, or procrastinating.  

When you do something you have never done before all kinds of things can happen to keep you "safe".  And thank goodness for this part of our brains!  This is the part that gets us out of danger (true danger), you know, like when a bear is attacking you.  Well maybe we aren't attacked by bears anymore, but we have other kinds of stresses that tell our body to react in the same way - fight, flight or freeze.  

So I guess my response to this scenario was freeze.  I guess that is what procrastination showed up as for me this time.  So here are the 3 things that helped me to do something new and different, and that felt a little scary to my brain and body.  

3 Steps to Shift Procrastination

1.   Accountability - tell someone this is what you are doing and ask for them to follow up with you until you complete it.  (Thankfully I had my amazing team member working with me to keep me focused on accomplishing this.)

2.   Add it to your calendar - yep, it's that straight-forward.  Add the specific amount of time it will take you to accomplish the task to your calendar and do it. 

3.   Identify the prep work - what else needs to happen in order for you to complete the task when it shows up on your calendar.  For example, I needed to take a shower (yes, simple, but I had to make sure that I had arranged my schedule so I get my movement in and hair dry before my scheduled time.), prep my content, arrange my background and lighting.  Not a big deal, but definitely something that I could have let get in my way - if I hadn't planned for it.  

When you have identified the prep work, then add that to the calendar as well.  

I did it anyway.

This is one example of something that feels scary, but I did it anyway.  It's also an example of one thing that can show up in your business that you might choose to do anyway.  Even though this is just one example, the steps to handle it can be the same every single time.  

With one exception...

What are you afraid might happen?  Often there is a really good reason for not following through with a task, action, or the continuation of a habit like procrastination.  That reason is there to protect you in some way to keep you safe, or keep your love or sense of belonging in tact.  

If you find yourself just not able to create the change, or take the new scary action, you may need some additional support to identify what is deeper that is keeping you from stepping fully into this next greatest version of yourself.  There's no judgement there, just understanding, clarity, and an opportunity to see things with a new sense of clarity. 

What is a habit or behavior that is getting in the way of you creating exactly what you want?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below, or drop me a note at  



This is so hard!


  • "There just isn't enough time in the day!"
  • "Wow that must be tough."
  • "Things are so crazy busy right now."

Over the last couple weeks I have been preparing to move.  We have lived in this house for almost 15 years, so this is a big deal for us (not to mention 3 kids, changing schools, etc.).  As I share with people what is coming for our family, it is interesting to hear people's responses.  "Wow, you must be so busy" or "That must be tough".  I would respond, yes, and overtime I started to take that on.  I started feeling anxious and overwhelmed with the seemingly endless to-do list.  

One day I was speaking with my friend and she reflected back to me this language and invited me to a new possibility, "what if you choose a different experience, one that is filled with ease?" 

Yes!  That was it.  That sent a huge breath of relief through my body and my mind, and in that moment I stepped into this new possibility.  That is what I am creating.  

As I speak with amazing women entrepreneurs - who are creating their something big in this world, and often caring for kiddos too - I am also hearing beliefs pop into their everyday story.  

  • "There isn't enough time."
  • "I don't know how I can get it all done."
  • "I know I have to do it like that, but it doesn't feel aligned."
  • "This is so hard!"

I invite you to also step into this new possibility, things can be different.  What if you chose that there is an unlimited amount of time and all the important things can be completed exactly as they need to.  Or that being in alignment really is the only way to have something "work".  

While I am highly trained to listen for beliefs and belief patterns, I still don't always catch them in myself (thanks to my coaches and coach friends).  I know how these beliefs can impact our business, our lives, our family relationships, our definition of success.  And if you can't see it for yourself, it is really tricky to change it.  

I am opening up 5, 90 minute sessions over the next month to do deep belief change work with 5 amazing women entrepreneurs (this is not a sales conversation, this is a transformational coaching session).  

If you see yourself in the same cycle in your sales, your business, your family, your relationships, this is for you.  

I don't ever do these sessions as individual sessions, but I am so tired of seeing women stuck in their beliefs, and then beating themselves up for something that they can change, that it is time to get started for everyone!  This is something that anyone can do, if they really want to create the change. 

When we begin to create the shift, then everything else can shift into place as well.  

How do you know if this is right for you?  

Well, some of you may already know you hold some pretty big beliefs that are keeping you from your version of success.  If not, you can start to see that you are creating a similar pattern, or experiencing an unwanted behavior - there is usually a belief at the core that is causing you to create the same result or behavior. 

For example, feeling stress and anxiety at the beginning/end of each month feeling the pressure to do it again.  Or perhaps you turn to the comfort food when you are feeling stressed or anxious.  Maybe you lose your temper with your kiddos when things are stressful with your work. 

Whatever it might be - even if you don't know what it is - this is the chance to be able to shift those beliefs so you can create a new, more empowered, more successful pattern that supports you in creating your greatest version of you.  

Apply for a Belief Breakthrough Session!

If you would like to apply for one of these 5 sessions, here are the next steps to take.  

1.  Be willing to invest the time, up to 90 minutes, for our session, and a follow up 30 minute session.

2.  Be willing to invest $247 in yourself to create this shift ($600 value). 

3.  Click here to complete the application by June 19 and we will contact you to schedule if you are selected,

There are only 5 spots and you must complete your application by June 19.  

Apply Now!  

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Be Inspired & Take Action!




Optimize for time...

Are you feeling tied to the phone or computer, thinking if you let up for a moment you might lose dollars?

For many of my clients,  when they dig deep, the big  WHY  behind the work they do is their family,  specifically their children. It's the reason why they started their own business, why they stand on the edge of living their truth even as it is continually stretched.  And now, as we move into the summer, a lot of women on a mission, who have big plans for their business and the world, also want to spend lots of FUN time with their kids during the summer.   

I have spent lots of time optimizing for revenue and sales in my business, and this summer things are being planned differently.  Having the flexibility in my business, with my clients, and my important projects so I can also have completely present, mindful time with my kids.  

So what does it mean to optimize for time?  

This is about identifying the big projects, or income that you want to create during this time frame, and then the number of hours you want to put toward your work and family.  Then developing the business structures to accomplish both work and play as you desire it. 


4 Steps to Optimize For Time

1.  Set clear boundaries

When is the time you want (or need) to work or be with your kids.  Map it out, what are the hours you are dedicating to each.  Set clear boundaries for yourself and those around you - your support team, your clients, your family. 

2.  Look for leverage

Identify the ways you can support your clients in less time.  What are your high value projects, clients, or tasks that create a big impact in a small amount of time?  What are the things you can let go of or delegate so you can focus more on the leveraged areas?  

3.  Create offers

Create offers that align with your boundaries and leverage your time.   This is where you can deliver your content and create value for your customers in a way continues to create leverage and income.  Can you offer a group course, a live or virtual workshop, a one day training? 

For some of my clients we have created offers and time structures that are different than what they choose to do the rest of the year.  This kind of flexibility is amazing, if you let it be.  So my question to you is to get really clear on what you want.  Not just what you want for the year, but what you want at different times throughout the year, what you want during the week and what you want each day. When you step out of the rhythm of your daily routine and allow yourself to envision new possibilities, what might you create that will really fuel you to a new level?  

4.  Optimize at work and at home 

Where are the areas at home that you can create more flexibility and fun?  

  • Hire someone to clean your house.
  • Order your groceries online.
  • Make your meals with left overs
  • Hire a neighborhood teen to care for your yard

I would love to hear your how you are optimizing for time both at work and at home.  Share in the comments below!



Time to Pause...


Over the last week I have had an experience that in the past would have thrown me for a loop.  I have been feeling very introspective and quiet.  I have been feeling this discontent.   

In the past this would have sent me off looking for new meanings.  Why is this happening, what does it mean, what is missing, and on and on.  

This time I am having a different experience with this.  I know that there are a lot of planetary influences taking place at this same time, which always is a gentle reminder for me that what I am feeling is not always mine.  That is such a supportive perspective.  And within that perspective I know that something is shifting for me.  I feel a calm, curiousness about what is to come - instead of a frantic panic. 

Each day I am honoring what I am needing, which has been rest, meditation, really quality foods, time with my family, and lots of time in nature.  

I could be carrying around so much guilt for giving myself this time to rest and recharge, but this time I am experiencing it with curiosity and wonder.  

This is an interesting time, and I know something is shifting for me, and I am giving myself this gift and this time, and trusting the process.  

Here is what I am doing to move through this discomfort...

1.  Experiencing my discomfort

I am being with my feelings.  This is a novel concept for me (compared to the past).  I am allowing myself this experience, trusting that it is here for a reason.  Even though I may not know what that reason is in this moment, I trust.  

2.  Honoring my process

During this time, I am giving myself what I need, whether that is rest or movement, or something in between.  I am committed to my daily practices of meditation, movement, setting intentions, and taking inspired action.  

3.  Asking the questions

Because I hold the belief that there is a reason, but am choosing to forego the experience of making it mean something in the moment, I am asking myself the questions.  Why am I stuck, what am I here to learn right now, what is my big why?  I am not forcing any answers, but simply asking the questions and allowing the information to flow to me in the right time.  

4.  Ask for and receive support

I have my community, my husband, my friends, my coaches, my mastermind group.  And I have asked for support, and allowed myself to receive it - without guilt.  I am in awe at the amazing community of brilliant, purposeful, connected individuals I can reach out to for support.  The support I have asked for has been different at different times.  Sometimes it is to be heard, sometimes to be coached through belief patterns or for clarity, sometimes it is to be of service to someone else.  

5.  Connecting with my WHY

This connection to my purpose, is what lifts me up and inspires me to take action forward.  And my commitment to myself is to stay connected and reconnect to my why.  And from that place I choose to take inspired action to turn the possibilities into my reality.

Here is my big why:    

I am here to support women to create their unique definition of success so we can all live our fully expressed unique genius, as that is where the magic happens now and for the future. 

When our children see us living, creating, celebrating, acknowledging, developing, learning, and evolving, we create the space that that is the new normal - and so it continues on and on. 

I wish for my children, and future generations, to be so confident in themselves, connected to their knowing, and their gifts, that there can be no other option than to deliver that into the world and to be satisfied, happy, and fulfilled. 

When we step into our greatness, that is holding the possibility for everyone else to take that next step on their unique path.

I would love to hear from you - what do you do when you are in the middle of a growth spurt and experiencing discomfort?  What is your why?  

Please share on the blog and in the Facebook group. 

Be Inspired!


P.S.  I have created a new Facebook group so we can come together in support, inspiration, and accountability toward creating our unique definition of success.  Please join me, click here and request to join the group:

P.P.S.  If you have been thinking about joining me in the Master the Close Jumpstart that starts this week, but are on the fence, I invite you to schedule a 20 minute check in with me personally to see if this is a good fit for you and to answer any questions that might be up for you (before the early bird savings end Wednesday at midnight).  

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How You Do One Thing, is How You Do Everything

How You Do One Thing, is How You Do Everything

How does that sit for you?  

Here's what's up for me.  In my time in the corporate world with a young family, balancing my high expectations of myself at work and at home, I found myself over booking myself and never feeling like I was doing enough.

Here is what that looked like for me, maybe you can relate...


Then we would go to school, try to slow down to be present and be connected with them while maneuvering traffic.

After drop off, I would get to work, already feeling late and behind, often on a call that started while I was at drop off.

This would then continue all day with back to back calls (no lunch, but some snacks from my desk drawer), until I would leave work at the end of the day with tons to do and trying to get home before traffic was too bad.

Then we would get dinner, get ready for bead and usually fall asleep while we were tucking in for bed.  Whew!  When I would wake up later, I would relax deeply, lay down in my bed and eat something sweet to pamper myself and make myself feel better after the day.

How I was doing one thing, was how I was doing everything - in a hurry and over-scheduled (and without enough fun).

Where do you notice a pattern in how you are showing up in your work that is also showing up at home?


AND, the best thing of all is that I felt more connected to my children, and more easily tuned into their feelings and needs.  Sometimes I didn't get as much "stuff" done, but I felt much MORE productive.

So, my priority has been enjoying every moment and receiving much more joy throughout each day.  

Often, just the inquiry and awareness alone can begin to create meaningful changes.  I would love to hear about what you are seeing in your life - what is something you are doing that you now can see is showing up in all areas of your life?  Your work, parenting, relationships, friendships, how you treat yourself and your body?

Sending love to you,


What's that feeling in my .....?

It has been a LONG time since I have written to you! A LOT has been going on over here with me personally, with my business, my family and on and on.  I'm sure you can relate.

Over the last few months I have continued my path to discovering more and more clarity about my purpose in this world and how I can best fulfill that.  I have also continued my training and learnings so I can better serve the women who I am meant to support through deep transformation, mindset and belief shifts, and actions to peel away the layers of what is no longer you (or never was), so you can step powerfully into your truth.  I have been on this path for so long, that I have recently been spending time reflecting on what it was that originally had me start in this direction.

And you know what it was? It was a combination of deep soulful knowing, a physical discomfort in my gut and sometimes elsewhere (the combo platter of anxiety, stress, guilt and overwhelm), and the birth of my first daughter that caused to me take action to start the path to CREATE EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.  That is my nature, to take action, and that has served me well in many areas of my life.  Although, what I am discovering is that the action has also served as a way for me to stay disconnected from my truth.  In a way it was an uncomfortable, easy way out.

Have you experienced this before? You are so busy!  So busy, that you can't even take care of yourself (of course), and also so busy that you are literally going from one moment to the next -from morning 'til you crash into bed - maybe with a sweet or salty treat or a glass of wine, because now it is finally time for you!

I soooo understand that and lived that.  I am realizing more and more that when I am going so fast, I really don't know what I feel or need or want.  So of course it sounds kind of crazy to think about what you really want - because who has time for that.  Here's the thing, this constant state of rush, and busy, is likely rooted in something real - we have lots to do as women, working, caring for others.  AND, it is a BRILLIANT strategy for us to stay protected from really feeling what is going on in our body.  I have shared this with some people lately, that I remember referring to myself as a walking head - I literally had no connection to what I was feeling, needing or wanting.  But boy did I have that 'thinking' thing down.

A practice for you. If this sounds any bit familiar, here is a little practice for you - the next time someone says, "what would you like for dinner", go ahead and give the standard response.  And then in your mind (connected with the rest of you), ask yourself, "if I really could have anything, what do I really want for dinner?"  This sounds so simple and almost not worth doing, but here's the deal, when you start with something simple, it opens up the awareness and makes it easier for the messages to flow to you - even during the times you may not be so aware.

If that sounds a little scary, to really start getting messages from your body about what you need, want and feel, then drop me a note and let's have a quick chat to see what we can do to support you in that.

So, I am not taking the easy way out anymore, I am fully committed to living my truth, delivering significant change for women who want to create exactly the life they want so they can BE in their work, their family, their relationships and their body in a way that feels amazing.That may show up for you now as that physical discomfort - stress, anxiety, overwhelm - in one or many areas of your life - your work, family, relationships, self.  Whatever that looks like for you, I want you to know you are not alone.  I now know, and have such confidence, that we are the ones that will create amazing change in this world.

Thank you for joining with me as we each travel our own unique path.  I would love to hear from you!  What are you experiencing on this beautiful summer day?  Breathe.

I am grateful for you.

Sending love to you,