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Why hasn't it happened yet...

A part of you wants to create something in your business.  And another part of you wants something else, something different.  

Perhaps a part of you wants to create a big successful business and another part of you wants to stay flexible, small (and maybe hide a bit).  

Maybe a part of you wants to have a successful business and another part of you is worried if you do it will take away from your commitment to your family.

As I just was reminded, when you don't yet have what you want, something isn't congruent.  There is a good reason you haven't yet created it, as a part of you may be trying to protect yourself to stay safe.  

When you bring the different parts of you into alignment you can take powerful action forward to create what you want.

So what do you want?  

Where do you see the conflict in desires?  

If you are curious how you are keeping yourself from creating what you want - or if you are looking to create more clarity on exactly what you want to create next - I invite you to set up a session with me so we can create clarity and breakthrough to what comes next.  

There will always come times when you feel unclear, stuck, or uncertain.  It's what you do in that time that determines how you move through it.  

I would love to hear from you!  What is it that you really want? 



A shift of perspective...

Instead of seeking the next thing, the next client, the next opportunity.  

Perhaps a shift in perspective will be supportive.  

Opportunities are everywhere.  

Do you choose to see them?  

When you open to the possibility that opportunities are everywhere magic can happen.  And I don't mean magic where you just sit back and wait for the sparkles to appear.  But the kind of magic where you move toward something and things start to fall in place so much easier than you may have expected.  

Opportunities are everywhere.  

Do you choose to see them? 

Just last night after I had tucked my daughter in for bed my mind started to wander. It started to create something really exciting.  So I took action on it right then in that moment.  I jotted down some notes, some ideas, some actions.  And I felt compelled to reach out to another amazing entrepreneur friend to create this with her.  One Facebook message later and boom we are creating something together!  

Opportunities are everywhere.

Do you choose to see them?

When you look up from reading this today, I invite you to be curious, filled with wonder.  Where might your next opportunity appear?  

In order to receive the opportunities, you need to know they are there to be received.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.




Are you ready? 3 keys for conscious, creative entrepreneurs...

You want to grow, right? I know you are down with the personal development growth path.  And I'm guessing you are on that same path for growing your business.  You likely have this big vision, and a desire to make a big impact in the world, and YOU ARE READY.

AND, something isn't quite clicking...

Maybe it's that the things you were doing aren't working anymore.  Or maybe you feel like you have to work so dang hard to keep it going.  

Here's what I have discovered in working with women entrepreneurs and in my own personal development path.  

Want to grow?  These are the 3 keys to create the flow in your business (for conscious, creative entrepreneurs).

1.  Stand in your personal power and know your greatness!  

Maybe you don't know what your GREATNESS it is yet, or maybe you don't know how to fully express it in your business.  But when you do, that's when your tribe will start to take notice.

2.  Don't force your niche, stop overthinking it!  (And yes, I'm talking to you whether you are newer in your business, or upleveling your niche.)

Over thinking the niche often has people missing the intersection of their greatness and that unique life experience that can really make a huge impact on people in your own way.  It's often so simple and obvious that we just don't see it OR we believe everyone thinks like that/sees that/knows that.  

3.  You must be in alignment in every area of your business in order to be in the abundance flow.  

For conscious entrepreneurs, being in alignment is the key to creating abundance.  This is in your overall business, your financial intentions, your marketing, sales, clients, support team - EVERYTHING!

If something isn't flowing in your business, look at these 3 pieces first.  Even if you have done it before, it's time to revisit it.  As you continue to grow, your business will also continue to evolve.  

I'm super excited about supporting you to create alignment in your business so you can create sales and make your impact. What type of service or support would be in the highest service for you?

A. Discovering your greatness and leveraging it in your business

B. Business Energy Alignment reading so you know exactly what needs upgrading

C. Heal your money so you can handle the money objection

I would love to hear from you!  Reply to this email for our super simple survey, with an A, B, or C (or more than one).  

Thanks for your input as I'm deciding what comes first!

Be Inspired! Take Action.




Please Stop Doing This NOW!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all things on your to do list?  Knowing that there is a never ending list of things you can be doing to support, build, and grow your business.  This can feel overwhelming and it can actually move you into NOT doing anything.  

 I see what happens.  You know there are all kinds of things to do.  

  • Classes to learn new things
  • Social media posts to make and engage on (multiplied by all the social media avenues)
  • Blog posts to write
  • Systems to implement
  • New technology to investigate and install
  • Create or update your website
  • And on and on and on

Here is the truth - take it or leave it.  If you want to grow your business and create something sustainable, this is the truth.  

 You have to be ruthless with the activities you choose to do with your time.  Your time is precious.  It is the one non-replenish able resource we all have.  

 So the actions you choose to take in your business need to be aligned with the results you are looking to create.  

 What To Do & What NOT To Do At Each Stage of Business

 If you are in the "Make It Work" stage, in the early stages of your business, wanting to prove to yourself that you can create a business that works, you need to focus on revenue generating activities - and not do the other things that can be more distractions. Even if it seems these are critical to your business, I invite you to really use a critical eye when looking at your list of to do's.  Are the actives you are doing generating income?

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Work" stage:  creating and updating your website, creating a business Facebook page and updating it, taking gazillions of automated classes to learn everything. 

 If you are in the "Make It Consistent" stage, you still want to use the critical eye to focus on the revenue generating activities.  And, at this stage you can begin to leverage your team to take care of other tasks for you.  

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Consistent" stage:  manually scheduling client appointments, setting up and sending your email to your list, designing and making updates to your website, bookkeeping, taxes.  

 If you are in the "Make It Grow" stage, there is even more of your current responsibilities you can hand over to your team. You can then invest more of your time and resources in being a great leader for your team and in the world.  In this stage of your business you can even begin to train your team to take on some of the revenue generating activities, while you shift your focus to the higher leveraged revenue generating activities. 

 What actions to stop doing at the "Make It Grow" stage: handling low ticket sales conversations and offers, answering client support questions and answers, scheduling client or prospect meetings, setting up auto responders and other technical systems, updating blog posts and other content, updating all social media content. 

 What Does Your "BUSYNESS" really mean?

 At every stage of your business, I invite you to look at what your "busyness" is really keeping you from doing.  How is it keeping you safe?  How is the belief or story that you are too busy keeping you from doing the big work you are meant to do?  

 Often we can be very attached to the items on our to do list, believing that we have to do specific tasks, that we couldn't possibly hand over to a team member.  Sometimes it takes an outside view to get perspective.  

 If you would like support to get clear on what actions you can stop doing, I invite you to request a conversation to receive support during a Business Breakthrough session with me. Click Here to sign up.



What Is Wrong With Me?

"Maybe I'm the one this won't work for."  

"Maybe my business isn't right or good enough."  

"Maybe I'm living in my own diluted reality where this big dream is possible."  

I Know What To Do But Don't Do It!

You KNOW what to do, but you can't seem to do it.  Maybe it's not the right action, maybe the way you are doing it isn't right for your business or you, maybe there are belief patterns or energies keeping you back, keeping you safe.  It feels frustrating, like there is something wrong with you or your business.  

What I know to be true is that if you are committed to creating your big vision, and you are committed to doing the work, then it is possible.  But you have to have all the pieces in place.  You need to be in alignment - the big vision, the beliefs, the energy, the actions.  When you're in alignment things seem to move forward quickly and with energy that almost feels like it is pulling you forward.  There are still challenges, there is still discomfort, but you know there is a bigger reason for it, it is part of the layers that get to be peeled back to bring you to the next step on your path.  

There is just no reason that old beliefs, old energy, or activities that are not in alignment with you and your business have to keep you from creating the big impact you are here to create. 

Our brain is a tricky partner.  It is here to ensure our love, safety, and belonging.  To the lower part of our brain (the fight, flight, or freeze) we need to be kept safe.  And if we do something and we survive, then it is safe - so we do it again.  

What does this mean for you? 

What are you doing in your business that you know you could be doing differently - but can't seem to create the change?  Perhaps you want to be more organized, or you want to put yourself out there and stop playing small, or you want to enroll more clients, BUT... each of these could put your brain into a place of trying to protect you.  If what you want is different than what you have (which, um, HELLO!) there will be parts of you that will "self-sabotage" to keep you safe.  

Stop Beating Yourself Up!

This is the way our brains work.  That's it.  No reason to beat yourself up or start the story machine - making up reasons why you're not good enough, don't know enough...

This is where many people get stuck.  The cycle begins of wanting to take action, not taking action, beating yourself up - REPEAT.  No More! 

You can upgrade your belief patterns, you can be different without having to remember to be different.  You can release the old energy that is holding you back.  You can create alignment that pulls you forward into the next greatest version of yourself.   But - you need all of the pieces - alignment in your strategies, beliefs, energy, and actions - and you have to be willing to do things DIFFERENT.  

Join me for my complimentary class on Leveraging Your Difference as Your Power.  It's time to do things different and create your definition of success. 

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It Isn't Meant To Be...


More and more people are waking up to the active role they play in creating their life.  It is an amazing place to be, and to recognize that being the creator in your life has a responsibility and it is so much better than being a victim.  


There is a place where we can give our individual power away to the universal power - trusting that things are meant to be.  If you have been reading my posts, you know I am all for surrender and trust and believing that there is a lot of magic that happens when we are in flow, but here's what I'm witnessing...

People are turning to their intuition as the guide, without having done the work to know they can trust their intuition unconditionally.  Their surrender is like a way of giving up, as opposed to a releasing and trusting.  People are covering their fear with a blanket of intuition.  And that just doesn't work.  

Our intuition is only as good as our willingness to look at both sides.  

Are you certain you are acting in flow and alignment, or is that fear that is driving that decision - and you are covering it up with "maybe it's meant to be that I don't work with that person", or get booked for that talk, or, or, or.

There is a fine line between using your intuition to move forward and using it to hide the fear.  Your intuition is going to help you stay connected and committed to what is true for you and what you really want.  As my amazing mentor shared with me, it isn't going to keep you playing small or hiding.  

There is a fine line between trusting and giving up.

There is a fine line between being in flow and taking consistent action that flows.  

Are you willing to call yourself on your own stuff?  Are you willing to check in with yourself and know when it isn't meant to be?  Are you willing to see your dark AND your light?  Are you willing to see where you are hiding or giving up instead of letting your personal power shine so bright you get exactly what you want and even more?  

When you own your stuff, all of it, the good, the bad, the powerful, the uncomfortable, that is where the growth is.  That is where we can truly trust and surrender, because that is where the work is.  

Before you accept that something is "meant to be", check in with what is really true for you in that moment.  What do you really want?  Are you being triggered?  There is a lesson in the trigger, and a reflection in the mirror.  

Sending you love, inspiration, and action!


If you are ready to Create a Consistent Business AND Live Your Truth, join me for this free class, by signing up below. The world is waiting for your gifts.


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My biz and spiritual cocoon + 3 practices to move through the deep work...

I'm in a cocoon. 

Well, it's sort of like a business and spiritual cocoon.  

Here's what's going on.  It might be a combination of moving to the next level in my work and my purpose, with a little "don't let yourself have it too good" on the side.  I am in transition.

Over the last few months we've sold our house and moved into a new beautiful home in a new city.  That's transition right there.  

Plus, I have 3 kids and over the summer created the opportunity and structure to get to spend most of each day with them.  (There are 3.)  And they are all shifting and changing as they adapt to our new home.  So that's some more transition.  

After we moved and started to get settled, I began to discover that there was a deeper process taking place, some deep soul work.  I shared that I didn't go on the business retreat with my mentors and tribe a few weeks ago, and that was just the beginning.  

I now find that I am in a cocoon of sorts.  I have gone inside, craving lots of time to myself - without much of it available - since I am choosing to do my best to be present with my kiddos each day.  

The good news is that when this type of experience would happen in the past, I thought there was something terribly, horribly wrong.  Now I know that this is a part of my evolution, a part of my soul's opening to a new deeper level and sharing the next step with the rest of me since I'm now nearing ready to hear it.  

I discovered that this summer is my time to do some deep inner work, and that is showing up in my family, my perspectives, and my passion business.  

One of my coaches shared with me that it's time to come out of the soul closet.  

What does that even mean?  For me, it's time that I lead with soul in all of my life, instead of just once you really get to know me.  My clients know that I love listening to the inner wisdom, my intuition is crazy good, I love Oracle cards, meditations, brain re-patterning, shifting deep beliefs, and looking within for all the really good answers (or most any answer).   

And others may also get a sense of this from my blog posts and emails.  But I stay behind the sales, marketing, and business stuff because that is still where my brain is comfortable.  And I know that my soul is comfortable there too - and it's time for me to let the rest of my woo-woo'ness come out to play, for anyone who wants to see.  

During this cocooning time, I have been working on my processes for developing this soul clarity, one of which has been reading the akashic records.   (Which, I will be opening up a couple spots to do complimentary business readings soon, if you are interested in grabbing one of those spots you can reply to the email and we'll let you know if you get one.)

And there have been other practices that have been integral to peeling back these layers to discover more of my soul purpose, so I'm sharing those with you here.  

Here are 3 practices I am using during this time to dig deep...

  • Set an intention before bed - let your mind and soul do the work for you and deliver it to you in the morning.
  • Have a written conversation with your knowing before bed, sit for a set time every evening before bed - ask question and write down answer.  Then come back to it in the morning and decide which inspired action to take.
  • Walking meditation - I've shared this one before in a previous blog, but it is a part of my daily practice.  The nature/meditation combo hits the spot. 

I would love to hear about your experience when you are moving through these types of challenging or growing experiences - tell me all about it in the comments below, or send me a note back!



Are you taking the RIGHT kind of action?

You might be wondering if there could possibly be the wrong kind of action.  Perhaps wrong is not the right word, but it certainly may not be optimized for the highest outcome.  

Here's what I mean.  I have spent so much time thinking my way into actions.  I would think about what I want to do, identify the logical actions that would create that outcome, and then make myself do them one way or another.  (Or I would feel guilty for not doing them when I "should" have, and a cycle would continue.)

This is definitely a way to stay in action (or guilt your way into action).  It just might not be the most aligned action.  

So What Is The Alternative?

  The alternative is to take inspired or aligned action.  You know those times when you are so excited about something you are working on that you just keep going, almost without thinking, you are just completing the things that want to be done?  It's kind of like that.  

Inspired Action

Inspired action is when you feel pulled forward into an action, you feel inspired, motivated to accomplish or create something.  

For example, if I were to sit down to write this blog post and pick a topic and make myself write about it - that is not aligned.  My version of inspired action is to sit down, ask what is the topic that wants to be shared right now, and let that flow through me.  

There is no guilt involved in inspired action, it involves trust, and connecting to that part of you that knows exactly what needs to happen and then moving from that effortless place.  

Another example - "Getting" New Clients

When some of my clients are wanting to schedule more sales conversations (I like to call them conversations, but they are also called strategy sessions, discovery calls, consultations), they can try to think of the people to reach out to, use a pre-crafted email template, and hope to get a response.  Those are all very forced, disconnected actions.

When you come from inspiration, you are connected.  Connected to the bigger reason or motivation for the action and it is pulling you forward.  

When scheduling sales conversations, another strategy is to ask yourself (or your knowing) who are the people that I can be of service to right now.  Whoever comes to your mind, you can reach out to them from a place of connection to the service you can provide to them - simply by having a powerful conversation.  Writing an email or making a phone call from that place will have an entirely different quality about it, and ultimately generates a different result.  

Next Time

The next time you are feeling like you just can't make yourself do something, instead of beating yourself up or feeling guilty, ask yourself "what is the action that wants to be taken now".  There is trust involved in receiving and following through with the answer, but the outcome is so good when you follow that guidance.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.  ;)




What do your clients REALLY want? Authentic Sales Strategy Inside...

I have been playing with some numerology lately, learning from one of my coaches, and (because it's my nature) digging much deeper - as I am fascinated by it - and all things that help us to learn more about ourselves, others and the world! 

One of the things I have discovered about myself is that I am a spiritual seeker.  I am here for "investigations of the unknown, and finding the answers to the mysteries of life".  I love that part.   ;) 

So as is my nature, I continue to dig, explore, learn, investigate.  During the years spent studying, learning, and having sales conversations, I have noticed something very interesting.  

There are people moving away from things AND there are people moving toward things.  

In a lot of sales trainings they teach you to connect with someone's pain.  While that is a successful approach, it wasn't something that was resonating with me and the types of clients I was attracting. 

I used to be the person that was moving away from my job, but even though that was the fact, I was so much more motivated by what I was moving toward.  I have a big vision for myself and what I want to create in this world, with my business, for myself, and for my family.  I wasn't motivated by fear or pain, I was motivated by this vision that I could create things in a new way.  

How does that fit with the sales strategy of connecting with someone's pain?  

I have discovered that there are in fact two different types of situations for people. 

1. Those where people are moving away from their pain, and

2. Those where people are moving toward their vision (or what they REALLY want) 

It doesn't mean that someone can't hold both possibilities within themselves at any given time, however, it is an important distinction to be aware of so you can really connect with the true motivations of your ideal clients.  

Do the people you serve want to move away from a pain, or move towards something bigger?  

I'm so curious.  This shows up for my clients in their sales conversations as well.  And it can be a place where people can get stuck.  What if the pain isn't great enough?  How do you support them in taking the next step or in seeing the possibility of what can happen for them when they move forward?  

Perhaps you need to explore further what they REALLY want.  

Of course in sales conversations/strategy sessions/consultations, you will be exploring both what they want, where they are now, and why it's important to them to create it.  But don't get stuck if you aren't finding that pain.  

Now you have a new possibility

Explore deeper what they REALLY want.  

  • What becomes possible for them when they have that?  
  • What gets to happen next in all the important areas of their life?  
  • How is their family impacted?  
  • How is their business impacted?  

Explore fully the possibility of realizing that vision.  Sometimes the pain is the possibility of not realizing the vision.  

And for others, there's no way they won't realize it, they just need the help to do it.  

Be Inspired!  Take Action.



5 Steps to Finding Your Truth in Marketing and Sales

I have been in marketing and sales my entire adult life - for corporate and as an entrepreneur.  And the experience of being an entrepreneur adds a new level to the marketing and sales activities.  Especially for service based entrepreneurs, the reality is that we are marketing ourselves - even if it is behind a company name - it is based on our values, our deliverables, our relationships.  

So how do you find a way to do marketing and sales for your business in a way that feels in alignment with the whole you?

I have experienced this and I see many people struggling with how to generate more clients, more leads, more sales, more income AND do it in a way that is aligned with their values.  

You may see people out there doing things and it's working for them, but those same things aren't working for you.  Why?  Because something is out of alignment.   

Everything needs to be in alignment. 



5 Steps to Finding Your Truth in Marketing and Sales

1. Pricing:  What you are pricing your services at needs to be true for you.  If what is true for you is lower than you want, then you need to do the work to create that alignment so you can ask for higher prices with integrity.  

I recently coached one of my clients around a pricing issue.  It turns out that the issue was that she didn't believe in the price of her services, it was too low.  It felt like she wasn't being compensated adequately for the energy exchange that was taking place.  

2.  Delivery:  If you are offering a 28 day program, but you don't believe you can create the result in 28 days, you are out of alignment and it will be more challenging for you to offer that program. 

3.  Niche:  I niche-hopped for a long time trying on different things, all of which I loved, but they were not all right for me.  I was able to create success, but it wasn't what I wanted to do for a long time.  But you have to have one.  It's ok to change, you need to have one so you can do the work and then evolve over time.  

4.  Beliefs:  What do you believe about creating success, creating your own business, about earning a great income, about your value and worth?  When your beliefs (known or unknown) are not in supporting you, it will show up in your actions and you will not create the results you really want. 

5.  Who You Are Being:  This is a big one.  It is connected with your beliefs, but it also about how you show up in the world, with your clients, with your work.  Who are you being when you share your message, when you work with your clients?  Do you take a stand for their greatness?  Do you hold them as powerful? 

Are you out of alignment?

I invite you to attend my upcoming tele seminar where I will be sharing new content on how to have AUTHENTIC sales and marketing conversations that enroll new clients.  

Master the Close:  3 Mistakes Conscious Women Entrepreneurs Make When Enrolling New Clients, and What To Do Instead

If you are not creating the results you want in your business, there is something missing.  Don't stay a secret any longer, step into your greatness and create the income and impact you know you are here for.  

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3 Steps to Create Crystal Clarity Around What You Want

It's time to re-evaluate

At the beginning of the year is the big time to set intentions and goals.  But what I have been experiencing is a calling to re-evaluate.  

I had a very clear vision, picture, intention for my business and some key things I want to create in my life.  I did a lot of work around developing this clarity, so I can consistently take inspired actions to create this.  

However, as I have shared, over the last few weeks I have been moving through a transition - it was a funk, really - but I didn't get pulled down by it this time (which was worth a celebration in itself).  ;)

And, now coming out of that, I had a realization.  The things I wanted to create in my business and my life have been realized, or are well within the process.  What I was so connected to creating before is not resonating with me now, because it has become a reality.  

When I realized this, things became so clear to me.  I need to connect back with what I want next, and create the same kind of clarity around it that I had before.  

So I sat down and started to create my new picture.  What do I want to earn, to feel, to do with my family, to do for myself.  

3 steps to create crystal clarity around what you want: 

1.  Sit down to a blank piece of paper and in each area of your life, write down what it would look like if it were just 1 step better than it is now?

  2.  Next, answer the question, "what will having that do for you?".  Continue to ask that question until you get something that changes the feeling in your body, something that taps into that part of you that gives you some get-up-and-go.  

3.  Gratitude.  Write down something you are grateful for in each of the areas of your life. 

So, what do you want?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Be Inspired!




Are you doing your work in Contraction or Expansion?


As I shared in my last post (click here to read it) I had been moving through a transition time.  I knew something was shifting, but I didn't know what.  And the truth is, a lot of things are shifting.  

So I was doing my walking meditation practice and listening to my meditation, and I realized that I was living in contraction during this time.  In that very moment, I was able to make a shift to choose expansion.  

Since that time I have been bringing more and more awareness into the different parts of my life and looking at how I am feeling in that moment?  

  • When I show up to a strategy session or sales conversation
  • When I am being with my children
  • When I am deciding what to do next in my work
  • Everywhere

I noticed that the places where I am feeling in transition are the places that where my default pattern is to move into contraction.  It just happens automatically as a way to keep me safe.  As things are shifting, it's as if I'm telling myself, "just lay low and you'll be fine".  As if I am trying to keep myself out of the line of fire.  

But I am not in any lines of fire.  Things are just changing, I'm not fighting for my life.  :)

In fact, things are all changing exactly as I wanted them to.  I am getting exactly what I wanted to create for myself.  So I don't need to stay safe, but that is my default pattern.  

Even though subconsciously I am trying to protect myself, it doesn't feel good in my body to contract.  It is actually what feels like the discomfort I wrote about last week.  

When I moved into expansion, that is when things started to feel better - in my body, in my mind, everywhere.  

I share this with you for two reasons:  1)  where are you living from a place of staying safe and, 2) what are your default patterns? 

A simple strategy to test this out for yourself:  simply ask yourself, am I in contraction or expansion?  What shifts for you when you do that?  

If you are starting to see that you have a familiar pattern that isn't really supporting you anymore, reach out, I would love to support you to create some new patterns and beliefs that will allow you (and who you really are now) to move forward in strength and confidence.  Just because something served you in the past, doesn't mean you need to hold onto it forever.  Maybe this is exactly the shift that will free you up to take that next bold step into your greatest self.  


Schedule your Business Breakthrough Session here and let's see where you are stuck and begin to shift it.  

Be Inspired!




Handling the Money Objection

How many times have you heard someone say "I can't afford it" after you share with them the investment to work with you? 

There's "I can't afford it", "That's more than I was expecting", "I don't have the money for that right now", and on and on.  

Watch the video or read more below...

Money is the #1 objection that comes up, and here's why.  Money is an easy excuse to fall back on.  It is personal, people don't like talking about it, it feels like it is a conversation ender.  

Now, these are all very legitimate reasons that are very true for people.  They truly believe this, and for some people in certain situations this may be very true.  However, there is also something else going on here.   Without the proper conversation structure, the money objection is also a catch all for many objections rolled into one.  

The money objection is often covering up other things that are keeping people from moving forward, that they may or may not see for themselves in that moment.     Here are a few:  

  • They are scared they may actually get what they really want - this is a HUGE one.  Someone's whole life may look different if they really get what they want.  Relationships, work, finances, health, everything is often impacted when someone  invests in creating what they do want. 
  •  The value is not great enough.  If the cost to them to invest is greater than what they perceive to get back, then "I can't afford it" really means, "I'm not choosing to spend my money on this, I don't believe there is enough return".  They have the money, but not for this.  
  • They have other questions that haven't been addressed yet. 
  • They worry, "what if I do this and it doesn't work for me"?
  • They are afraid of failing, "what if I can't actually do what you tell me to do and I fail?" 

How to handle the money objection with authenticity and truth.

First, let's address why it's important to handle the money objection.  When you have had an empowered sales conversation with your ideal client, they have likely just shared with you why this change is so important for them and all the things that will shift for them in their life when this takes place.  

If you are able to support them in creating that change, you are doing them a disservice by not supporting them through this potentially scary part of the process.  Investing in yourself can be scary.  This is your chance to support this person to taking the next step toward their greatest self (health, relationship, business, etc.).  

When someone has this opportunity, they can move into a stress state and all kinds of "stuff" can come up for them.  This is your chance to coach them through this likely recurring pattern.  

So here is one strategy to handle the money objection.  Handle the objection before you discuss the investment.  For example, after you share about your offer, ask them, "is this something you would like to do?"  

The reason this is so empowering, is it helps to work through any other things that are keeping people from saying yes BEFORE you get to the money.  So if they are concerned about being able to do the work, or scared of what might happen after they do this, or they just aren't sure, you can address any of that separate from the money.  

Using this approach isolates the money objection, to be more truly just about the money, instead of filled with all kinds of possible objections rolled into one neat and tidy money objection.  

I would love to hear from you!  What else are you experiencing during your sales conversations that you would like support around?  Send me a note at or post in the comments below.  

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Are You Hiding Behind Fear?

Are you playing small?

Do you know there is more that you can bring to the world? 

One theme I am seeing a lot when I am speaking with amazing, conscious, women entrepreneurs who are here to do big things in the world, is they are developing their business model and business strategies around their fear.  

  • Fear of being seen
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of being misrepresented
  • Fear of being misunderstood
  • Fear of ...

We can be so creative!  We can come up with all kinds of ways to keep ourselves from living in our greatness.  I see this for myself when I am" too busy", too busy doing all the tasks I "need" to do to keep up with the business, the family, the world. But when I am really standing in my knowing and willing to own my greatness, the desire to put my work out in the world can't be stopped.  So I naturally choose to do different activities, to do the activities that support my greatness - instead of creatively finding the ways to stay small and safe.  (This didn't just happen, by the way, there was lots of support and personal growth involved!)

One big fear I hear from people all the time is that they don't want to be (or to have people think they are) pushy, or salesy.  This is so interesting to me.  

This shows up in the sales conversation, but also everywhere else someone is putting themselves, their work, or their message out in the world.  

The concept I hold is that whatever thoughts others have about you, is actually about them, it is not about you.  

The other part of that of course, is what you believe about you is about you, not about them.  :)

So if you look at this desire to NOT be pushy or salesy - under that is likely a belief that they ARE BEING salesy or pushy.  The root of this is a disconnect between your actions and your knowing.  When you know that you are being in the highest service to the person you are speaking to, the possibility of feeling salesy or pushy - or being perceived as salesy or pushy - is not possible. 

Here are 3 ways to know if you are building your business around fear?

  • Doing talks without offers or invitations to take it further
  • Creating sales pages as a way of avoiding the sales conversation 
  • Avoiding sharing your work with people in networking or daily conversations as a way of staying safe

The disconnect is between what we are thinking and what we are knowing - being in your head versus being in your whole self.   

Here is a great practice that can support you in aligning yourself between this disconnect.  

Do you choose FEAR or do you choose TRUST? 

When you find yourself in your head, feeling fear, worry, stress, simply ask yourself this question, do you choose FEAR or do you choose TRUST?

From this place of TRUST, with this perspective you can then take a look at what business activities you are choosing to do, as a way of NOT having to do something else. 

When you move back into your TRUST, what inspired action is worth taking to support your business?  

I would love to hear from you!  Share your fears and your inspired actions in the comments below. 

Be Inspired! 


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Authentic Sales??

I know that people have discomfort around sales.  I get it.  

In order to be authentic in sales, you have to BE AUTHENTIC.  [Period]

 So, when you are authentic - defined as real or genuine, not copied or false - and you learn to have a powerful sales conversation from that place, you will have an authentic sales conversation.  

Here are 3 important parts to having an authentic sales conversation that converts: 

1. How you show up to the conversation

2. The specific tools or techniques you have available within you, and 

3. Your mindset - what you are believing about yourself, the world, and the sales conversation

So what does it mean to be authentic - beyond the definition?  This is your stance, this is how you show up, this is the energy behind your words.  If you were to envision your posture, and the feelings you experience when you are being authentic, what does that feel like for you?  

Can you show up to your sales conversation from that place?

What keeps people from being authentic in their sales conversations is the stuff that goes on inside your head - will they think I'm pushy, will I really be able to help them, can I really charge that amount for my work.  And endless others.  Instead of being inside your head, connect to your truth, to your inner wisdom.  

Try this out...

I invite you to connect to your truth.  One way to get started is to identify your WHY.  What is your WHY and why is that important?  Keep asking yourself "and why is THAT important" for a few times, until you get to something solid.  You will know it when you say it out loud and it fires you up, lightens you up, and you feel aligned. 

When you know who you are, what you do in the world makes a difference, and that you are serving people in your highest service - that is authentic.  

Then you learn the tools and techniques that work to serve you in delivering your truth and your work in the world. 

Please share in the comments below:  

What do you do and why is that important for you?

What Do You Stand For?

In your life, in your business, in your family there are likely things you stand for.  Perhaps you stand for freedom, or love, or independence, or desires fulfilled. 

When you are meeting with a potential client in the sales conversation you need to stand for something too.  

What do you stand for in your sales conversation? 

There comes a point in some sales conversations where your potential client has expressed how important creating a new experience is for them, they share how it will impact them and why that is so important at this time, and then the fear steps in. 

This is the moment.  This is the place where you decide if you are willing to take a stand. 

To be clear, you are not taking a stand for you to get a new client.  This is not about you, this is about your potential client. Are you committed to supporting them to get what they want? Or are you going to get stuck in what's going on for you? 

Often this is the moment where the self talk kicks in.  

You may think to yourself, "what if they think I'm being pushy?", "what if they think I'm trying to 'sell' them?", "what if they won't like me anymore?".

If you step back and connect with your highest service, you can make a decision in this moment. You can choose to take a stand for your potential client to get what they want. You can be committed to that AND not attached to them working with you. 

In this commitment, it is your responsibility to hold a strong space for them to step into the next greatest version of themselves. And in order to do that, you get to help them through the fear, and back to their knowing, so they can make a decision from their truth - instead of from their fear. 

This is your moment to support them through the story they may not even be seeing. The story that is keeping them from getting what they want.   This story has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with them. 

Oftentimes the story starts with money, or time, or checking with their partner. But past that, there is a deeper story that they are protecting, a story that has served them in some way in their past and is likely still serving them to this moment.  

Is the possibility of them getting what they want even scarier than continuing to not get it? 

They know how to NOT get it.  They have done that. They have been successful at not getting what they want, and they have survived that experience.  

If they are to actually get what they really want now, something bad might happen.  Or not.  But they don't know, because they have never experienced this before.  

So here they sit.  Thinking about the money, or the time, or the partner.  And in this moment is a significant opportunity for transformation.  Supporting your potential client to a decision is so much more supportive than leaving them sitting in the indecision. 

They likely stop with the money, the time, or the partner.  Leaving them feeling disempowered and possibly with less hope.  

Are you willing to take a stand for this person? 

Are you willing to show up fully for them in this moment? Are you willing to support them while they make a decision?  It is up to you, be the coach/consultant/leader they need - and that you are.  

Of course sometimes it really is about the money, the time, or the partner, but don't leave them sitting in indecision.  Support them through the process so they can feel confident in their decision - whatever that decision may be.

Be Inspired!


P.S. If you are ready to take a stand for your clients, but you want support to develop a strategy and techniques that feel like YOU, then let's set up a time to connect.  Schedule your complimentary Business Breakthrough Session now!

Are You Afraid to be SEEN? 3 Steps to Living Out Loud

You know those times when you feel like playing small?  (Maybe it is more often than not).  Perhaps you don't feel like making that phone call, or attending a networking event.  That part of you that wants to stay small and safe is there for a good reason, it is protecting you from something. 

I'm curious, are you willing to play with me a bit and explore this?  Great!  Let's take a look... 

If you were the bravest version of you, what would you do in your business, your conversations, in your life? 

When you bring that awareness inside you and momentarily let go of any awareness of the outside world, what is possible? 

Letting go of everyone else's expectations, beliefs, needs, and wants. What does this bravest version of you do differently, think differently, see differently? 

What is different now?  What do you feel now? 

Ok, now checking in with yourself. Are you hiding? Are you keeping that bright light dim so it doesn't over power those around you?  What are the ways you are playing small in your business, in your conversations, in your life?  How is it keeping you safe to not be living that bravest version of yourself? 

3 Steps to Living Out Loud  

1. What is your WHY? 

Why do you do what you do?  What will having that do for you?  What is the big reason that gets you motivated and excited to do this work?  When you connect with that, and move from that space of empowered action, you will see different results. 

2. Play!

Are you having fun?  Do you play?  This can be with your words, with your body, with your kids, with your friends?  Are you giving yourself time to play and to connect with all of you - instead of just living in your head.  Your head is where the thinking, rational thoughts live.  The WHOLE of you gets to take in the part of your head, along with the knowing of the rest of your body.  

What can you do that is playful today?

3. Find your voice, speak your truth

What do you stand for?  What are you against?  If you were to shout from the rooftops, what would you say?  When you find that part of you that is connected with your why, and your truth, that is where you can connect to for the strength and courage to take those next bold actions that might feel a bit scary.  Step into that version of you, what does she want, what is true for her? 

Shout it from the rooftops! 

How does this pertain to your sales conversations? 

When you are fully expressed in your truth, you can live authentically, do business authentically, and then have powerful sales conversations authentically.

Being an entrepreneur has been one of the best personal development experiences in my life.  And I have have absolutely seen where living in my truth, and speaking from that knowing - as opposed to the thoughts and fears that run through the mind have been, and continue to be a powerful shift in perspective. 

When you know the edge of your truth, your boldness, your bravest version of yourself, you can tap into that and show up from that place in your sales conversations.  This allows you to see clearly the person in front of you, without any of your stuff placed upon them.  You can access that part of you that can use the techniques, and tools you may have to handle their objections, and support them through their fears and into their truth.

Here's to Living Life OUT LOUD!


Do you NEED New Clients?

As an entrepreneur, new clients are the lifeline of our business. It is a constant cycle, a flow of new energy that generates revenue -  as  well as a level of confidence, a knowing, and an opportunity to deliver our gifts into the world.

And when we are in a place of NEEDing new clients, that can be an interesting catch.  Of course needing new clients to keep the business going is a common experience many business owners experience - especially in the earlier stages.  However, there is a different energy that comes about when we are needing new clients.  

When we have a conversation with a potential client, there is something different about the way we show up when we are in that slight - to increasingly intense - energy of needing clients.  There is a desperation that appears, it is really a client repellent!

I remember when I was working in my corporate job and just getting started growing my business, I was super stressed, working a full-time job AND building my new business.  I so wanted to be home with my kiddos more, so I was working my you-know-what off to "make it happen".  And the result... Nada, Nothing, Zip.  I was literally repelling clients.  That was not an easy place to shift from as I was physically experiencing big stress - and it was showing up everywhere.  

Here is what I know to be true now.  We have the ability to experience what we want to experience.  If we want to be desperately needing clients that is different than holding a strong belief that clients are needing and wanting my services and ready to show up whenever I choose.  

Yes, this may be a slight shift, but small hinges swing big doors.  So the next time you are about to speak with a potential client, remember to connect to your purpose, your WHY, and to be in the highest service of that person.  

I invite you to say, "I invite the right clients into my business with ease and grace, as they are ready and wanting the services I provide".  Go ahead, try it out now.  What is different for you now?  

Moving from client repelling to client attracting now and forever!  

Sending love!


Is Your "Busy-ness" Resulting in Business?

Are you so BUSY? If you are starting or growing a business, the answer is probably YES, you are busy!  But here is my question, are you busy with the RIGHT activities that are generating revenue?

I speak with so many entrepreneurs who are so busy doing all the tasks that they need to do to run their business.  I used to be one of these people too!  I was the queen of being busy, but unfortunately I wasn't getting the results I should have with how much work I was putting into my business.  So many people I have been speaking with are experiencing this too!

It's time to STOP the madness and START working effectively to generate the revenue you are targeting.  Here is the key question:  Are you keeping yourself busy so you feel like you are busy in your business (even though the revenue isn't there)?   If you are, you may be feeling tired, beginning to feel a bit hopeless that this will never take off and frustrated that you are taking time away from other parts of your life without the return.

Here is what you can do to check if you are working on the right things.

What direct activities do you take that result in revenue? These could be calls with clients, calls with prospective clients, speaking engagements.

What activities could you not do and still have no change in your results? For some businesses this could be making changes to your website, frequent Facebook activity, creating and refining programs and content before you have clients.

If you are trying to grow your business and generate a consistent revenue stream for your business, there is an opportunity for you to refine your actions to those that generate revenue.

What is one thing you can let go of so you can create clients?

Please post your ideas and aha's in the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can create a shift in your business to create new clients, click Contact Us in the navigation to request a complimentary consultation.

Best to you and your biz, Mikki

Do You Enjoy the Strategy Session?

Do you enjoy the strategy session? Many people who have come to do work to serve people to their highest level - whether it is coaching, a service business, entrepreneur or other work, do not start out thinking about how to actually "get" to do this work with clients.  In order for us to work with a client, we have to have a conversation around the challenge they are looking to change and the benefit or offer we have to provide.

I have heard so many people say, "I wish I could just do the work and not have to deal with the sales".

I understand where you might be coming from.  I used to do sales in the corporate world, while I really enjoyed having the conversation with different people and I really believed in the value we had to offer, I didn't like feeling like I was "selling" someone.

Once I started doing coaching work, this showed up for me again.  I felt like I was going to turn people off, or push them away by making an offer, by communicating that my product or service would support them in creating the transformation they want to create.

So what did I do?

Well, I did almost every activity I could do to build my coaching business - EXCEPT having strategy sessions (sales calls).  So I was BUSY, but not producing revenue - OR the transformation people really want - and I can deliver!

When I worked through the mindset "stuff" that was holding me back from having the conversations (things like "I'm not good enough", "who am I to provide this service", "what if I look like an idiot"), then I started to have a different perspective about the purpose of this conversation.

I am here to be in the highest service of the person I am speaking with.

What does that look like?  You stepping aside.

This is not about you, this is about the person on the other side of the phone.  What is the transformation they are wanting and what is the transformation you can deliver?  If you are not willing to step aside to allow that conversation to happen, you are doing the potential client a disservice.  You are not creating the opportunity for them to say yes to creating a change for themselves that could change their entire life.

What is keeping you from people saying YES to themselves and to doing it with you? I have seen many things get in the way of people successfully signing up new clients:

  • Mindset or beliefs that are keeping them from standing up for their client and for their work
  • Reading a script - and not knowing what to do when a client doesn't follow along
  • Not having a strong enough offer that will create the transformation your client wants
  • Having an offer that is not strong enough or not well-communicated to that specific client
  • Uncertainty around navigating objections
  • and more...

If you are finding yourself resistant to the strategy session, to feeling sales"y" or unsure of how to structure a call to address objections before they happen or how to handle them when they do, then email me to schedule a time to talk.  Let's get you on a path so you can easily invite 5 new clients into your business.

Really, what would 5 new clients do for you and your business?

If you are interested in learning more about how you can create a shift in your business to generate new clients, click Contact Us in the navigation to request a complimentary consultation.

Best to you and your biz, Mikki