The gifts of our children...

When you know your greatness and bring it into all the parts of your life it frees up space.

The time and energy that was used before fighting to go up stream, against your natural current, opens new possibilities.

As a parent I'm so curious to discover the gifts of my children and to watch as they reveal over time.

And to leverage tools to support me to have insights into their gifts so I can be witness to and appreciate it with them - instead of fighting against their natural current.

It feels so important to walk this path with my kiddos so they grow up KNOWING their gifts and accentuating them - instead of fitting in and suppressing their gifts - and discovering them when they are 40. 😉

Making this the norm - appreciating each individuals gifts starting as kids - is my big mission.

This has impacts everywhere - in parenting, in schools, in communication, in personal responsibility, in business!

Who's in?  Let's change the world!